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80GB Silver iPodMan, Apple just knows how to get the ol’ Internets all riled up, don’t they? Now it seems that, according to Think Secret, there will not be an iPod video unveiling at the October 12 press show. Instead, they think we can expect small upgrades to the current iPod line which would include an 80GB iPod, and a new silver color option. We should also expect updates Power Macs and PowerBooks. Now, call me crazy, but isn’t 80GB just a tad large for an iPod that is solely dedicated to music? Time will tell.

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Google Maps LocalThe thing about Google is that they are perfectly happy releasing a product under the Beta tag, and leaving it there, right? Not so with Google Local and Google Maps. The services have been combined under the Google Local brand, with the maps now offering hours of operation, links to reviews, and other local business information under the “Details” tab of the address bubble. Pretty nifty.

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Oakley THUMP 2Hold up, Oakley’s THUMP glasses did well enough to warrant a sequel? Lil’ John must have spent a pretty penny on these bad boys. Nonetheless, look for the Oakley THUMP 2 to hit retail by the end of October ‘05 with 1GB of storage for $449 USD, and 512MB for $349 USD. The THUMP 2 glasses and MP3 player hybrid will support MP3, WMA, WAV, and iTunes AAC. Users will use a USB 2.0 connection to move their music over to the THUMP 2 glasses.

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Lipstick USB DriveInteresting way to keep people from putting their hands on your data - store it in a faux lipstick case! The In The Pink USB flash drive provides 128MB of data storage in a pinkish, pearlish, girlish package. The pink also may be in part to the fact that £1 out of every purchased is donated to breast cancer research.

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Dremel Pumpkin CarvingWhile we haven’t been at the pumpkin carving forefront over the past few years, we certainly welcome the opportunity to use a Dremel tool on something that, if ruined, we won’t cry about. That is what makes the Dremel Pumpkin Carving Kit such a draw. Complete with detailed instructions for carving elaborate designs into the squash, the Dremel tool sells for $30. Is there a happier way to get into Halloween? We think not.

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iVod DJ Review

We have finally got our hands on one of those new Vaja iVod DJ cases for the 4th generation iPod, and this one was made using the Vaja Choice service. Vaja has enabled us to dress our iPod to the nines in Gear Live colors as you can see from the image above. We took tons of images, and give our full impressions, after the jump.

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Radeon X1800Yesterday ATi officially launched the new Radeon X1000 family of 3D Graphics cards - be sure to check out the preview of the entire lineup at [H]ard|OCP. he new high-end flagship X1800 XT is still a 16 pixel pipe GPU, but now chugs along at a blistering 625MHz. Is it fast enough to catch nVIDIA’s 24 pipe GeForce 7800 GTX? nVIDIA’s GeForce 7800 GTX and GT have easily put them at the top of the gaming world by offering the best value for the dollar along with superior features. ATI is now ready to jump back on board with new architecture built from the ground up, which they like to quote as “Shader Model 3.0 Done Right.”

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This just may be the ultimate way to let others know you are a true geek, even when you are in a formal situation. The iKuffs Illuminated Cufflinks glow just like the standby button of your favorite home entertainment component, and show the world your true colors - that being one of the six available. The glowing LED is available in Fusion Red, Sunset Orange, Electric Yellow, Money Green, KuL Blue, and Winter White. The actual metal casing is available in stainless steel, brushed (for the Apple fans), and polished. At $200 a pair, here’s hoping you have somewhere to rock these.

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Apple October 12What did we tell you? Sources told us that another iPod announcement wasn’t too far off - although we thought it wouldn’t come until November. That may still be the case, as ThinkSecret believes that Apple is just priming everyone for a PowerBook and Power Mac spec update. That would leave November open for us to be 100% right - but analysts are a-buzzin’, and many believe that the iPod movie or iPod video or Video iPod is a sure bet for the 12th. I mean, why else have theater curtains on the invitation? That being said, there is no reason that Apple can’t make more than one announcement. How about an iVideo Movie Store integrated into iTunes while we’re at it?

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TiVo VCR FuneralIt looks like the official death of the VCR will be happening later this month at DigitalLife in New York. You see, TiVo has taken it upon themselves to make funeral arrangements, and be in charge of the funeral itself. Even better, if an attendee brings a video tape and hands it over to TiVo, they will walk away with a free TiVo unit (after agreeing to sign up for a service contract.) Interestingly enough, I find it odd that TiVo has the gall to call another technology dead. I mean, isn’t this like the whole pot-kettle-black thing?

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