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Spock and KirkYou have booked your space flight for $200,000 with Virgin Galactic, the company that is building privately-owned spaceships to go “where no one has gone before” beginning in the year 2010, and you have nothing to wear. Oribital Outfitters, in a contract with XCore Aeorospace, announced that the two companies will soon be finalizing a spacesuit design and other safety equipment.

Rick Tumlinson, OO’s president says, “Billions of dollars are flowing into all kinds of new commercial spaceships, which will carry all kinds of people into space.” He added that he his company will “help make this happen, make it happen in style, and make it happen at a profit.”

We expect to see these new designs in the next few weeks and are counting on something that will not resemble the pajamas that Kirk and Spock wore.

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Tom Bihn ID ReviewTom Bihn recently released an update to their mid-sized messenger bag, the ID. The updated ID has several notable improvements and makes for a great everyday bag for anyone with lots of stuff to cart around. Gear Live took it for a spin and compares it to the Imago which we recently reviewed. Click through for the full review.

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SCOTTeVEST Holiday CouponAlright guys, our favorite tech clothing line has hooked us up with another holiday coupon code for your money-spending ways. If you are looking for something unique, head on over to SCOTTeVEST and pick up any of their Technology Enabled Clothing. If you fill your shopping cart with $150 or more in gear, feel free to use coupon code GEARLIVE to save 20% on your order. Even better, if you want a bonus, order by December 7, and shipping is free on your order as well. Can’t beat that. Of course, if you find out about this after the 7th, take solace in the face that the coupon code itself is good through the end of the year.

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Fantastic 4 PCThe Fantastic 4 is not just a quartet of superheroes. This wearable PC, which debuted at Korea’s Next Generation Computing Show 2006 this past weekend, may look cool but its application is a bit strange. You wear it like sunglasses and when you want to record something you simply draw it in the air. The PC detects the movement of your fingertip, makes it appear on the HMD, and is stored through a wireless receiver module to a CPU. We think we will just stick to our Ray Bans and laptop.

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Tom Bihn ImagoRecently Gear Live had the opportunity to review another model from the Seattle based bag artist and engineer - Tom Bihn. This time I was reviewing the Imago, a stylish shoulder bag designed for the on-the-go professional.

The Imago solves the problem of what to do when you have a big data-centric phone, camera, PDA (or even a small laptop), keys, cords, USB drives, and all the other bits of clutter that life necessitates and no place to put them.

Find out more about the Imago, and get detail impressions after the jump.

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Pacific Design RuckusPacific Design has introduced The Ruckus Laptop Bag Collection, an innovative line of laptop backpacks and messenger bags designed for urban, professional and student lifestyles.

The Ruckus Laptop Bag Collection merges fashion and function with its innovative, lightweight and slim design, coupled with laptop protection and multiple storage compartments to accommodate all of today’s communication and entertainment devices.  Both the Ruckus Laptop Backpack and the Ruckus Laptop Messenger Bag are up to 30 percent lighter than other similar laptop bags, super slim, constructed of water-resistant materials and loaded with thoughtful and functional organizational features. 

Features include an ergonomic shoulder strap structure, 360 degree laptop protection, dedicated media storage, an AC/cable zipper pouch, a protective iPod/MP3 pocket, a “seamless” water-resistant compartment, and a felt-lined luxury items pocket. Customers who register their Ruckus products at www.pacificdesign.com will receive a free removable cell phone/iPod pouch. Both Ruckus laptop bags come in striking color combinations including: olive/bold black /super yellow, rose white/granite gray/posey pink, bold black /slate gray/pearl gray, and coming in March 2007, slate gray/sand/tiger orange.

The Ruckus Laptop Bag Collection will be available at North American retailers including Sony Canada in November 2006 and Staples in January 2007. The Ruckus Laptop Backpack will retail for $69.95 and the Ruckus Laptop Messenger Bag will retail for $59.95.

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Lexon E8Recent studies have shown that many of today’s youths can’t tell time on a traditional clock because they rarely see one. This watch, the Lexon E8, might just help that problem, if only partly. See, you tell the time by counting the dots. You don’t even need to count to 10. The only thing you really have to remember is which column you’re looking at.

Four columns exist on this display. The first two are the hour, and the last two are the minutes. Give it a few hundred looks, and you’ll be able to tell what time it is with just a glance. You can get one of these E8s with orange, green, or just grey dots for just $137 USD.

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EgokastWhat holds up to 2GB of memory, has a 3.5” TFT LCD screen with a resolution of 320x240, plays MPEG4, WMV9 and AVI videos, weighs 5.4 ounces, and comes in stainless steel?  No, it’s not a new video player from iRiver.  Instead, it’s a belt buckle that has a video screen built-in, and displays videos and pictures of your choice.  Tacky?  Extremely.  Popular with clubgoers?  Probably so.

This travesty of good taste goes by the name Egokast, and as its name implies, it’s certainly not for the shy.  In addition to the features mentioned earlier, the Egokast will also play MP3s, has a li-polymer battery which provides up to 9 hours of music playback and up to 6 hours of video, has USB 2.0, and recharges in approximately 3 hours.  Pre-formatted video clips are available online for use with the Egokast or you can quite easily make your own.

If this strikes you as something you have to have, it can be yours for $279 USD.

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We got our hands on the new SCOTTeVEST Performance T-Shirt, the latest from the company that makes Technology Enabled Clothing. Check the video for our full review.

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Stonehenge Watch

There are those among us who just can’t get enough of Spinal Tap, particularly the Stonehenge sequence.  For those people, we present the Stonehenge watch.  Flip open the lid, erect the gnomon (that’s something you don’t read every day), orient yourself using the included compass, and let the shadows tell you the time.  Or just flip it over and look at the analog watch dial on the back.

Impress your friends, confuse your enemies!  With this watch, some glittery eyeshadow, and a custom amplifier that goes to eleven, you’re sure to be a shoe-in for the Spinal Tap tribute band now forming in your neighborhood.

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