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I have used Post-It Notes for more than just simple message taking in the past, but this article nails it. One thing about being an Internet business owner is that you can easily be distracted by email, as well as the vast world of the Internet. One thing you can do to keep on task if write out what you want to accomplish each hour/sitting/day and keep it right next to you or on the bezel of your monitor. As you accomplish each task, cross it off and move to the next one. Once the list is all cross out, you are good to go. It really is a viable alternative to software-based task lists.

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Between 75% and 98.8% of visitors to Web sites come from searches made at search engines. If you’re going to get high levels of traffic - and hence the levels of ROI you’re looking for - it’s very important that the search engines can access all the information on your Web site.

Do the search engines know about all of your pages?

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If you are in the business of publishing or manufacturing computer hardware or software, be sure that you are well read on the US restrictions on the export of some of these products. On the Internet, it is much easier to cater to an international audience, since anyone in the world can find you with the click of a mouse. You may export commercial products that use encryption keys without an export license to “individuals, commercial firms, and other non-government end users in any country except for the seven state supporters of terrorism.” That being said, your product must be evaluated under a one month long technical review process.

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SanDisk Memory Stick WinnerAnother week, another winner for a giveaway announced. This time we had to go through three names until someone finally responded and accepted the prize. A word to the wise - if you are going to enter a contest, do not use a fake email address. You guarantee that you won’t win. Congratulations to Aaron Q. - fill your PSP with glee.

War of the Worlds Cell PhoneWar of the Worlds has been performing nicely in theaters, and we just took Gameloft’s mobile phone adaptation of the movie for review. The game has the unusual twist of putting you in control of the bad guys! You get to play an invading alien metal tripod set on destroying the human race. It’s interesting to see the slew of games recently that pit the player against the human race. For more info on the game check out the full review after the jump.

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Virtual Fireworks Display

Happy Independence day! Yeah, you know what time of year it is - time for fireworks.  Unfortunately with so many cities cracking down on firecrackers, more stringent laws each summer, droughts and brush fires… Not to mention smelling nothing but sulfur for the next couple days and the chance you’ll blow your hand off somehow!  This year, why not celebrate by having a HUGE pyrotechnic display - on display of your Macintosh! Just in time for the Fourth of July, this sweet freeware app burst onto the apple site’s downloads section.  It features the ability to drag different kinds of fireworks all over the screen and then set them off.  The graphics are pretty good, and for a fairly useless but really fun little app, this is a great pick.

If you are on the Windows side of things, be sure to check here for an abundance of similar software.

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Destroy All Humans Review

For the past week I have been playing my favorite new game, Destroy All Humans for Xbox and PS2. I chose the Xbox version of this Pandemic studios game. These folks made Star Wars Clone Wars and Star Wars Battlefront. Check the full review after the jump.

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IQ Test KidAs if incoming students didn’t have enough on their plate, Cal State - and several other colleges - are teaming up with the Educational Testing Service(ETS) to create a test that will evaluate Internet intelligence.  The test aims to measure whether students can find reliable online information, and give proper credit to the material.  The test is expected to be available next year to students, and will be voluntary. This quote says it all:

This test measures a skill as important as having mathematics and English skills when you come to the university,” says Roth. “If you don’t come to the university with it, you need to know that you are lacking some skills that educated people are expected to have.

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iTunes Phone Motorola E790

For months we’ve been hearing about the Motorola iTunes phone, wondering if we’d actually ever get to see it.  About a week ago we showed you a phone which gave us an idea of what we might be getting.  Now, via engadget’s watermarked goodness, we have what seems to be the first pictures of an actual phone running the iTunes Mobile software.  It’s the iPod white Motorola E790 that synchronizes with iTunes 4.9. Oddly enough, it only shipped with 128 MB of memory. I guess they really aren’t wanting to step on the toes of the iPod line with this one. Final design is still subject to change.

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Doom 3 Review Playfeed The computer game Doom is one of the most important events in 3d computer graphics and it was instrumental in creating a demand for 3d games that eventually lead to the development of the Playstation, 3d accelerator cards and Direct X. So the development of Doom 3 is not and easy task to take on. This is made of course by iD Software the game company that is directly responsible for the creation and popularization of the first person shooter concept.

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