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Seiko Bluetooth Watch

Seiko Instruments has produced a working prototype of thier TR-006 Bluetooth watch;  a watch that should probably be sent back to the drawing board for re-design.  Seriously, the size of this thing is huge, and while the guy (whose arm appears in the picture above) looks malnourished and underfed, there’s no getting around the watch’s massive dimensions.  On the upside, the watch can display your phone’s signal strength, Caller ID information for incoming calls, SMS messages and more.  Pre-set rings are available to alert you to the aforementioned calls and messages and for when a bit of quiet is needed, it can vibrate as well.

If you’re into having large objects strapped to your arms,

seek professional help

then the TR-006 might be right up your alley.

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Thomas Pink TieApple’s smallest iPods, the nano and shuffle, have spawned a wide range of clothing accessories.  Some are more eclectic than others (the iPod t-shirt for example), but they all have their place.  The latest is the Commuter Tie which doubles as an iPod nano holster.  Available in 3 colors - red, navy and their signature pink, the tie doesn’t stop with simply storing your iPod, but also includes cable management features.  The 100% silk tie is available for approximately $89 USD.

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In the spirit of all things gadget related, we thought this would qualify as something you would want to see.  This Evil Knievel Female just happened to have her video camera running when Mr. Fast and Furious wannabe decided to get sideways in front of her.  Needless to say, she didn’t have much room to maneuver and here’s the result.  A quick warning - we don’t recommend you try this at home kiddies, it could leave a mark or two if you know what we mean.  At least she was sportin’ some leather and a helmet for the ultimate in safety gadgetry.  You go girl…

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Brightfeet SlippersWith better ergonomics than strapping two Maglites to your feet, the BrightFeet Lighted Slippers are designed to provide you with the necessary illumination you need to avoid going “bump” in the night.  Essentially a pair of headlights for your feet, the BrightFeet are motion-activated so they turn on when you slip into them and will supposedly

illuminate a path 20-25 feet in front of you.  A sensor in each prevents the lights from coming on during the day, and a timer allows them to remain on for a short period after you have removed them, to facilitate you stumbling toward the bed.  They sell for an MSRP of $39.95. 

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Virago Laptop Bag

You know, recently I have noticed that electronic devices, along with their accessories, really are targeted towards men. I mean, so much so, that a woman has to do a hardcore search if she wants to find something to suit her personal taste, rather than a black nylon bag. We felt that, with Valentine’s Day and all, we might focus our attention exclusively on the women (for just a moment!), and introduce the Virago line of laptop bags. What’s cool about it? For starters, they look like a modern purse or handbag rather than a miniature black suitcase. The different bags fit laptops from 10-inches all the way up to 17-inches, and they will also be putting out iPod cases soon as well. Now we just need a place that specializes in girly PC case mods.

(Thanks quesara!)

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iattireWe really thought we’d seen just about everything - we were wrong.  We came across iAttire, a company devoted to outfitting…your iPod.  Their selection ranges from the feminine to the masculine, from the cute to the absurd, and there’s a costume to fit any iPod - even the Shuffle and Nano.  These aren’t the silicone wetsuits you’re used to - these are actual, honest-to-goodness costumes for the iPod, including a whole line of “Valentines Day” themed outfits like a chiffon negligee, boxer shorts, or even a corset. 

The rest of the line covers just about every fashion you’d think to, er, dress your iPod in, from Pop Diva to Fairy Princess.  And for the boys (is your iPod a boy or a girl?) there are a variety of manly disguises, like the Pirate, Cowboy and even Santa Claus - and here we were, thinking the iPod madness couldn’t get any crazier.  We’ll give points for creativity and good fit, however, who’d have thought to make iPod costumes?!

The best part?  They’re planning on releasing a series of iPod Portraits painted on velvet.  Oh, the cheese of it! While my iPod is perfectly happy lounging about naked (that perverted iPod!), we’ve got to admit, iAttire has a great idea - it sure brought a smile to our faces.

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Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway

So, we are giving away stuff this year in our 2005 Holiday Gift Guide, and we are pretty excited about it. Now that Christmas is officially upon us, here is what you need to know. We will be choosing our winners on Tuesday, December 27. If you aren’t already entered, then you have no way to win. We have over $450 worth in prizes up for grabs so far, including:

If you are interested in winning, head on over to the contest thread on our message board.

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The SCOTTeVEST 237D is the updated version of the Three.0 Spring jacket that we reviewed about a year-and-a-half ago. We have been testing out the 237D in Seattle weather for much of December, and are finding that the 237D moniker - which stands for “237 days,” meaning you can wear it for 3-out-of-4 seasons per year - lives up to its name for the most part. The 237D features 33 pockets, and adds the Detachable Cargo Cache, built-in battery holders, addition magnetic enclosures, and two more pockets than the Three.0 Spring. Check out the full review after the jump.


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SeV Rodeo

The SCOTTeVEST Rodeo is yet another in the 4.0 line from our favorite gadget clothing company. We have been testing out the rodeo for the past couple of weeks, and have found it to be as versatile as it is functional. It has 39 pockets of various shapes and sizes for all your gear, and has a microsuede finish. Check out the full review after the jump.

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Diode WatchOur friends over at OhGizmo got their hands on a TokyoFlash Diode watch, and put up a pretty thorough review of the device, culminating with:

The point is the watch is the epitome of geek chic. It’s manly, it’s made of stainless steel, it’s got LEDs, looks unusual and attention grabbing. It doesn’t just tell the time, it makes you decipher it. The timepiece costs $150 and ships from Japan.

Being fiends for unique watches, (heck, we are giving one away in our Holiday Gift Guide!) we had to share this one. Check out the full review at OhGizmo.

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