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What’s the most indulgent (read: expensive) beauty item you’ve ever bought?

Quasar Baby Blue

So, yesterday on Gilt, I’m trolling around, looking for deals, no real intention of buying. And THEN I see the Quasar Baby Blue. Now, at first glance it looked like a shower head to me. Or something a dentist would use. I was unsure. Then I read that it’s a device that uses blue light to target the sebaceous glands on the face, killing the bacteria that causes acne. So I’m intrigued. I Google reviews. Sure enough, people like this thing. It seems to work. And for a girl like me who (1) has battled her skin for her entire post-pubescent life, (2) has bought countless items from late-night informercials, and (3) just has hope that something will work as promised, darn it, it was a perfect storm. Plus, Gilt has never disappointed me. So I winced, paid $250 (on sale from $350—hooray!), and am now anxiously awaiting its arrival at my door. I’ll tell my husband it cost $25. Just kidding—sort of. Anyway, I’ll keep you all posted!

Your turn: What’s the most indulgent/expensive/ridiculous beauty product you’ve ever bought? Did it work? Share!


Lamp Relieves SAD

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Light Therapy Lamp

The Korean Company Senslux has released the Light Therapy Desk Lamp SLD series. You can create 7 steps of brightness and 3 moods by adjusting red and blue colors or a combination of the two. The company claims that in addition to natural lighting, the lamps help cure acne, rejuvenate your skin, and cut back on SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder.) The energy-saving LED will at least ease your eye strain at a price of 148,000 KRW (~$152.00.)

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