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We have not seen the takeup of the Segway that one could hope for in this economy, particularly given the rapidly rising gas prices. However, it does look like their sales are up as we got an email from them this morning announcing:

DescriptionDear Segway Customers and Enthusiasts,

We’re excited to announce an open house at Segway of Seattle this Sunday.  If you haven’t tried the Segway HT before, this is your chance!  Stop by and try out the latest Segway HTs including the i180 model that can get up to 24 miles on a single charge.  It’s great for commuting or running errands around town.  With gas prices soaring lately, you’ll also enjoy hearing that the Segway HT gets the energy equivalent of 450 miles per gallon.  All of the new Segway HT models will be available for demonstrations.

When: Sunday, Sept. 11, 2005
12:00 noon to 6:00 pm

Where: Corner of 1st and Denny Way in Seattle (Belltown)

Segway of Seattle
93 Denny Way
Seattle, WA 98109
Ph 206-284-7634

We couldn’t be more pleased to see an alternative fuel transport popping up like this now that analysts are saying gas could continue to rise in price - possibly doubling from it’s current $3 per gallon within the next few years.

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iPod nano Black and White

While the iPod nano won’t be seeing the pastel colors that the iPod mini was notorious for (or, at least not yet), Apple did make it available in standard “iPod white” as well as what I like to call “PSP black”. In all seriousness, it’s nice to see the option given. The black nano with black click wheel looks great.

iPod nano

So, here’s what all the fuss is about. The iPod nano is tiny - thinner than a standard #2 pencil, and 1/3 the size of the discontinued iPod mini. It weighs just 1.5 ounces, and has a 14-hour battery life. This one is going to sell a ton, with a 2 GB model selling for $199 USD, and a 4 GB model retailing at $249 USD. We hope to have our hands on one as early as tomorrow.

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iTunes 5.0 TodaySteve keeps the goods coming with the announcement of an iTunes update that will be available later today. iTunes 5.0 includes a host of updates, some major, others subtle. One change within the Music Store is the addition of album reviews. There are already at least 1000 album reviews in version 5.0, so it shouldn’t be too hard to see what they look like once the download becomes available. On the Windows side of things, iTunes will now be able to sync Outlook contact and calendar data to the iPod (iTunes Mac has been doing this with Address Book and iCal). There are also improvements to how iTunes handles shuffled music, adding in a Smart Shuffle feature, allowing you to tweak just how random you want the music to be.

P*PHONEHulger has busted out with the best Skype/Gizmo/Google Talk headset yet, providing that retro feel: the P*PHONE. The P*PHONE is their premier old school style headset but it comes with a Y*CORD adapter, allowing the use of the P*PHONE by simply plugging in to the standard microphone and headset jacks from your computer. Ringing in at about $75, I think I will be picking one up for my grandparents - who do you know that would like one?

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Harry Potter iPod iTunesDuring this morning’s keynote, Steve Jobs just announced a new iPod that is inspired by a third party. With the announcement that all six Harry Potter novels will be available in audio form exclusively to the iTunes Music Store, Steve also made it known that Apple has made a Harry Potter iPod, which will have Hogwart’s crest etched into the back. The Apple Store is now down, which means that we can expect to see the Harry Potter iPod, along with the other new products being introduced, within the next couple of hours.

Sharp M4000 WideNoteSo, what’s not to love about Sharp’s newly introduced M4000 WideNote? This one is truly thin and slick, weighing in at just 3.7 pounds with a 13.3-inch WXGA widescreen display that they are touting as being as bright and clear as a desktop monitor. On the inside is an Intel Pentium M 740 (fancy speak for 1.73 GHz), 80 GB hard drive, CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive, modem and ethernet ports, PCMCIA slot, SD card slot, and Windows XP Professional SP2. The best part about the whole package is that the battery packs a whopping 6 hour charge. That just rocks. It will ship later this month, retailing at $1,799.99 USD. From this angle, it looks a bit PowerBook-ish, no?

