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JFK Reloaded

If you have ever wanted to step into the shoes of Lee Harvey Oswald, now you can. JFK Reloaded has just stolen all the controversy that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was enjoying just a week ago. In the game, your goal is to recreate the shot fired by Mr. Oswald, assassinating John F. Kennedy while he is riding in his motorcade. Most disturbing? You can win up to $100,000.00 USD if you can accurately kill Kennedy in the same way concluded in the Warren Commission report. Thankfully, this game is only available on PC - we won't be seeing this on the any home consoles or in stores. It has recently been condemned by the Kennedy Family.

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Best Buy Black Friday 2004Okay tech heads, we know that this Friday is the kick off that starts the 2004 shopping season. Black Friday is where it's at as far as deals go and the like, but finding out about the sales in advance is always such a chore. The information is kept top secret, locked away in a safe, then shipped off to Fort Knox for safekeeping. So how are you supposed to map out your black friday 2004 route to maximize on the awesome savings? Gear Live has your hookup for all the rumored sales going on.

First up, Best Buy.

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Free Nintendo DS!

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Free Nintendo DS OfferCentricSo, the Nintendo DS launched today to much fanfare. Unfortunately, not everyone was able to grab one, what with the insane amount of preorders the system garnered. If you saved up your cash for a Nintendo DS, but weren't able to get one, you can now put that cash to use elsewhere. OfferCentric has just launched DS4Free.com, a site that will allow you to get a Nintendo DS system completely free. All you need to do is refer 4 friends to the site, and you will soon be enjoying the dual-screened goodness that only Nintendo can provide. Click here to sign up, and we will print your referral link in this article! If you are already signed up, remember to use Gear Live QuickTrade! to finish up!

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Nintendo DS Image Blowout!

With the release of Nintendo's newest game console this Sunday, we thought it was time to show you what all the hype was about. In just a few days, the Nintendo DS will become the proverbial talk of the videogame town. Check out images of the new console, along with a bunch of games you will soon be able to grab. It is, indeed, good to touch.

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TiVo to advertise during fast forward

Most readers already know how fond I am of my PVR device, and to so to hear this kind of news this morning, I'm just left completely disgusted. According to a report on USA Today, TiVo is planning on introducing static ad images on their players, when users skip through commercials. It's a valid concern for advertisers, without whom we would not have TV programs in the first place. But as one user already points out: "I'm already paying $12.95 a month (to avoid commercials)." Half the fun of a PVR is not putting up with ads. I simply don't watch them anymore these days, allowing me to catch a 1-hour show in about 40 minutes. First we have to put up with annoying Fanta videos before our $10.50 movies, and now this.

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Waterproof iPod miniHow often have you been out kayaking the wild rapids, wishing you could safely break out your iPod? It would be nice, but alas, water and MP3 players don't play nice together. At least not until H2O Audio came along. They are set to release the SV-iMini, a complete system to make your iPod mini a waterproof music machine. It is basically a waterproof housing that you put the iPod mini into. It is designed in a way that gives you complete click wheel control, along with all other standard iPod functions. The $149.95 USD product also includes a pair of waterproof headphones designed to work specifically with the waterproof casing, although all standard headphones are compatible. The product will be available in December, but you if you just can't wait to spend the cash, you can preorder yours at the H2O Audio website.

Gear Live Playlist Music ReviewThis week may have marked the passing of Ol’ Dirty Bastard, but the Wu-Tang Legend lives on in their latest greatest hits release. We also take a look at the latest release from the late John Lennon. If you are looking for something truly unique, check out our review of DJ Shadow’s “Endtroducing”. All this and more in this weeks Playlist.

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MPAA Spyware for P2PFrom the "What are they thinking?" department, it appears that the MPAA is going to release a free spyware program that will allow a person to scan a computer to see if there are peer-to-peer programs installed on it. The program is aimed at parents, to aid them in finding out what is on the PC's of their children. In addition to identifying P2P programs, the software will also identify if songs or films have been downloaded. The application will also guide the user in removing material or programs. Sounds nice, until they admit that the software does not distinguish between songs and content that have been legally downloaded and those that may be illegal. So youngsters, time to back up your iTunes collections!
So many games...
We love our games as much as we love our gear, and this year has the makings of being the best one for gamers ever. There's been a huge focus on producing triple-A quality software across all platforms, and a touch of creativity in the handheld arena as well. Some standout 2004 titles: ESPN2K5, Burnout 3, Halo 2, NBA Live 2005, Doom 3, GTA: San Andreas, GT4, Prince of Persia 2, Unreal 2004, Metroid Prime 2, and Ratchet & Clank 3. On a limited budget, many gamers will have to spread the love into next year, when prices are lowered after the holiday rush. But then in early 2005 we'll have the PSP to deal with. D'oh!

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So, we received a DVX-Pod recently to review. Well, the review will be up soon, but for now, check out these images of the product. First impression: There is no better portable video player out there. This screen is beautiful. More pictures after the jump.

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