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Halo Plasma PistolNot content enough to just play hero? Jasman Toys has come to the CES with weapons

toys in hand. Their Halo 3 Covenant Plasma Pistol and Rifle feature “laser pursuit” technology. We were scared just listing the description. In full size, the weapons vibrate, make noise, recoil, and flash their lights. If they overheat, they pop their flanges. How truly embarrassing for them. Both of them come with LCD screen counter to keep track of your kills. Pre-order at HotTopic.

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iNoAlthough it has been out for awhile, this one of Sababa’s first public appearances to show off their iNo music trivia game. Compatible with all iPods except iPod shuffle and the 3rd generation nano, plop one in the interactive trivia game, and identify the tune, album, or artist. There are four wireless remotes to end the music and lock out the other players. The iNo comes with 50 action cards, so we are assuming that it just doesn’t play your tunes. That would be just wrong. The game requires 6 AA batteries (not included) at the post-holiday Target price of $35.99.

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Lennon Educational Tour Bus

Speaking of Yoko, she will be at the CES promoting the the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus. It is a not-for-profit mobile recording studio that allows kids to make some music and produce videos free of charge. There will be live events, aside from Ms. Ono, that will include the Black Eyed Peas and give-aways, so it has to be worth a peek. By the way, if you don’t make it there you can check the site which includes future appearances such as Macworld next week.


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DescriptionSo we are checking out the celeb appearances at the CES this year and we were wondering. Do true geeks watch football and want to catch an appearance by Daryl Johnston or Howie Long? Could they sit through an hour of Yoko Ono? Do they want to find out if Kevin Costner can actually sing? Do they dig that Mary J. Blige is more of a poet than an entertainer? And finally, will they respond to Peter Frampton now that he has no hair? We don’t know for sure, but their managers sure seemed to think so when they booked them.

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LtWv VmoteWe could go on all week just on the award winners, but we thought it best to let you snoop them out on your own at the CES website. We didn’t want to neglect some that we have mentioned previously on Gear Live, such as the LtWv Wrist Vmote, the waterproof Sanyo Xacti E1, and the iRobot Looj gutter cleaner. Our congrats to the companies that won as well as the CES that has grown in status from the little trade show that could into a national phenomena.

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UbicellSamsung seems to be near the top of the heap in being noticed at this year’s CES, which has given it 32 awards. Included are 20 electronic and mobile products, 4 TVs, an MP3 player, Bluetooth speakers, a PC, a home theater system, and a frig. Among the prize-winning gadgets is the Ubicell in the Best of Wireless Handsets/Accessories category. This small base station is easy installation and will work with your existing mobile phone to give you indoor service. Samsung has more bragging rights posted on their site.

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Responder ViperThe Responder is not only the smallest Viper yet, Directed Electronics claims that it is their best . Apparently the CES agrees as they awarded it with a Best Innovation Award in In-Vehicle Control. The 2-way vehicle security device offers multi-level arming, status by way of LED light, remote valet start, and power door and trunk locks. It will also keep track of event history, just in case you have neglected to take care of that menial task. Don’t you just love gadgets that do your work for you? Directed has more info on its newest addition to the Viper series.

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Powerline HD PlusNetgear’s Powerline HD Plus (HDX111) took the award for the Best of Home Networking. It will take an ordinary electrical outlet and turn it into an HD streaming connection. It features an ethernet adapter that can connect to PCs, DVRs, game systems, and Tivos for both audio and video transmission. The Powerline has Quality of Service (QoS) for video, voice, and data and Netgear claims it can transfer files 12 times faster than its previous models. Check with Netgear for price and availability in your area.

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Bowers & Wilkins’ Zeppelin captured the Best Audio Component Award at this year’s CES. Compatible with nanos, 5G iPods, as well as other MP3 players, it will hold thousands of digital stereo tracks and looks kewl as well. It features a frequency range of -6dB at 47Hz, a 22kHz amplifier, and a power output 1x 50W (bass) 2x 25W (midrange/tweeter.) Connect with inputs of 30-pin iPod or 3.5 mini-jack or TOS link and output by S-video. At a size of 7.8 x 25.2 x 8.2-inches and a weight of 16.5 lbs, the Zeppelin is available at the Apple Store for $599.95.


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QuickSeekWe thought you would like to see more of the Best of Innovations at the CES 2008. First up is the Audio Accessories category and the winner is the Kensington LiquidFM Deluxe iPod to FM Transmitter. Dubbed the QuickSeek, the device finds you the clearest station it can using ClearFM technology and displays the title and name on its RDS. It comes with 3 station presets. It also serves double duty by charging your iPod at the same time. The QuickSeek is compatible with 1st, 2nd and 3rd gen nanos, 4th and 5th gen regulars, the classic, and the touch iPod, and comes at a price of $89.99.

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