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Baz Luhrmann to Shoot Great Gatsby in 3-D?

Oliver Stone and Baz Luhrmann at CES 2011

Baz Luhrmann is thinking about shooting The Great Gatsby in 3-D.

The Australian director - who is known for theatrical films such as Moulin Rouge - said he has "workshopped" the idea to bring F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel to life in multiple dimensions.

He revealed the possible plan while speaking in Las Vegas about technology in film at the Consumer Electronics Show alongside fellow directors Michael Mann and Oliver Stone. Baz's version of the The Great Gatsby is set to star Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan. At the show he admitted he wasn't surprised that there some scepticism about the widespread adoption of 3-D, as it was first used with "gags" before moving on to "spectacle and drama" in Avatar - but said he thinks it can be used in "poetic cinema" - films similar to his adaptation of Romeo and Juliet.

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Christopher Nolan Hesitant About 3-D For Batman

Christopher NolanInception director is “wary” of 3-D.

The director admits he still doesn’t think the technology has been advanced enough to properly suit cinematic releases, but is considering giving in to fan demand for the style to be used in the next movie.

“Until we get rid of the glasses, or until we really massively improve the process, I’m a little wary of it. But we’ll be looking at it, and if that’s what audiences are demanding from blockbusters - and we’re making blockbusters - then it’s something we’ll address.”

Although considering using it himself, Christopher isn’t a fan of 3-D movies and believes a good movie should be so “well-shot and well-projected” that they don’t need to use the new filming technique.

“I’m taking a bit of a wait-and-see attitude towards 3-D. It’s come and gone many times over the years. I don’t particularly enjoy watching films in 3-D films because I think that a well-shot and well-projected film have a very three-dimensional quality to it. So I’m somewhat sceptical of the technology.”

Filming of the currently unnamed movie, which will star in the title role and be Christopher’s last for the franchise, is due to start in March 2011.

Ridley Scott Opted Against 3-D Robin Hood

Robin Hood

Although had the opportunity to make Robin Hood a 3-D adventure, the Oscar-nominated director decided against it.

“I could have got it in as a 3-D version of . But it’s not a big deal. It’s all in how you’re going to fill the frame,” the 73-year-old said.

Ridley, though, will be using the technology for his next Alien film - even if he’s not enthusiastic about it. “You are going to grit your teeth and light it not the way you like, and then later you are going to have to repaint it,” Scott told the Daily Record newspaper. “, when you think about it, is almost completely an animated movie.”

Even though the Alien 3D prequel will be highly-anticipated, Ridley has no interest in updating any of his other projects like Thelma and Louise, Gladiator or Blade Runner. “I’ve been contracted but don’t want to. I’d rather use the energy for something else,” he stated.

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Tim Burton Foresees Bad 3-D in Our Future

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Tim Burton on set of Alice in Wonderland

Although he’s pleased with how his most recent entry turned out, director predicts we’ll be seeing a wave of bad 3-D films in theaters soon.

“It’s true that 3-D is being hyped at the moment. It was different when we started working on a few years ago. I’m glad I started using it early on and wasn’t forced to shoot a film in 3-D at all costs, because everyone’s doing it now. We’re surely going to see a lot of bad 3-D films in the near future, because Hollywood cannibalizes every recipe for success. That’s how the industry works,” Burton stated.

Despite his concerns at 3-D being overused, Tim finds the technology thrilling. “It’s a great thing when you use it as a technical tool and not as a wonder weapon,” he added.

NFL Offers Live 3D Game

Football Field

The NFL decided to broadcast the first live 3D football game. It was shown in theaters in LA, Boston and New York last night. Team owners, journalists and producers were invited to see the technology developed by 3ality Digital. They planted three 3D crews, with their own commentary, next to 2D counterparts for the game between the Oakland Raiders and S.D. Chargers. They call it an “up close, personal, visceral experience.” We call it a little too close to the action and were glad to hear that it is not going to happen on a large scale any time soon.


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