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iTunes Phone Motorola E790

For months we’ve been hearing about the Motorola iTunes phone, wondering if we’d actually ever get to see it.  About a week ago we showed you a phone which gave us an idea of what we might be getting.  Now, via engadget’s watermarked goodness, we have what seems to be the first pictures of an actual phone running the iTunes Mobile software.  It’s the iPod white Motorola E790 that synchronizes with iTunes 4.9. Oddly enough, it only shipped with 128 MB of memory. I guess they really aren’t wanting to step on the toes of the iPod line with this one. Final design is still subject to change.

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Doom 3 Review Playfeed The computer game Doom is one of the most important events in 3d computer graphics and it was instrumental in creating a demand for 3d games that eventually lead to the development of the Playstation, 3d accelerator cards and Direct X. So the development of Doom 3 is not and easy task to take on. This is made of course by iD Software the game company that is directly responsible for the creation and popularization of the first person shooter concept.

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Crazy Frog GameAs if it wasn’t bad enough we have to listen to that Jamster Frog in TV commercials and on cell phones, Digital Jesters, the company responsible for the annoying frog, has announced that they have inked a deal that will land the Crazy Frog in a couple of video games.  The UK firm holds exclusive “worldwide interactive entertainment” rights with the frog, and will release the first game for PC and PS2 later this year.  The game, “Crazy Frog Racer” will have frog and friends thrown into an arcade-style racing game and hits shelves in Europe in November, with the rest of us seeing it some time early 2006.

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Halo 2

The day is almost upon us when we shall all be able to own the newest Halo 2 Multiplayer maps. Until that day, we can enjoy more great videos courtesy of TeamXbox. They now have three new movies: Backwash, Gemini, and Terminal. I know I can’t wait to load up those new packs into my Xbox and try them out on Live.  Here are some quick descriptions of the new maps for your reading pleasure:


Backwash is covered with a thick mist that has nestled within the valley of a large swamp. The audio of the map is very well done and the rainfall and ambient sound effects give players a great impression of a living, breathing eco-system while creating an intriguing mood for the game’s action to take place. If you remember the swamp-like level of Halo, you’ll have a good idea what to expect from Backwash. A medium sized map, Backwash is a great map for playing Slayer matches.


Gemini is a relatively small map that hovers in space high above the lights of High Charity. Gemini is meant as a place of refuge and meditation for the senior prelates in the Prophet hierarchy. Because of Gemini’s small size, it is best suited for Slayer matches composed of a low number of players.


Terminal may now be a battlefield, but it was once a place where people spent their leisure time shopping, enjoying lunch with friends or just hanging out. While this might sound like a mall, today it is anything but a place to go with friends; that is unless your friends are looking for a fight. Located on New Mombasa, Terminal is a large map filled with plenty of dangers including an active monorail that players can walk across, and maybe get splattered by a passing train if they aren’t paying attention. Its large size lends itself best to games of single flag CTF as well as Assault matches, but don’t rule out Team Slayer.

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Cheap DVD Ever see that bin at the supermarket or dollar store filled with DVD’s and kept on walking thinking, “They must be crap if they’re only a dollar!”?  If you have, you may want to stop and check them out next time.  Many of the films starring greats from John Wayne to Shirley Temple and TV series from Dragnet to The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes are being mass marketed at the dollar pricepoint simply due to problems with, or lack of copyrights. “The Killer Shrews,” the masterwork of Ray Kellogg, is one of hundreds of cheap old films now available as ridiculously cheap new DVD’s. Because of lapsed or improperly registered copyrights, even some very watchable movies - among them, Howard Hawks’s “His Girl Friday,” Marlon Brando’s “One-Eyed Jacks” and Francis Ford Coppola’s “Dementia 13” - are now in the public domain and can be sold by anyone.”

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Song SlingSomeone has finally announced a product that manages to both remove the tangle of cords that can occur with an iPod Shuffle used with the lanyard accessory and make the wearer not look completely ridiculous. morphie is proud to present the Song Sling - a strap that goes around the back of your neck, with included color coordinated earbuds that connect to the back of the unit. This means that the headphone cords can’t get tangled in the lanyard or each other. The strap then goes down where it can hold the iPod Shuffle draped across your chest. The Song Sling is priced at only $39.95 and you can get a 10% discount if you pre-order them now. I’m somewhat curious at how the earbuds are going to sound.

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China Internet AddictionAs more and more people in China get connected to the Internet, the number of those addicted to the Internet rises.  The country promotes use of Internet for business and education, but believes that places like Internet cafes are “eroding public morality”.  These beliefs have led the country to open the first officially licensed Internet addiction clinic.  The clinic is ran by Dr. Tao Ran, with most of the patients between the ages of 14 - 24 suffering from nervousness, fear, depression, agitation, and an unwillingness to interact with others.  Dr. Ran estimates that about 2.5 million Chinese are currently suffering from Internet addiction, although not everyone agrees on the accuracy of that number. “As the number of the Netizens grows, the number of the addicted people will grow as well, but we should not worry about the issue too much,” says Kuang Wenbo, a professor at the Beijing Renmin University. “The young men at the age of growing up have their own problems. Even if there was no Internet they will get addicted to other things.”

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DIY Chat CordSo maybe it was a little too hard to make a Skype phone, with all the tweaking and testing required. Now here’s a great DIY for anyone that loves Skype and other VoIP apps but hate the funky looking headsets. If you’re not too afraid to solder some wires and love to put things together, this tutorial will show how to save some dough and make your own Chat-Cord. A Chat-Cord allows you to connect regular telephones to your computer to use with Skype and similar applications – you can even use cordless handsets. Imagine being able to talk to your friends through the use of Skype all over your house with the use of a cordless handset – how cool is that? You can be sure we’ll making one of our own.

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Google Video The Google Video Viewer program that launched less than a week ago is already running into problems.  It seems that users are using the service to upload copyrighted full-length movies and television shows that violate Google’s TOS which states “anyone uploading content to the search tool must have the rights to distribute the video and that copyrighted material is barred without the express consent of the copyright holder.”  A Google spokesman says the company is working to remove all videos in violation of copyright laws.  Google’s TOS goes on to say, “anyone who has a copyright concern or complaint to send us a DMCA content removal notice.”

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Broadband Universal Service Tax Those of you using broadband may soon find yourself paying new universal service taxes similar to those you see on a standard phone bill.  The decision of course would be made by Congress, who would have to change the Telecommunications Act of 1996. This is the bill which is responsible for the Universal Service Fund that we see on phone bills. The USF should continue to be “industry funded,” but the base of contributors should be expanded to “all providers of two-way communications, regardless of technology used, to ensure competitive neutrality,” a bipartisan coalition of rural legislators said in a June 28 letter to the U.S. House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee, which will be drafting the rewrites. This would also mean that companies providing services over broadband lines, like Vonage for example, would also be liable to pay into the fund.

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