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Saitek P2600 Rumble

Saitek was also showing off a couple of other controllers at their booth during E3. This one is dedicated to having a more responsive rumble. Basically, the P2600 uses the latest technology to deliver strong, varied responses depending on what is going on in the game to provide for maximum realism. That is, if you consider your controller rumbling to be realistic. It also has backlit button, a First Person Shooter button to transform the controllers capabilities, four shoulder buttons, and soft handles. No hands on impressions though - these babies were behind glass.


US House Spyware Vote
We all hate it.  We know how damaging it can be.  Spyware causes the average computer user to despise getting on the internet.  In some cases, it gets as severe as being the cause of identity theft. The House is trying to eliminate these malicious programs and the people that distribute them.  Violators of the House‚Äôs new bill are looking at 2 years minimum for breaking these laws and more if identity theft is involved.

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On the Internet, you have the opportunity to make money by selling your own products and/or services, but that does require you to develop concepts and hang on to inventory. Luckily, there are other avenues available on the Internet in which you can make money if you are willing to put effort into it. One such way is to promote products as an affiliate.

An affiliate is basically a website or person who acts as a salesman for a larger website providing goods or services. Basically, the site will provide you with banner ads, links, and other materials for you to use to generate sales or leads for their product. Each time someone purchases, views, or clicks through to the web site of the advertiser, the affiliate (you) gets a commission. One of the most popular affiliate programs on the Internet happens to come from Amazon. You can sign up as an Amazon Associate, and gain access to images and a link generator which allows you to sell Amazon products directly on your website. If someone purchases an item on Amazon by using your link or image, you will receive a cut. Here is a brief rundown:

  1. Associates drive Internet traffic to Amazon.com through specially formatted links that allow Amazon to track sales and other activity.
  2. Associates earn up to 10% in referral fees on all qualifying revenue made through their links.
  3. Amazon sends quarterly payment to Associates.

Another great affiliate program is the one run by the iTunes Music Store. The iTunes Affiliate Program. It pays 5% of all revenue generated from your links. These are just two examples of ways you can make money using the lure of products from other, more well known resources. If you have had success with affiliate programs, let us know about it in the comments.

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Mark Rosewater Magic GatheringLast week at E3 we had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Magic: The Gathering designers Mark Rosewater, Randy Buehler and Magic pro player Sam Gomersa. Magic the Gathering is the first collectible card game and is set in a fantasy setting. It has been going strong now for 12 years with no end in sight. Magic: The Gathering can also be played via Magic: The Gathering: Online. The latest version of Magic Online version 3.0 should be out in stores shortly.

Most of our readers may not have heard of Mark Rosewater or Randy Buehler, who are the designers of Magic. These men are two of the greatest game designers on this earth. Their work is enjoyed by millions of gamers across the globe and their design has kept one of the most successful and longest running games going strong today. Join as they both give us a rare chance to see the secrets to the successful design of Magic: The Gathering, including video games, here today with Mark Rosewater, Wednesday with Randy Buehler and Friday with Magic Pro Player Sam Gomersa:

In a short explanation what is Magic the Gathering?
Magic the Gathering is a collectible card game. The best analogy is it's like playing Monopoly without all the pieces.

And what is Magic the Gathering Online?
A transliteration of the game. The idea for it came about from the main reason players quit, they did not have enough people to play with and had a hard time finding a game. Magic Online solved this problem, players can now find a game 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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DescriptionEveryone we know has been thoroughly impressed with the way that iRobot’s Roomba vacuum cleaners work. Now, the company forays even deeper into robotic home cleaning with their new mop. The Scooba functions in a similar fashion as the Roomba, with a few key differences.  The way it works is the Scooba will vacuum up the floor, spray foam scrub onto the tile or other surface, scrub it up, then dry the floor.  There is no price set yet and it’s looking like it might only be a limited time deal around the holidays.

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Light Sabers
Even with the great success of Episode III, we know that one of the biggest reasons we go to see a Star Wars movie, play a Star Wars game, or buy one of the DVD’s is to be part of a great lightsaber battle.  We all want one (just listen to your inner geek), and one day - who knows - it may be possible. Wikipedia gives us some background on several aspects of the lightsaber that you may not have known.

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With all the advantages of not actually having a physical baby in tow, BabyGrow is designed to be a Tamagochi (remember those?) for your cell phone.  You get it all as far as responsibility goes - feeding, entertaining, medicating, and even cleaning. What happens when you don’t comply with these needs? Anges, the Social Worker comes to claim the baby.  It’s like a low budget version of Nintendogs! Trust me when I say this: cleaning a virtual diaper is much better than the real thing.

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Paramount will begin their first releases August 9 with “Team America,” “Coach Carter” and “Without a Paddle.” “Sahara” and “Viva La Bam: Volume 1” will follow those titles August 30. In addition, Paramount Home Entertainment (via Comedy Central Home Entertainment and Nickelodeon Home Entertainment) will distribute:

  • Ren and Stimpy Volume 1 1/2 ish
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: Volume 1
  • Chappelle’s Show: Volume 1
  • South Park: Volume 1
  • SpongeBob SquarePants The Movie

Obviously, movie studios are jumping onto the UMD bandwagon fairly quickly.

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iTunes 4.9 PodcastEarlier at the D: All Things Digital Conference, Steve Jobs made it known that the next version of iTunes will include built-in support for podcasts. To make that a bit clearer - iTunes 4.9 will have an option that will allow you to plug in the RSS feed URL of your favorite podcasts, which it will then use to fetch them out and download them directly to your library. No need for any third party software to do this for you any longer. What’s more, iTunes will provide a directory of podcasts in which producers can submit their work. Finally, Steve is even considering developing a model where content producers could sell their podcasts through iTunes. This is similar to what Google wants to do with video, but on the audio front. We can expect to see this new version of iTunes within the next 60 days.

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Neverland Ranch SoldIn an interesting turn of events, it looks like Michael Jackson may have sold his Neverland Ranch to a silent buyer for about $35 million. I remember as a child wshing I could visit the Ranch - after all, it had its own zoo, amusement park, trolley, etc. Looking back, I think it’s safe to say that it is good that I was never able to make the trip. This is one example of technology gone bad.

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