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DescriptionI just stumbled across a great little startup called Alacos in Seattle dedicated to making it easier for users to switch from Microsoft Windows to various Linux distributions. Alacos makes a software package called Desktop Migration Agent that lets a user copy all of their files, settings, email, address books, and settings from their old Windows computer to their new Linux desktop. They even have a network based enterprise edition aimed at corporations migrating from 20 to 20,000 computers. I’m not sure if I like their price scheme but if it helps companies move towards linux then it’s good by my book.  From what I can tell its the most comprehensive OS migration tool I’ve seen yet. I would love it if Apple or a 3rd party would make something this in depth for Windows users looking to make the switch to a Mac. I’ll be interested to see how long before a free open source version of this crops up somewhere.

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Grand Theft Auto: SA Remember when Hot Coffee was something you drank to wake up? Now it’s the latest controversy sparked from Rockstar’s latest Grand Theft Auto game, San Andreas. Many people are calling for regulation and are crying in outrage for scenes they claim as pornographic – while you can see more action on cable TV. Recently Rockstar has denied that the mini-game is “locked” in the original game – stating that the hackers went to great lengths so as to generate this mini-game. Now that claim has been challenged with the release of the “Hot Coffee” cheat for the PS2 version of the game. This would mean that the mini game code was in fact coded by Rockstar and “locked” – in the form of an easter egg. Tor Thorsen from Gamespot set out to do some investigative reporting to find out if indeed this cheat existed for the PS2 original version of the game. After many long hours doing all the cheat code entering, putting in the manual work of the dating missions, he was finally able to experience the mini game on the PS2. His findings pose some interesting questions: why is Rockstar lying? Who really put in this mini game in GTA: SA? Why are activists having a frenzy about this while public television gets away with much more explicit images for virtually no work at all?

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JVC Wooden HeadphonesThe audiophile in me is drooling whenever I view these.  After the fiasco at the pharmacy yesterday, where i was forced to buy under my taste level, this is exactly what im looking for while never knowing it.  Wood is easily one of the best materials to have resonating sound.  These puppies are quite nice to look at too.  There are only two things to fear: the $1000 price tag and woodpeckers.

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Audi OhGrand Opening has launched quite possibly the most unique and personal MP3 player accessory on the market. The Audi Oh is a small vibrator that is designed to be plugged into a music player and will pulse in time to your music. So ladies (or gents if it suits your fancy) strap it where you please, and then plug in and really enjoy your favorite song in a way the original artist probably did not intend.

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DescriptionGame Daily has a great article posted stating that Dance Dance Revolution may be used as an effective treatment for children diagnosed with ADHD. As a childhood sufferer of ADHD myself, I can imagine how a game that keeps the body active, yet requires intense concentration could help channel the excess energy. The article also points out some of the health benefits garnered from the game. If only DDR had been around when I was a kid perhaps I could have done some of the amazing things DDR people have done.

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Cellular SquirrelIf your cell phone is constantly ringing and you find yourself ending an important conversation abruptly, only to switch to a less important one, the Cellular Squirrel may be for you.  The cute little animatronic squirrel was developed by MIT’s own Stefan Marti as a dissertation project and when it picks up an incoming call, it begins a conversation with the caller and compares the caller’s voice, your contact list, and keywords from it’s conversation with the incoming call with your current conversation and decides if the new call is important enough to pull you away from you current conversation.

This embodiment is able to use the same subtle but still public non-verbal cues to get our attention and interrupt us like humans would do (like eye gaze and small gestures), instead of ringing or vibration. The user can whisper and listen to her squirrel, receiving and replying to voice instant messages. If the user wishes, she can also bypass the Intermediary altogether and get into a synchronous voice communication with the caller by simply talking to the embodiment.

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The outcome of the current FCC proceedings about using cell phones on airplanes won’t have any effect on whether or not you actually can.  According to the FAA, the U.S. ban on phones on commercial aircraft will stay in place regardless of the FCC or public interest.  Even if the FAA ban was removed there is always the possibility of a different kind of government regulation, and if Uncle Sam were to decide to allow it, it still remains to be seen if the technology will be in place.  For example, Airbus has said that it’s in-air product will not provide support for CDMA phones, so most U.S. flyers wouldn’t be able to use phones anyways.

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Banned!Cheating and mods on multiplayer online enabled games are nothing new to the PC realm of online gaming; however, they are not one in the same to Xbox Live. When playing online multiplayer games on the PC, a host acts as a moderator to the games and is able to kick out anyone he or she sees that are cheating or using a mods in such a way as to give them an advantage over the rest of the players. Xbox Live, however, does not work in that fashion – that luxury is only limited to custom game types. Xbox Live’s, or XBL for short, greatest strength is also its greatest downfall when it comes to cheating and mod use.

Now, I think this one is cool in theory, but I just don’t see the way that it could be used in the real world. Basically, PixelPass allows you to charge micro-transactions for visitors to read your content. I like that you can choose which pages to charge for, as you paste the code on the pages you would like to be subscribed to, and I like that you can’t charge any more than $2.00 per month. What I don’t like is that PixelPass gets 40% of it - although I understand why - because if you charge 25 cents, you aren’t really going to be making any money. The other thing is that if you implement it, then remove it because you don’t like it, those that paid end up getting screwed.

DescriptionIf you are jonesin’ for the days of those old dumbell handsets from rotary, and later touch-tone phones, Phobile is here to take you back in style. All this thing does is connect to your cell phone, allowing you to chat it up by holding up one of those old-school dumbells to your head. Honestly now, is there anyone who doesn’t want this thing?

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