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Klipsch ProMedia Ultra 2.0 ReviewI recently found myself on the market for a pair for my computer at work and thought I would share my experiences. After doing significant amounts of research I decided to settle on the Klipsch ProMedia Ultra 2.0 PC Speaker System as they got positive ratings and seemed to have a good bass response even given their lack of an actual subwoofer. I just received them and am quite impressed so far. They are ideal for people short on desk space who are looking for a great sounding set of speakers with no large subwoofer, or listen to music where excessive bass is not needed. Check out after the jump for my full initial impressions.


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Description Using data from Alexa, senior analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray announced that his findings where somewhat unsurprising when calculated out to a “web traffic report card” style examination of the top four legal music download sites.  Apple’s iTunes got an “A” rating after a healthy 11% increase in web traffic and an 11% increase in reach.  Napster came in second, also with an “A” rating.

“We believe that Apple.com is the clear winner in our second grade report on the audio download industry,” Munster concluded. “Apple has the highest web traffic rank (64) of the four and also has seen the most increase in web traffic rank and reach over the past 3 months.”

Do note that Alexa rankings do not include any Mac users - they are tabulated only from people using Internet Explorer with the Alexa Toolbar installed.

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DescriptionCalled the iVault, Griffin’s new case for the iPod Shuffle certainly looks nice.  The aluminum exterior encases the iPod Shuffle while still allowing access to the dial, headphone jack and switch. The iVault will set you back about $20 and comes not only in aluminum but also in four anodized aluminum colours:  Red, Blue, Green and Purple.

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Sonnet Fusion 400Sleek as it is sweet, Sonnet’s new Fusion 400 external drive enclosure looks like the next toy on my Christmas list.  With four hot-swappable 3.5” drive bays, support for not only 3Gb/s drives but backwards compatibility with 1.5Gb/s drives, a small footprint, a sleek exterior and built in universal power supply, it certainly looks like it’s got some bite to back up the bark. 

To quote SonnetTech.com:

Start out with a single drive for simple data storage and then add additional ones as the need arises, or fill the enclosure with four drives up to 500GB each to create a monster 2 terabyte striped RAID array for uncompressed HD video capture and editing—Fusion 400 is truly versatile.

Now THAT’S what I’m talkin’ ‘bout!  Very nice.  And, even better, the connection from the hot-swappable drives to the enclosure is cable-less, causing not only less mess but less degradation of signal, which may not mean much to the average data-storing customer but means everything to a video-editor or musician.

The Fusion 400 is the first in a new line, and works with Mac, Windows and Linux machines, as long as they’ve got a compatible SATA controller.

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A couple of days ago, Andru posted directions for making a David Hasselhoff paper plane.  Well, I got curious and poked around in Photoshop a bit, and here’s a “how to” for building your own paper plane blueprint with whatever you want on the wings. For the sake of demonstration, I used a picture of Jenna Jameson (don’t worry, it’s not a nudie picture) pulled from Google – who wouldn’t want a plane with Jenna posing on the wings?

  1. First, I took the original into Photoshop.  Then, using the polygon lasso and trial and error, found the degree to which both sides of Hasslehoff’s head were rotated to the left and right, respectively.  It’s 17°, by the way.  It took a lot of guesswork.
  2. Then, I took my picture of Jenna and divided it in half, cut half of it (ctrl+x or apple+x) and pasted it into my frame containing hasslehoff.  I then rotated it 180° and positioned it, and then rotated it 17° and lined it up perfectly.  The same was repeated for the other half, except rotating it -17° (the opposite direction).
  3. After lining up both halves of the body with the airplane fold lines, I took the polygon lasso again, went to the bottom layer and lassoed the exposed hasslehoff-head, and deleted it.  The result?  An airplane blueprint with Jenna Jameson, not David Hasslehoff, on the wings.

You can of course use this with whatever image you’d like.  Experiment!  Send them in!  Make one with the GearLive logo!  Show your friends! That’s right, I did all the work so you don’t have to.

Full Size Diagram |  Print Out Kristin’s Jenna-plane
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Google Click Defense Click Defense Inc., a seller of online marketing tools, have said that they have filed a lawsuit against Google Inc. because they have failed to protect those who use their advertising program from “click fraud”, costing at least $5 million.  The lawsuit, filed June 24th in San Jose, Ca, is also seeking a class action status.  A spokesman for Google has said,  “We believe the suit is without merit and we will defend ourselves against it vigorously.” The thing is, “click fraud” is not fraud at all, at least by the standards of the law. Rather, it is an industry term used to describe the deliberate clicking on Web search ads by users with no plans to do business with the advertiser. Rival companies might employ people or machines to do this because the advertiser has to pay the Web search provider for each click.

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French Fry HolderWhen I first saw this, I thought it was by far one of the strangest gadgets I’ve seen in a while, but after it sunk in I can actually see it’s usefulness.  How many times have been on your way somewhere and stopped at McDonald’s or Burger King for a meal to go, but as soon as the aroma of french fries filled the car you could no longer wait to arrive at your destination?  You find your self rummaging through your bag for fries and sucking ketchup out of the little packet all the while trying to keep your eyes on the road and not cause an accident or get the ketchup on your car seat.  If you’re like me, you’ve been in this position more times then you’d like to admit, but with this french fry holder that fits into most car cup holders, situations like this can be a thing of the past.  Simply put your container of fries in the holder, along with a packet or two of ketchup in the clip-on ketchup cup and you’re ready for the road.  You can get yourself one of these for only $9.99.

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On the heels of Apple releasing iTunes 4.9 with built-in Podcasting support into the wild, Venturus has jumped on the Podcast bandwagon. Expect unique views of Internet business from both established and new companies. This week we sat down with Aaron Levie, Founder of Box.net. Box.net is an online storage company that offers very unique services tailored to their users. We talked with Aaron about the product, what it took to go launch amidst financial issues, and how important customer service is in a Web 2.0 company. Click here to download the MP3, or you can just subscribe to the Venturus Podcast feed, ensuring you will always have our latest show ready and waiting.

Voices: Andru Edwards, Aaron Levie - Founder, Box.net

Length: 31:13, 28.6 MB

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War of the Worlds

I’ve never read H.G. Wells 1898 novel “War Of The Worlds”, or have even seen anything having to do with the it in any other medium.  When I was younger, my dad told me that during a radio presentation of the story many listeners(who I would presume tuned in after the start of the show) thought that they were listening to an actual live newscast, which in turn caused mass hysteria and widespread panic throughout the listening area.  This amused me.  The thought of a bunch of people getting scared while hearing a work of fiction on the radio was quite funny. Not scary at all.  But I had no idea what they were hearing…

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DescriptionThe Apple news just keeps on comin’.  When Apple released their newest version of iTunes two days ago, it was mere minutes before people discovered a hidden ability to sync to what was being called an “iTunes Phone”.  Rumors of Motorola launching an iTunes phone, likely to be called ROKR, have swirled around the Internet for months, and the sync ability signaled that the launch of the new phone could be any minute now.

Or has it happened already?

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