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Cast Set for ‘G.I. Joe’

Channing TatumLast year, Neil Estep and I addressed the upcoming movie on an episode of FilmCrunch.  Months later, we now know the names beefing up for this live-action adaptation.

It’s been announced that will be assuming the role of General Hawk while (Step Up) will be putting on Duke Hauser’s fatigues.  These two actors will join an already long list of players.  Others confirmed for the futuristic war movie include as Ripcord, (Factory Girl), (The Lookout), (Lost), (The Kite Runner) and (Alias).

The feature - based on the childhood action figure - is scheduled to hit theaters on Aug. 7, 2009.  The movie will be co-produced by , the same man behind the other Hasbro-related film, .

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Hellboy Collectible is Too Cute to be Vicious

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HellboyEntertainment Earth can find anything menacing and turn it into adorable. Knowing that a second Hellboy movie is in the works and will be released next year about this time, we discovered this limited edition vinyl Qee. Standing at 8-inches, Mike Mignola’s creation has flexible arms and legs for breaking up rubber bricks with his right hand. If that isn’t enough action, he also has his signature gun implanted on his left one. With only 1,500 available, this is truly only for fans of the comic/movie at $79.99. Pre-order now as availability should be sometime this month.

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Skinner and Krabapple: Caught!

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Principal Skinner Hot for Teacher

There are many reasons to love (although this writer was slightly disappointed with the big screen version). While the show is filled with broad strokes of humor, what makes it so special are the nuances of the characters. This is exemplified by the above action figure, aptly called “Hot for Teacher”, which captures Miss Krabapple and Principal Skinner, well, in action. Skinner’s look of horror—countered by Krabapple’s complete disdain—is absolutely dead-on. We can only imagine the look on Groundskeeper Willie’s face, as we’re assuming he’s the unfortunate one who opened the door.


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