On Gear Live: iPhone 6 Plus: 5.5-inch Retina HD display, optical image stabilization, bigger battery for $299

Google CNetIs Google > CNet?  The search engine giant blackballed CNet reporters after the network reported privacy concerns for those being searched.  Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, was searched on Google to prove a privacy point.  His salary, neighborhood, and even political donations were publicly displayed.  Google’s answer: don’t talk to CNet for a year.  Seems a bit childish to give the silent treatment for something that is publicly available.  I mean, if I can’t use Google to search all of my old girlfriends, I’m going back to Yahoo! Well, at least for one year.

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DescriptionA few months back, the CVS drug store chain introduced the first “disposable” DV recording device. The idea around it is to sell you the camera for 30 bucks, you get about 25 minutes of compressed video, bring it back to CVS, and they put it on DVD/CD for you.  This is a great alternative if you don’t plan to purchase a DV camera anytime soon, yet want to capture special moments on film. Why not exploit the drug store giant and hack the videos from the camera yourself? I-Hacked.com has taken the time to splice up a USB cable, integrate that with a Palm III cradle - which is apparently hard to find (sadly, I own one) - and use a few Windows commands to format the camera. There you have it.

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Xbox 360, PS3, Revolution According to a recent poll of 1500 X-bit readers, the PS3 and Xbox 360 hold nearly equal interest in the minds of potential next-generation console owners, pulling in 23% and 20% of the votes, respectively.  Sadly, Nintendo’s Revolution only received 5% of the vote.  However, far more interesting news is that 46% of those who responded to the poll have no interest in acquiring any of the new systems.  This should come as a huge confirmation for those worried that the upcoming console wars are starting far too early.

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Xbox under 360

We’ve all seen pictures of these two consoles on their own, but better this is a nice way to give those who haven’t seen the Xbox 360 up close an idea of how large it is. TeamXbox has some pictures comparing the two consoles which they were able to obtain thanks to Gamecon. One of the best parts of this gallery is the close ups of the new controller which is said to be much more comfortable then the Controller S.

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Toy Test 2005 SeattleAlright, slow news morning on Gear Live, I know. The reason behind this is that I am hanging out at the Pacific Science Center today, getting a hands-on look at the games that are set to drop this holiday season. So far I have taken Burnout: Revenge, Pac-Man World 3, LA Rush, Mario Party 7, and the new DragonBall Z for a spin. I will be checking out a few more, and then will report back later this evening with full impressions over at PlayFeed.

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Intec Wireless Rechargeable ControllersIntec has finally released something a lot of hardcore gamers have been asking for since the dawn of wireless controllers: rechargeable wireless controllers for Xbox, PS2, and GameCube. The chargers are powered by the game console and you can recharge them while using the controllers as wired controllers - a nice feature for those all night LAN parties. The controllers charge in 4 hours, and get 60 hours of game-play per charge. Halo 2 Deathmatch anyone?

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Monday morning, President Bush is expected to sign into effect an energy bill that will start daylight savings time three weeks earlier and end it a week later.  While it may not sound like a big deal, some are concerned that the time change, which would be starting in 2007, may have an effect on many tech gadgets we use in our daily lives.  The last daylight savings schedule was put into effect in 1987, so a lot of the electronics we use today are programmed to follow it automatically. This means that come 2007 many of us who rely on technology to remember our appointments, record our favorite TV show, or give us our morning wake up call could find ourselves an hour behind.  While some things may just require the time to be set manually, others may end up needing a software update.  Dave Thewlis, executive director of a group that promotes standards for calendar software says, “It wouldn’t be a society-wide catastrophe, but there would be a problem if nothing’s done about it or we try to move too quickly”.  What do y’all think?  Does the thought of all your favorite equipment messing up worry you, or does it make you laugh and think of all the Y2K hype we saw 5 years ago?

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Colby DVD PlayerColby has announced the DN-TF-DVD500 DVD player for the Japanese market. This slick unit features a motorized stand with batteries to push the unit up to a good viewing angle. While the translated text seems to indicate that it can only play DVD’s; no DivX or other formats are supported; this still feels like a unique enough form factor that it might make it. The Japanese translation also enlightens us with the following information

The night DVD is rented
During next morning commuting you see
While returning home you see

If there is a last part which remains,
Connecting to the TV at the house, you see

The DVD it goes to the return
In addition amount of the next day is borrowed

First it returns

Is it a strange form of video promotional haiku, or does it have a deeper meaning? When first it returns will you achieve enlightenment? No word on if the DVD500 will ever see American shores, or what it might cost as of yet. Check out the link below for more pictures.

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iPaq hw6500The hw6515 and hw6510, also known as the Mobile Messenger, is coming soon to Cingular. The Mobile Messenger features a 240x240 screen, EDGE data access, and GPS mapping built in. The phone will be running Pocket PC 2003 Second Edition - not the upcoming Windows Mobile 5.0. With no word on if the phone will be upgradable to Windows Mobile 5.0 when it comes out, I’m not sure if this will be a good seller or not. Regardless of software, having a small phone like this with a keyboard and good email software is always a plus for the connectivity-hungry geek on the go.

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Gear Live PodcastAs techies who yearn for the newest, hottest, next big thing, we love to speculate about what’s to come. In this week’s podcast, we mostly focused on technology that is on the horizon:

Windows Vista

XBOX 360 QWERTY Controller
Miyamoto Revolution Controller
iPod video
Pretec 4MB SD
Russian Spammer Killed

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