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Hot Celebrity of the Day: Zac Efron

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Movies,

Zac Efron

Oh, hello…

I’m not sure when started rivaling in the abs department, but I don’t really care. All I know is that Efron, 22, is slightly older than the 18-year-old—so I feel slightly less wrong for staring at him.

This definitely makes me wish I was 17 Again (or so).

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Hot Celebrity of the Day: Megan Fox

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Movies, Photos, Paparazzi Photos,

Megan Fox abs

A Victoria’s Secret model may be the new beauty of Transformers 3, but I doubt that has Megan Fox feeling insecure.

While vacationing with boyfriend Brian Austin Green in Hawaii, Fox had no problem living up to her name. (You can see another picture of her abs after the jump.)

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Hot Celebrity of the Day: Matthew Morrison

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Television, Photos,

Matthew Morrison in Vogue

No - this is not a page out of some ‘70s catalogue. And no - that is not a male model you see pictured.

This snapshot is from the June 2010 issue of Vogue, and that man with those abs is none other . Yes, that really is Glee‘s Will Schuester.

In the words of David Lee Roth, I’m suddenly hot for teacher.

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Eric Bana Couldn’t Care Less About His Abs

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Movies,

Eric Bana thinks people who work out have no friends.

The Time Traveler’s Wife actor isn’t concerned about having a perfect body because he would rather spend his free time enjoying himself. “Abs are for people with no friends. I don’t do the ab thing. I’ve even had them once, actually, for a film, and they were always covered up. I just said to myself, ‘Well, I’ll just never do that again.’ That was a waste of time. There’s so much more to enjoy in life,” Bana told Access Hollywood.

In his latest movie - in which he plays librarian Henry DeTamble, who involuntarily travels through time - Eric had to appear naked several times but says he only did it because he was told it was scientifically accurate. “We had a time travelling expert on the set who said that for a fact if Henry were to time travel he would be naked. We just had to take his word for it.”

The romantic drama opens on August 14.

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Pet Eye View Digital Camera

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Cameras, Household, Misc. Tech, USB,

Pet CameraWould you really what to know what your dog or cat has been up to? Now you can with Uncle Milton’s Pet Eye View Digital Camera. The mini-cam clips to your pet’s collar as the built-in timer automatically takes pictures every 1, 5, or 15 minutes. It has a water-resistant ABS housing and comes with a lithium-ion battery, and USB cable and charger. While the gadget is creative, we are not sure we would spend the $44.99 to see images of dust bunnies and ancient crumbs that our cat would find behind the refrigerator.

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