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Insulated Cooling CapWant some relief from the scorching temps that have invaded the planet? Hammacher Schlemmer has the answer with its Insulated Cooling Cap. Featuring a patented Hydroweave system that utilizes the sun and “draws heat away from your head,” simply immerse it in water and it is said to evaporate the liquid the way that your sweat glands operate. It’s available in navy or khaki for $25.00. The funny thing is, we think we already created this concept, but we call it a cool shower without a towel.

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Mickey MemoringDisplayed at the International Gift Expo in Tokyo this week is Yujin’s Mickey Mouse USB Flash “Memoring.” This bracelet holds 356MB and is made out of silicon rubber so that is flexible enough to wear, instead of having to add it to your keychain. We’re not exactly sure what makes it properly Disney however, because even though one of them comes in the official color of Minnie’s dress, we couldn’t find even a hint of the famous mouse’s persona. Still, it makes a very functional fashion statement.

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Heart Rate MonitorNext week, the first Wearable Technologies Congress will be held in Munich. Some of the items include jackets that protect against extreme heat or cold and a solar shopping bag similar to the Solar Beach Tote we recently showed you. What really attracted our attention was the German beurer GmbH Beltless Heart Rate Monitor. Based on the impressive science known as plethysmography, a sensor measures light reflected by the bloodstream through your finger artery. We think it would be novel if we knew we were going to have a heart attack before we actually biked it up that steep hill ahead.

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iPod Mini SkirtSo we’ve featured -related apparel in the past, but mostly for men, such as belt buckles and suits. But now we’ve got a little sumthin’ sumthin’ for the ladies: a line of capris, mini skirts, jackets, shorts, boot leg pants and tanks, with a built-in pocket for your iPod or MP3 player, courtesy of Vickerey. iPod broken? The pocket lays flat while your buddy is being repaired. Prices range from $55 to $96 USD. As with our other obsessions—wacky USB-powered gadgets and unusual iPod docks—we can’t wait to see what’s next in the world of iPod apparel. Bra and panties, maybe?

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RolexRolex recently unveiled its latest entry into the politically correct timekeeping world during the recent BaselWorld 2007 in Switzerland. The Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II Regatta Chronograph features a mechanical memory with a programmable countdown with its ring command bazel, ensuring that you don’t miss the next big event. The posh timepiece is easily adaptable to changing conditions, allowing you to reset with a start/stop pusher and runs on a 4160 caliber movement with 360 componets. The Yachtmaster II is available in both yellow and white gold to match your admiral coat’s buttons.

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Darkside Watches

Tokyoflash has told Gear Live that they have two new black and blue Limited Edition watches that still take a bit of deciphering to read. The LEDs feature time, date, and day of the week and have auto-light activation possible every fifteen minutes between 6 p.m. and midnight to remind you that it is way past your bedtime. The timepieces have a stainless steel band and run on two lithium batteries. Getting your own piece of the “Dark Side” will cost you 21,900 ($180.62) and ¥15,900 ($131.13) respectively.

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Pac-Man Belt

Similar to the gold cassette belt buckle, we bring you retro attire that is guaranteed to elicit wistful, nostalgic smiles from passersby. This time it’s the Pac-Man Belt, adjustable up to 42”, made of black canvas and trimmed in blue, with Inky, Pinky, Blinky and the oddly-named Clyde running all around the belt.  But we’re wondering if all that even matters to hardcore fans of the game.  Just looking at it makes us long for the 80’s, when it was all about putting quarters on the arcade machine to guarantee “we have next”.  But the belt —and the game—is likely to find a whole new audience, thanks to the new version, with new mazes to conquer - Pac-Man Championship Edition.  Available for almost $20 USD.


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Purse OrganizerIf you’re a woman with a thing for gadgets (raising hand), your handbag can get a little, well, cluttered. Our , cell phone, PSP or DS and our beloved-but-defunct Tapwave Zodiac have all fought for space amongst all the other stuff in our bag (make-up, magazines, wallet, etc.). Help has arrived with the Purse Organizer, which, when expanded, surrounds the perimeter of your handbag, and holds your gadgetry (or whatever) in six different pockets in a variety of sizes. Changing bags? Just roll up the Purse Organizer and it’s good to go. Available for $15 USD.

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Goo Goo Onesie
So we’ve already told you about iPod My Baby, cute tees and onesies that make your infant resemble a cute, giant iPod. Awww. Now comes Goo Goo, the aptly-named onesie for /internet/tech fanatics who love the world’s most ubiquitous search engine. Very cute (we especially love the “I’m Feeling Silly” button), we just hope your bundle of joy isn’t labeled a “geek” by the ruffian infants at Mommy and Me class.

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iPod SuitIf you’re a regular Gear Live reader, you may remember our articles on -ready clothing from Tunebuckle and iWear. Now, popular British retailer Marks and Spencer is planning to introduce a wool and Lycra-blend suit with a lapel that has buttons to control your iPod, which is concealed within the suit. The tricky part is that to see what’s playing or to change playlists, you’ll have to manually disconnect the iPod. The James Bond-esque, black pinstripe suit will sell for approximately $178 USD. Want the matching pants? They’ll run you an additional $117 USD.

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