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Apple sold over 2 million iPhone 5 units in first 24 hours, doubles iPhone 4S

iPHone 5 double

If there were any lingering doubts about the success and popularity of the iPhone brand, then allow Apple's announcement of 2 million iPhone 5 pre-orders in the first 24 hours of availability put all of them to rest. Like gangbusters, it shattered last year's previous record holder set by the iPhone 4S, which clocked in at 1 million pre-orders. Yes, the iPhone 5 doubled the previous record. As noted by Gear Live over the weekend, pre-orders slipped to two-week shipping times after just 56 minutes after going live at 12.01AM PST on September 14th. Analysts are expecting 10 million units to be sold by the end of the September month and about 40-50 million more units by the end of the holiday quarter. So the message is clear, customers want iPhone 5. Full Apple press release after the break.

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Jamie Lynn Spears Lookalike Sues LAX

Jamie Lynn SpearsA good celebrity impersonator can make thousands of dollars an hour just for dressing up and acting like the world’s biggest stars. Adessa Eskeridge played only once, but hopes to get a staggering seven-figure paycheck for her work.

That’s right: she’s suing LAX (that’s the Los Angeles International Airport) for the cool sum of $2 million. Eskeridge was used by police as a Jamie Lynn decoy in September of 2008, though she claims they did so without her knowledge or consent.

Eskeridge’s lawyer claims that she was “not given any details as to the nature of the task or of the potential danger involved. She simply followed the instructions of the police as most good citizens would do.” He says his client was “deceived and manipulated” by the police, and “suffered and continues to suffer great humiliation” from this event. He says the situation is tantamount to a “false arrest.”

They’re requesting the 2 mill, but Eskeridge’s lawyer made it clear that she’s “willing to consider a reasonable and fair settlement that fully compensates her for the humiliation, fear and harassment.”

So, pay up, LAX, and the problem will magically go away.

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