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Ponzi Archetype

We had our girl Ponzi take the new Tom Bihn Archetype bag (in Leopard print!) for a spin since we knew she would look a lot better carrying around a bag like this than we would. She tested the bag with her 12” ThinkPad, and reports back with her thoughts on the new bag. You can check out the Archetype Gallery for more images, and the full review after the jump.

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SCOTTeVEST Performance ShirtWe have given some love to SCOTTeVEST products in the past, mostly because they impress the hell out of us. Recently, the company announced availability of the performance version of the SeV T-Shirt. This one is made from 3M Quick Dry fabric, and pulls moisture away from the skin in the event that you are in the midst of a two-hand touch football game at the park, or full-on tackle while playing Madden from your couch. The shirt has one pocket on the left, which has the now infamous SCOTTeVEST Personal Area Network tunneling system for your earbuds if you want to keep an MP3 player in there. You can pick up a short sleeved shirt for $29.99 USD, or a long sleeved version for $34.99 USD.

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Digital Clock T-Shirt

Be the


laughingstock of your peers with this unisex t-shirt that features a built-in digital clock.  Operating off of four AAA batteries, the t-shirt will emblazon your way for 12-36 hours depending on what flash mode it’s in.  “Flash mode” you say?  Yes, as if glowing digital numbers on your chest weren’t enough, there are eight flashing patterns, with two that are user selectable: fade-in/fade-out and stopwatch mode. 

When the shirt is all grungy and ready for its bath, a little extra caution needs to be taken.  Hand washing is required with the battery pack removed, and due diligence rendered to ensure that the display does not get folded.

Available for $59.95 AU and in a wide veriety of colors, provided any color you want is black.

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Voltiac MessengerThe Voltaic Messenger bag is designed to safely carry a laptop and all of your electronic gadgets.  This is not your standard tech-chic bag though; this bag will actually charge your cell phone, satellite phone, PDA, GPS, iPod, camera, etc.  This bag is not designed to charge a larger device like a laptop, but does a fine job with any smaller device.  The power to charge devices comes from 3 solar panels that are waterproof, tough, and lightweight.  A 2,200mAh Li-Ion battery pack with 3 voltage settings is included with the bag so that the bag keeps charging even if there is no available sunlight.  The battery can also be charged via the included AC or car adapter.  Also included are 11 standard adaptors including a car charger socket and USB adaptor so you can always use a standard charger for your device.  Available in several color schemes, this bag retails for $239.00. 

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Astone TravellerFor those who travel frequently, and like to have clean clothes (and who doesn’t?), Astone introduces the Traveller.  The Traveller is a portable washing machine that you inflate to use, and just as easily deflate to stuff into your luggage.  Holding approximately 1.7 gallons of water, it might be enough to wash a few pairs of socks, or maybe a shirt, but not much else.  Interesting in theory, but arguably doomed in practical use.  Now all they need is a portable dryer, and no, the hotel hair dryer does not count.

Available this June for $70 USD.

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Space SuitAstronauts working at the International Space Station depend on their space suits to keep them alive, but some innovators in Europe are looking to adapt the technology for activities closer to home.  Firefighters, industrial workers and other people subjected to extreme temperatures could benefit from the built-in cooling and protective systems integrated into a space suit.

“The main goal is to keep the temperature and humidity levels inside [work] suits at a comfortable level when operating in harsh environments,” Stefano Carosio, Safe&Cool project manager for ESA at the Italian firm D’Appolonia, told SPACE.com. “We used in particular the concept of cooling vests worn by astronauts for thermal management.”

Part of the appeal of the suit is the ability to not only keep the wearer cool and comfortable, but to manage humidity and keep the wearer from losing concentration or ability to perform during strenuous tasks in extreme conditions.

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Fossil Positive-Negative

Fossil has a watch out that’s perfect for everyone who enjoys something a little offbeat for a timepiece.  It’s the Positive/Negative Display watch, which doesn’t read like a conventional wristwatch.  Instead, it delivers typical slang for time telling in the form of “20 til 3” for 2:40, and “half past 11” for 11:30.  For indicating AM the LCD display is shown with a negative background and for PM the background is positive. 

Designed by postmodern architect Frank Gehry, the watch is available as shown with a titanium bezel and black croco leather band (exactly what kind of animal is a croco?).  Other options include brown croco leather with a gold ion bezel and a black ion bezel with gray suede.  No matter your choice of color and style, the watches are available for $150 USD.

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Seiko Bluetooth Watch

Seiko Instruments has produced a working prototype of thier TR-006 Bluetooth watch;  a watch that should probably be sent back to the drawing board for re-design.  Seriously, the size of this thing is huge, and while the guy (whose arm appears in the picture above) looks malnourished and underfed, there’s no getting around the watch’s massive dimensions.  On the upside, the watch can display your phone’s signal strength, Caller ID information for incoming calls, SMS messages and more.  Pre-set rings are available to alert you to the aforementioned calls and messages and for when a bit of quiet is needed, it can vibrate as well.

If you’re into having large objects strapped to your arms,

seek professional help

then the TR-006 might be right up your alley.

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Thomas Pink TieApple’s smallest iPods, the nano and shuffle, have spawned a wide range of clothing accessories.  Some are more eclectic than others (the iPod t-shirt for example), but they all have their place.  The latest is the Commuter Tie which doubles as an iPod nano holster.  Available in 3 colors - red, navy and their signature pink, the tie doesn’t stop with simply storing your iPod, but also includes cable management features.  The 100% silk tie is available for approximately $89 USD.

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In the spirit of all things gadget related, we thought this would qualify as something you would want to see.  This Evil Knievel Female just happened to have her video camera running when Mr. Fast and Furious wannabe decided to get sideways in front of her.  Needless to say, she didn’t have much room to maneuver and here’s the result.  A quick warning - we don’t recommend you try this at home kiddies, it could leave a mark or two if you know what we mean.  At least she was sportin’ some leather and a helmet for the ultimate in safety gadgetry.  You go girl…

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