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Graduation HatIt’s that time of the year again. Our nation’s brightest are graduating, ready to enter the world of adulthood. How about one last childish moment before taking the big step? If you are among those that are graduating, be it high school, university, or AA, then you can bring some humor to that special day by making your hat spin when you take the stage. Check out the instructions from a student at Virginia Tech.

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E3 2005 Gear Live Coverage Alright guys, we are excited to be at E3 this year, and we plan to make the best of it by hooking you up with a bunch of content straight from the show floor. If you want to know what is happening at E3, be sure to keep PlayFeed bookmarked. Here are some of the features you can expect from us over the next few days:

  • Live E3 Moblog: Our editors will have their camera phones snapping images of the coolest sights at the show. Games, cool booths, hot booth babes…all updated in real time. Wanna check it out? The moblog can be seen here.
  • On location video coverage of the event. We will even optimize it so that you can download it straight to your PSP or mobile video device.
  • Podcast interviews with tons of influential people in the industry, including a couple of surprises. Be sure to subscribe to the Gear Live Podcast feed. We will be putting up a lot of exclusive audio content over the next few days.
  • Coverage of the big three press briefings, along with interviews with Microsoft executives and an exclusive look at the Xbox 360 games.
  • A phone number will be posted which you can use to give us a call to tell us what you would like to see covered.
  • A lot more that we don’t want to give away just yet!

Seriously, we are stoked to be at E3 this year. We plan to bring you all a nice representation of the whole E3 experience.

Playstation Rumors have been circulating that Sony and Apple are working together to tie in iTunes and the ever popular iPod into Sony’s next Playstation. The alleged plans are for users to be able to play their music on their iPods through the PS3, and even including the ability to integrate iTunes into the GUI so that PS3 owners may purchase and download music from the store and transfer it to their iPods - all without needing a personal computer. The next generation of gaming is gonna be an all out war - we will all be the winners.

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Xbox 360Microsoft has finally released an official press release to hype their X360. The company keeps referring to a “new era in entertainment”; stating that their new console will completely change gaming in general. Will the next Xbox really usher in a new era in gaming? Only time can tell, however, the answer lies in the software we’ll soon see.

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Xbox 360 We all know one thing, what makes or breaks a console is its software. IGN has a nice list of some of the games lined up for Microsoft’s next generation console. If the games will make or break Microsoft’s big ‘X’, then the Xbox 360 will definitely be a huge success with titles such as Unreal Tournament 2007. All we need to know now is just what titles will be available on launch.

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Win An Xbox 360

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Xbox 360 Free

So you’ve seen the new big ‘X’ and after some drooling you want one of your very own. Well here’s your chance to own one for free. Microsoft is giving one out along with Kameo: Elements of Power, Perfect Dark Zero and Project Gotham Racing 3. Go ahead and register, what do you have to lose? You have until May 23rd to get in on this, so break out your .net Passport.

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Nintendo Nintendo’s next generation console, code named Revolution, will launch in mid 2006 according to an earnings report by the system’s memory technology provider. This information was obtained during an earnings call with executives and analyst.

”Then, according to a transcript of the call, Voll said, “We are excited to be a participating member of the Nintendo team once again, as Nintendo will roll out and success game console to the GameCube in mid-2006.” (Emphasis added.) Presuming that the transcriber misquoted Voll saying “a successor game console” as “and success console,” it means that Nintendo’s next-gen console will arrive just over a year from now.”

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Nuclear PowerWould you believe it?  Think about the possibilities this holds for the tech sector…  No more replacing the battery in your laptop… your cell phone… your gameboy…  Just one battery that lasts and lasts, thanks to the modern implementation of nuclear power by way of harnessing the power of radioactive decay.  I keep hoping that nuclear power will someday become a viable alternative to traditional power sources, and with the knowlege we have now I think it may happen within my lifetime.

A new type of battery based on the radioactive decay of nuclear material is 10 times more powerful than similar prototypes and should last a decade or more without a charge, scientists announced this week.

This is one of the most awesome things we’ve ever read.

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Microsoft OneCare Microsoft is testing out a new subscription PC Tune Up service with the help of their employees.  They have distributed copies of the software to all their employees this past week and will be launching an invitation only test this summer.  This software will be similar to Symantec’s large array of titles, as it aims to protect it’s users from viruses, spam, and also provide tools to help your computer perform better.  There is no estimated price for the subscription or launch date, but the testing is expected to be in full force by the end of the year.

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DescriptionWith the MTV special out of the way and E3 happening next week Microsoft has finally revealed system specs for the Xbox 360.  Whether it be the OurColony.net Video or that horrid excuse for an unveiling we’re bringing you this info straight from the source which some of you may have seen, Xbox.com. Click below to see some of the specs.

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