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Sony Bean

Sony is about to drop some beautiful looking MP3 Players to compete with the infamous iPod Shuffle.  These aesthetically pleasing players are set come out in October 2005, but are available for pre-order. This one is known as “The Bean”, and includes a one line display, and 512MB ($129 USD) or 1GB of storage ($179 USD).  It will be available in 4 colors: black, pink, blue, and white.

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Birdsong Alarm Clock

The Birdsong Identifier alarm clock uses Identifier Song Cards to play the tones it uses to awaken you from slumber. All you do is choose a song card of your choosing, like “America’s Most Beautiful Birds”, and you will rise to the sound of the Purple Finch, Northern Cardinal, or one of seven other birds. The clock requires batteries, which almost solidifies its ineptitude at being anything more than a novelty. Cost is $19.98 USD.

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Broken Sword

A fourth installment of the Broken Sword series has been announced byTHQ for those of you seeking an adventure title with a good reputation. The previous release in the series, Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon (PC,XBOX, PS2, GC) was intended to be the last in a trilogy. According to the Revolution Software, the developers of the Broken Sword, the demand from the fans have been overwhelming and they are planning to answer their pleas.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the series, the first two Broken Sword games put you in a point and click adventure where your character gets involved in a lot of “what happens next” situations. He just seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time - or right place for the gamer. The third title in the series was for multiple consoles, ergo, THQ threw out the point and click aspect. The game has always maintained great voice acting and lots of puzzle solving and action in the adventure genre.

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Urine BatteryThe Place: Singapore.  The People: Government funded bioengineers and nanotechnologists.  The Product: A battery full of pee.  While this sounds a little nauseating, its not about powering your car with your bodily fluids.  The battery is meant to test for kidney problems, diabetes, and pregnancy.  Urine activates a cathode that emits approximately 1.5 volts of electricity.  No word if the pregnancy test version has a little light on the end of some sort.  That would sell better then EPT’s.

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iGuy Adventures

We have recently showed you iGuy for Your iPod and we couldn’t resist showing you his “adventures.”  This blog for the little fella gives you some insight into the good life for iGuy.  Here he is kickin’ it Hugh Heffner style accompanied by one of the Bratz, Polly Pocket, and maybe Polly’s cousin or other distant relative. iGuy, you scoundrel, you.

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Movies on CD and DVD 4

Magix, a media software company, will release Movies on CD & DVD 4. For those of you unfamiliar with the previous versions of the software, this is a video authoring tool. Here are the newest features included in the latest version:

  • Copyright-conforming backup copies and 1:1 DVD & (S)VCD duplicates
  • MovieShow Maker with rhythmic editing and 12 styles
  • Fully automatic TV ad killer
  • Enhanced MPEG2 handling
  • Easy On editing
  • Practical Task Assistant
  • Compatible autoplay CDs
  • Perfect 1-click optimization
  • Dynamic “picture-in-picture” effects
  • Great effects combinations
  • Improved DVD player menus
  • Easy CD/DVD multi-copying
  • Supports digital TV streams (DV)
  • Burn extended CD-ROMs
  • “Overburn” CD-R(W) blank disc
  • Easy-to-follow disc capacity display
  • Full screen program interface
  • Enhanced MJPEG import options

This is a cool all-in-one type of software.  You can make backups of your DVD’s - legally, according to them- bypassing those pesky copyrights usually blocking you from making copies of your DVD’s.  However, it also converts your DV movies.  An additional feature which I find extremely useful is the overburning CD-R’s If you like to make SVCD’s and VCD’s this is perfect for getting 900MB out of your burnable CD’s - pending on your burning hardware and CD-R manufacturer.  The software comes out September 15th and will retail for $39.99.  So go ahead and start

selling bootleg DV on the corner

making backups of your DVD’s.  Check out the press release after the jump.

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Cell Phone DisorganizationA study provided by Intel states the following:

Nearly one in five people admitted to being unreliable about timekeeping because they had the “safety net” of a mobile. Three quarters said mobiles had made them more “flexible” when meeting friends - allowing them to arrange or cancel social gatherings at the last minute.

In retrospect from my own experience, I realized that even I allow extra time to be late if I know that my friend has a a cell phone that I can call and say that I’m running five minutes late.  The studies continues to add:

Seventy-five per cent of people said they were more “spontaneous” with their social lives thanks to mobiles and a similar number said they knew far more about what was going on in their friends’ lives because of e-mails and text messages.

Isn’t it interesting that the things that are supposed to make are lives easier and more comfortable can give us a false sense of security making us lose track of time? That being said, apologies to my buddies for always being late.

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Gear Live PodcastWe are back on the podcast tip this week, expanding on some of the more popular topics we’ve have talked about over the past several days. In this edition:

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Solar Powered LEDAt first glance at the title I said to myself, “This must be as useful as a solar powered flashlight.” Then I noticed that it’s actually a very cool little device that runs on a solar powered rechargeable lithium battery. Small enough to fit in your pocket and moderately priced at $25 dollars, this may be a perfect gift for the tech lover in your family.

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Plasticsmith iPod TuxThe Plasticsmith, a company specializing in Apple accessories, has begun selling its new tux line of iPod and iPod mini stands.  The stands, made of clear acrylic, give your iPod a firm place to sit, with an added touch of here-to-fore unheard-of class.  The stands leave both top and bottom connection ports available and are stabilized by rubber feet underneath.  The stands, which sell for around $35 each, look like they would make a great gift for the professional in the family who tries to maintain the high-brow look of their office, but still wants to jam out to their tunes at work.

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