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Genius Doggie WebcamOh, how cute -  a stuffed dog that can spy on you! The Genius Look 312P webcam is fairly unique, in that the whole “cam” part of the contraption is hidden in the nose of our plush canine friend. The dog connects to a Windows or Linux PC over USB 1.1, and records at 0.3 megapixels. For still images, it takes a standard 1.3 megapixel shot. The manufacturer claims compatibility with MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and CUSeeMe, but I don’t think I’m alone in assuming that this should work with just about anything that your standard webcam is compatible with.

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FEMA’s online registration site for victims of Hurricane Katrina is browser specific, throwing another completely unneeded wrench into an already dismal situation for Katrina survivors.  Users of other browsers are greeted by this cheerful message upon trying to login:

In order to use this site, you must have JavaScript Enabled and Internet Explorer version 6.
Download it from Microsoft or call 1-800-621-FEMA (3362) to register.

Fantastic.  Actually, wait, no.  It’s not.  It’s simple to fix and sheer laziness on the part of whoever threw the site up.  It’s not acceptable, seeing as people may not have access or time to download and install a new browser, for one.  Additionally, why make things harder for people who’ve already had it pretty darn hard (and that’s an understatement) to begin with, but that’s just the beginning.  In an article from Ars Technica:

Something so minor has become a considerable problem for relief workers, who are attempting to setup as many kiosks as possible for refugees. Workers on the ground have told Ars Technica that they would prefer to avoid setting up Windows XP workstations because they take longer to setup, and even longer to properly patch and configure for use.

XP hardware requirements, while not impressive by today’s standards, rule out using some donated hardware as well. Furthermore, legitimate copies of Windows also cost money, and relief workers are trying to stretch their dollars as far as they can go.

The last thing we really need in a disaster situation is the need for licensing copies of Windows at a high price, software that won’t work on the donated hardware, viruses, security problems, and people waiting for Windows to install (which, on my uber-slick hand-built PC, took three hours and then another hour and a half to patch and update everything).  On donated hardware, probably not top-of-the-line brand new stuff like mine…  I don’t even want to think of how long it could take.

Nice move, FEMA.  Fix it.  This is not acceptable.

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I love Mac OS X’s Dashboard feature.  Consequently, I’m always searching for new, useful, fun, or just plain awesome widgets to install to make my life easier (or more entertaining).  Even some that aren’t useful to me personally have made it onto the list because they’re just solid, awesome little widgets. So here are my top picks for widgets that need to be downloaded.


Dashblog WidgetDashBlog is an incredibly user-friendly widget that lets you write and publish to your Blogger account through Dashboard, without having to open an application like MacBlog or login through Blogger’s web-interface.  All you have to do is open Dashboard, write an entry, and post it to your blog.  It’s a perfect example of a great, must-have widget that I had to include even though I’ve no use for it, since I prefer to publish my website entirely by hand.  However, if you use Blogger, this one is a must.

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Proxify Anonymous Surfing

Proxify widgetIf you’re a little on the “paranoid” side and don’t want people to know who you are as you visit their website or what have you, Proxify’s Anonymous Surfing widget is for you.  All you do is type in the address you’re going to, and Proxify hides your IP address and prevents monitoring of your network traffic, allowing you to surf confident that nobody’s watchin- unless they’re actually in your room looking at your computer.  That would be creepy.

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Mini CPU Heat and Mini CPU Usage

CPU  Heat/Usage WidgetI can’t even begin to describe how unbelievably useful this one has been.  I use a PowerBook G4, which are known to run very hot.  This widget helps me keep an eye on my CPU temp with no muss and fuss - pop open Dashboard, glance, and go back to what I was doing.  An absolute must-have. Additionally, if you’re like me and always want to keep a watchful eye on your Mac, the mini CPU Usage widget will keep you informed with a touch of a button and goes hand in hand with mini CPU heat.  It can read as a numeric value, or as a progress bar, whichever works best for you.

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miniUptime widget Many people have stories about how they never need to shut down their Mac, as they leave it running 24-7 with no problems.  Well, now you have a way to track your uptime right on Dashboard.  So if you’re looking for a way to show off your uptime for bragging rights, or just for your own curiousity, this widget needs to be on your dashboard.

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Let us know which widgets you find most useful in the comments area.