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Messenger:Mate LogoIn today’s world, communication is of great importance. That is why instant messaging has become so popular in the business sector as much as in the personal web experience. However, sometimes the standard features that come in two of the biggest names for instant communication is not enough. Versoworks seeks to customize your instant messaging experience with its latest offering – Messenger:Mate. The software comes in two flavors: Messenger:Mate for MSN messenger and Messenger:Mate for AIM. I took a look at the AIM version of Messenger:Mate and took it for a spin.

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Xbox 360 LogoLooks like MTV has dropped the ball when it comes to keeping the details of its Xbox 360 special under wraps. Now we even have details on when the thing will launch! We all assumed it was sometime before the holiday season, but now the MTV show information states the software will be out in November. Start saving now if you haven’t begun yet.

MTV Presents: The Next Generation XBOX Revealed*
This special highlights the exciting new generation of XBOX. Packages include: Tours of the design labs Interviews with the designers Behind-the-scenes and inside scoop Never-before-seen footage of new videogames. Trailers of the newest games that are due out in November for the new XBOX. The next generation will be revealed at an event at the Avalon club in LA, hosted by Elijah Wood and featuring performances by The Killers and Snow Patrol

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Noreve iPod Love Case

Okay, I realized that purchasing an iPod really is an investment for most. Having it get destroyed because you were careless enough to drop it by accident is not a nice feeling after dropping a few hundred bucks on the MP3 player. Seriously though, why would you pay up to six times the cost of an iPod for a case? Noreve is trying to convince iPod owners to do. Their iPod Love case is an extremely limited edition, as only 20 will be manufactured. It is a leather case with a velvet interior, adorned with a white gold heart which is encrusted with 44 WSI quality diamonds. It is manufactured upon order (hence, the 25 day wait), making you feel that much more special, and signed and numbered by S. Schaming - Saint-Tropez Schaming Jewlery - Place de Lices - Saint-Tropez. If you really want one, they are available in black, white, gray, pink, beige, baby blue, ocean blue, or red. Oh, and they are kind enough to remind you that although the price is extravagant, the iPod is not included. I expect Paris Hilton to buy all 20, while I stick with the cheaper cases.

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Bluetights SupermanIt has been many, many years since the last major motion picture Superman movie. Fans waiting for the next one, set to drop in June 2006, can check out bluetights.net for the latest information from those who are actually involved with the movie. In fact, you can even check out videos of the project, including a behind the scenes look at the development of the flying mechanism for Superman. Way better than days of old.

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Free Windows XPIn an effort to thwart pirates yet again, Microsoft is looking to gain their information by way of their customers. If someone has purchased a high-quality copy of Windows XP that closely resembles Microsoft’s official packaging of the product, they can pick up a free license key and installation CD for the product if they reveal the identity of the selling party.

Microsoft said that only edge-to-edge hologram CDs are considered for a free replacement. The participation in the program also requires users to agree to a full scan of their system files and to reveal the identity of the seller of the counterfeit software.

Users of “low-quality” pirated versions of Windows XP also can request an update to a legal version of Windows XP. In this case, the upgrade however costs $149.

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DreamGear i.Glow Review
We recently got the PS2 and Xbox versions of DreamGear’s new i.Glow controller and wanted to share our thoughts.  The DreamGear’s i.Glow controller is a standard wireless controller with an extra kick - it lights up with interesting effects! Check out our mini review after the jump.

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Nintendo Touch Dic

Nintendo plans on bringing yet another touch-enabled application to the Nintendo DS, and this one is a real winner. Touch Dic. Sounds (not so) innocent enough, right? Touch Dic will include a dictionary, hence the “Dic” part, and a calculator. Leave it to the Japanese to continually come up with funny ways to say things. It is safe to say that the product will be rebranded if and when it hits the states. Gamecube Europe provides a link to the Japanese site that has been created for Touch Dic. Pokemon pr0n not included.

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One of the main stumbling blocks of anyone looking to get into the online business game is a lack of motivation to do so. After all, the Internet seems to have everything that one needs, be it e-commerce storefronts or informational services. While this may be the case, the Internet is a virtual hotbed for business growth. Newspaper readership is dropping, as people continue to migrate to online services to find their information in a quick and concise format. With broadband acceptance growing exponentially each year, the time is now to capitalize on the market. One thing you cannot count on is that those surfing the web will immediately be willing to patronize your online presence unless you are able to pinpoint and establish a service or product with which one can identify as a resource which they have been missing. Come up with a unique idea, do a bit of market research, and then brainstorm on how you can bring something to the table that will meet a need.

Times OS X Gadget WeekMost impressed by the new widgets in the OS, Time tells us their favorite things about Tiger. The latest iteration of OS X from Apple was last week’s Gadget of the Week. Here’s an brief overview:

1. You can automatically look up words in the integrated dictionary as you surf.
2. It’s got a standalone version of the Migration Assistant, which lets you move all of your programs and settings from one Mac to another.
3. HD movies are coming to QuickTime.
4. Album art can be your screensaver.
5. VoiceOver will read all of your web pages (and other text documents) out loud.

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