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Tire Printer InkThree British scientists have begun proposing a system in which carbon from used tires is recycled into usable printer ink.  The process basically bakes the tires back down to their raw materials, sifts out the unneeded elements, and leaves semi-pure carbon powder.  This could be very good news for environmentalists, as the process reportedly is less environmentally harmful than current recycling options.  More importantly, this might take us a step closer to reasonable ink prices, a phenomenon not seen in decades.  Or it could simply take three British scientists closer to becoming billionaires.

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Vista GamesAs info on Windows Vista continues to stream in, Extremetech.com has posted an excellent look at three Vista features and how they will affect the gaming abilities of the new OS.  First, the addition of “Games Explorer” integrates the gaming experience into the OS and puts gaming on par with the usual Window’s foci of Pictures, Music, and Documents.  This feature also offers extensive parental control.  Another core tool is “WinSAT,” which helps software customize itself to the exact specifications of your system.  Finally, the article points to the new DirectX 10 as a source of potential graphical wonder, but also admits that it may carry stringent hardware requirements.  Extremetech.com’s final verdict is that Vista looks like a positive step forward for the world of PC gaming.

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Yahoo! Toolbar

Yahoo has finally released its toolbar for all Firefox lovers – be it in the Windows, Mac OS X or Linux world. Now we can all enjoy all the benefits our IE neighbors have enjoyed such as having all the Yahoo! content available at a mouse click away (opening in a new tab), adding RSS feeds to My Yahoo!, saving web site links to My Yahoo! (similar to del.icio.us), blocking pop-ups and fighting spyware.

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Gap Jeans iTunesGap has announced plans for a fall promotion in which a customer will receive a free song download from iTunes for trying on a pair of jeans at any of their stores around the country.  The campaign, entitled “Find Your Favorite Fit,” is designed to draw awareness to Gap’s new jean cut options – Curvy, Straight, and Original for women and simple Straight for men.  Be sure to visit a local gap between August 8-31 to try on some pants and receive your download. I can tell you from personal experience that nothing compliments my curvy cut like a free song.

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Doom MovieComing October 21st of this year, the movie based on the highly popular video game, Doom, will be released and awaited eagerly by fans of the game to witness first hand if it will leave you in awe or feeling you were just ripped off when the movie ticket was purchased. The website to the movie is finally online and sports some information, a wallpaper of the logo, some pictures and a download link to IGN’s exclusive movie teaser trailer. So far the trailer looks promising, but of course that’s the whole point. We’ll just have to wait a bit longer to decide weather this movie will be worth watching or if getting some sleep would be more enjoyable – and less expensive.

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According to TheInquierer.net, Sony’s President Ken Kutaragi stated that the console will not be cheap and even went as far as to say:

“…the PS3 can’t be offered at a price that’s targeted toward households.”

So what does that mean for consumers? For starters, that means you have to save up every bit last penny you can find if you want to get your hands on one of the not-so-household-friendly gaming systems. Since Sony wants to cramp as much future tech goodies as it can into a box that will supposedly last up to ten years, it will hurt consumer’s wallets. Could we start seeing many Sonyfanboys start switching to Xbox fans or will they stay faithful and give up a meal each day in order to have the newest and greatest that Sony has to offer the gaming world?

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Gear Live Chris Pirillo ShowEven more audio love for Gear Live editors this week. A few days ago we let you know that Edwin was on the David Lawrence Show to discuss how Google Maps got him out of his traffic ticket fiasco. That same day, I was on The Chris Pirillo show where I also discussed Google Maps, along with the Tom Bihn Brain Cell, the Sony PSP, and a bunch of other tech and gadget stories. Read on for links to download the audio, of you can subscribe to The Chris Pirillo Show via iTunes.

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Linux ServerSo yeah, over the past few days Gear Live may have been up or down for you at any given moment. Ever since we posted that Google Maps Traffic Ticket , we were Digg’d, BoingBoing’d, Slashdotted, and every other internet phrase you can think of. The result was that our Pentium II 166 Mhz with MMX Technology was transformed into a pile of sticky ooze. Luckily, we were able to get things moved to a much stronger server with a couple of Xeon’s in it, and all should now be well. Go ahead, tell your friends.

Spork 2.0

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Moscardino SporkItalian designers Giulio Iacchetti and Matteo Ragni have created the next big thing in Sporks. Their new bio-friendly spork designs are composed entirely of Mater-Bi, a biodegradable starch based plastic which is sturdy like plastic, but environmentally friendly to make and recycle/dispose of. Their daring design removes the stem of the utensil and gives it a truly functional appearance. Great for extreme camping, or quick use with prepackaged foods. I can see this new take on the spork as being one that catches on.

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Description Both Sharp and PortalPlayer seem to be fanning the vPod rumors flying around the Internet right now. Portal Player is an embedded system on a chip manufacturer that has produced the basic MP3 player functionality for the iPod and many other MP3 players.  Their chipset is capable of reading a hard drive and playing the MP3 data contained on it. Apple has utilized the Portal Player chip along with off the shelf parts and an award winning Apple designed user interface to create the best sellingiPod line. Portal Player has announced a new design will be showing up in “exciting new models” of their partners.

Sharp has entered the arena and ArsTechnica is reporting that the Sharp LH7A400 chip package which includes a color LCD controller and video playing capabilities will be shipping in an Apple product. With support for video technologies and removable media coupled with Portal Players system on a chip packed with exciting new features it looks like the VideoiPod is imminent. The one thing of worry is that the Sharp chip’s specification mentions 4:3 not 16:9 - widescreen format is going to be key for a video iPod to be successful in creating the Digital Media Trinity for Apple.

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