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Nintendo Revolution Controller

Okay, so Nintendo filled the world in on what seems like the biggest secret in the history of the game industry. The Revolution controller is already sparking debate the world over - the least we could do is show the thing to you in all its glory. I must say, it certainly is a conversation piece. Check out tons of images after the jump.

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EA Arena Football

EA announced on Thursday that they will be releasing a new game for the PS2 and Xbox called Arena Football.  Now, there are tons of football games out for every system that has ever been in existance, but according to EA this game will be different for a few reasons.  Arena Football consits of 8 on 8 gameplay and allows for checking players over the wall (much like Ice Hockey), with a field half the size of an NFL or NCAA version.  That’s all the information they’ve released so far, but we’ve managed to get some screenshots from them for your viewing pleasure.  Jump down to check them out!

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Nintendo Revolution Controller TGS

Nintendo President Iwata unveiled the controller for Nintendo’s next generation console, the Revolution, at the Tokyo Game Show. Oddly enough, we are extremely intruiged and very excited about the prospect of manipulating our game play experiences with this remote control/game controller hybrid. The controller is wireless and has a motion sensor, built-in rumble, and works up to 15 feet away. Turn it 90 degrees counter-clockwise, and you have something very close to the original NES controller. There are more details on Playfeed.

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Latest Gear Live Videos

Nintendo Revolution Controller So finally, after Nintendo has been keeping everything related to the Revolution locked up in the basement with the Power Glove, some information has been passed on to the public.  Nintendo has released information regarding their new remote

controller, which just happens to be quite different than any game controller we’ve seen yet.  As you can see the Nintendo Revolution controller looks just like a remote control. Crazy talk, or a stroke of genius? The controller has a built in feature that tracks its movement which is then translated into game play.  One example given is that you could swing the controller like a sword, taking part in a virtual sword fight with your screen. The controller consists of the usual D-Pad, a giant and convenient A button, a B trigger buttion, and smaller a and b buttons on the bottom. Looking at the image, if you turn the controller 90 degrees counter-clockwise, you end up with something close to the original Nintendo Entertainment System controller - perfect for those downloadable retro games.

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Burnout Revenge

Many have been looking forward to Burnout Revenge, which just hit stores today. Our sister site Playfeed has posted a look at the new game, citing that it just isn’t evolutionary enough from the previous game in the series, Burnout 3. Anyone else pick up this title? Let us know your thoughts.

Burnout RevengeNot trying to start any riots or anything, but what the hell did EA do to the Burnout series? Burnout 3 was a nice, solid 10. It was a game that I could pick up and play with friends, and something that even my wife enjoyed - trust me, that is an accomplishment. That being said, I have been looking forward to the release of Burnout Revenge, but it seems that the series has digressed a bit from what made it great in the first place.

My biggest gripe is with the Crash Mode. EA has removed the distinct goals and obstacles which made the game fun and strategic. Gone are the multipliers, cash icons, and ever-so-frustrating (but in a good way) heartbreakers. In their place is a clunky “golf swing” mechanism used to boost your car from the get go. You need to hit the A button twice on this meter, and if you do it wrong, you stall or end up with a busted engine. It certainly takes the casual gamer a bit of getting used to, whereas with Burnout 3 you simply needed to press on the accelerator to move. Go figure!

The real goals are now gone, because you have no idea really what kind of traffic to expect. Even worse, the preview takes forever. Burnout is supposed to be about speed - so why the hell do I need a preview of the track, and then a reversed preview that I can’t hit A to skip through? I don’t! Adding to the frustration is the fact that if you are doing a multiplayer Crash Party, you no longer have the option of picking one car and having no choice but to stick with it for the entire time. You now get to preview the track, then choose a car before each crash trial.

Now, the actual racing tracks have been improved, but the edge-of-your-seat feel has been obliterated. In Burnout 3 you had to avoid every obstacle if you wanted to win. That meant you had to watch out for cars in all lanes and in cross traffic, along with other barriers like walls and such. Now, you can just boost away. If there is same-direction traffic ahead of you, you can literally hit it as hard as you want, and you won’t see a hint of destruction on your car. Half of the traffic that would have caused a ruckus on you in the previous game is now all of a sudden your friend. This is due to EA’s new “traffic checking” feature. Basically, you can now use same-direction traffic as a weapon to dish out punishment on rival racers. To me, it just makes the game a bit too easy.

Am I crazy? What do you think of the new Burnout?

Panasonic SD Copier

Every once in a while a company produces a simple, yet brillant, product. The moment I saw this device from Panasonic, I knew that it was such a product. They have created an SD duplication device. The Pocket Copier device will allow a user to back up an SD card, or make a copy for a friend. There is a switch to select if you want copy the entire card, or just images - useful for the digital photographer on the go.

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Pantech PT-K1500

Pantech & Curitel have announced the PT-K1500 - a 17mm thick phone that obviously takes some visual styling queues from the Motorola RAZR. While the PT-K1500 will probably never see American shores, we can all dream of having such a sleek little slider phone. No word on features, but with a “magic” button who knows what surprises this little phone will pack?

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Infra Red Home DefenderFor those of you too cheap to invest in ADT or Brinks, we have a solution for you.  The Infra Red Home Defender is used to secure any area of you your house. The best place is right near the entrance to your home or apartment, where it uses a motion sensor to detect intruders, ex-boyfriends, and cats alike. Once it does, it sets off an alarm loud enough to annoy the neighborhood every time you accidentally trip it.

Doberman is proud to offer the PIR Sensor Alarm. This unit can be placed anywhere or mounted on the wall or ceiling. Using Passive Infrared (PIR) technology, this alarm unit can designate a protected zone up to 15 feet in a 90 degree sweep from the device. If an intruder trespasses into the invisible protected zone, PIR motion detection triggers the loud alarm.

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Xbox 360 Launching

Moments ago our Microsoft contact let us know the official Xbox 360 worldwide launch dates. The console will be launching on November 22 in North America, December 2 in Europe, and December 10 in Japan. Microsoft says they are hard at work ramping up production of the units to meet demand. So it is official - the Xbox 360 is a little over two months away.

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