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New MotherboardsUpgrading the PC is a common pastime that Gear Live editors partake in with glee. If you are looking to replace yours, now is a great time. There are new boards available for your purchasing pleasure. Any of the new boards are good enough, however according to Toms Hardware, the Abit Fatal1ty AN8 and MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum Edition outshine the rest. Here’s the list:

  • Abit Fatal1ty AN8
  • Abit AX8
  • Albatron K8X890 Pro II
  • Chaintech VNF4 Ultra
  • DFI LANParty UT NF4 Ultra-D
  • Epox 9NPA+ Ultra
  • Jetway A483GAS
  • MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum Edition
  • Winfast NF4UK8AA
  • WinFast NF4K8MC (µATX)

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Gigabyte MOBO

Why have two graphics cards on your system when you can have four? Working on the principle that bigger is better, Gigabyte is working on producing a motherboard that will support four video cards instead of just two. One video card can be expensive, two cards can be twice as expensive, now four? There’s no word yet on if it will be offered to consumers upon completion, or what the price may be. One thing that is certain - performance does not come cheap.

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Skype Phone ModIf you like using Skype or MSN to talk to your buddies without wasting those precious cell phone minutes then you are probably annoyed at having to be sitting in front of your computer the whole time instead of walking around the house while talking (like I do). Well if you have a cordless telephone lying around that you don’t use anymore then you can try to modify it to work with Skype or any other software program you use to talk to your friends. Word of caution: as with most modifying tasks, use proper caution when dealing with wires, scissors, and all that electricityish stuff.

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Cinderella Man

This weekend will be a good weekend for moviegoers as it seems there is a film for just about everyone coming out.  This week we take a closer look at Lords of Dogtown and Cinderella Man, two good films set to hit theaters Friday, and a glance at The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and two limited releases.  Whether you’re looking for a film with action and attitude, good acting and uplifting storytelling, or just a feel good movie, be sure to hit your local theater this weekend and take a break from everyday life.

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CRT MonitorSo you think your computer looks pimping with that side window, lights, round cables, and some custom fan shields. Forget that - your modified PC is not complete until you also modify your monitor. TwistedMods has a nice How To detailing how to mod your monitor for the ultimate in gaming rigs. Remember that the insides of CRT monitors can be dangerous to work it, so use the proper caution when attempting this mod.

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Laser pen ModWith the right parts, tools, and 15 minutes of spare time, you can make a laser pen that transmits audio signals across the room with almost no audio loss. This is a neat mod for anyone that wants to transmit some audio to a better sound system across the room or pavilion. Of course, we will not mention all the potential pranks someone could do with this set up.

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Sony CD Piracy Sony is testing out some new Anti-CD burning technology in hopes of stopping what they refer to as “school-yard piracy”. Ah, when will they learn? I mean it takes them how long to come up with a “new” anti-piracy technology; and it takes people how long to come up with a work around? Even without someone breaking the security there’s always some other method to work around it. Nonetheless, Sony’s new method allows consumers to make limited copies of protected discs, but blocks users from making copies of the copies

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PS3 Turns out that the Playstation 3’s RSX processor is not done; not only is it not done but its not even near done. According to NVIDIA’s CFO, Marv Burkett, the RSX processor’s silicon is not even taped out, meaning it’s being finalized now and will be ready by Christmas – in time for a spring 2006 launch. That being the case, what were the Sony guys showing us at E3? They were boasting left and right about what the RSX processor can do, but there is no processor yet.  According to Burkett, the technology demos were being showcased in an upcoming new desktop product with similar capabilities of the RSX. As bit-tech.net puts it, “So, if NVIDIA’s upcoming part is capable of all that we saw demonstrated at the press conference, what is RSX capable of?” Seriously, when will we really see what these things can do?

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Xbox 360 Everything looks better in HD right? Well that being the case, these trailers of video games to hit the Xbox 360 look amazing. Best of all, they are straight from the source so you know they look good. Question still remains if these are console graphics or some renders. Only half a year left until we find out. For now, just sit back and enjoy.

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iEmulatorIf you’re a Mac user but still need to run Windows software, but don’t want to pay the high price for VirtualPC, iEmulator is a new, low-cost, high-performance PC emulator.

Designed for MacOS X 10.3.0 or above, it reportedly runs Win98 or 2000 with the least difficulty, so if WinXP is your thing, you may be out of luck.  However, for everyday tasks requiring Windows (such as the web designer who needs to check browser compatibility or a real estate broker who needs to use his company’s proprietary Windows-platform-only software), this could herald a huge breakthrough for Apple users who have no desire to have a “backup” PC.

Features include the ability to designate up to 1GB of RAM to the emulated PC, access Mac format files within the PC environment, Windows boot disk creation for installation, and even a DOS operating environment.  And with a price tag under $25, it’s a bargain buy for a die-hard Macintosh user, with the added bonus of directly supporting the software developer, rather than some big multi-million-dollar corporation.

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