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Easy Chair MountDesigned for the couch potato set, the Easy Chair Mount is a great excuse for not needing to stop computing or gaming until you need another beer. Mount a flat panel LCD monitor to your sofa or La-Z-boy, connect the optional arm, and attach to the legs of your furniture. The arm has a 13-inch vertical range, a 22.75-inch horizontal range, rotates, and folds into 3-inches of space. We’re not exactly sure why the arm is sold separately as we don’t know anyone who has a spare lying around. The two parts are available at a price of $285.00, while the mount alone will set you back $119.00.

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IdentityPalIdentityPal is yet another terrific USB idea shoved into a flash memory stick. Get it for your dog, grandma, child, or even yourself if you are planning to climb Mt. Everest. The gadget will hold contact information including medical condition, medication, insurance, as much or as little as you want. It can also be password encrypted for security and works with any IBM PC USB port. Both water and shockproof, attach it to a key chain, neck lanyard, backpack, or pet collar for $39.95.

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Titan Supreme DuplicatorWe can’t outdo the CES description on this duplicator:

“Do you need an autoloader that can hold up to the pressures of your high volume 24/7 work environment? When your business requires the added edge in overnight continuous duplication with the highest degree of reliability and functionality, the Titan Supreme is the answer.” Vinpower then goes on to extol its virtues under the “most grueling of continuous duplication conditions.”

We all know what that means if we pay attention to the news occasionally, but we would prefer to think that it is studios or legitimate video outfits that are actually buying the product that has a 1000 disc capacity and configuration of 4, 6, or 8 drives for Blu-Ray/CD/DVD. Contact Vinpower for details.

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Ladybug Dock

Making its grand debut at the CES is the Vestalife USB Ladybug. The universal dock is compatible with any dockable iPod with its array of connectors, has a digital amp, a built-in subwoofer, and auto-shutoff. It also has an auxiliary in-jack for non-docking iPods, CD players, and other MP3 players. The cutesy gadget needs 4 AA batteries (not included) or hook it up to its power cord and let the PMP recharge begin. Count on a $110.00 price tag for either the red or silver model.

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If you have a need for speed (13.5 mph worth) or are too lazy to walk around campus or your workplace, the iShoes will get you there without making you look too dorky in the attempt. The 123 Lithium-ion battery pack needs a two hour recharge for up to 3 miles of traveling. At a size of 11.8 x 19.0 x 4-inches, they weigh under 12 lbs. and can support up to 250 lbs. The iShoes come with a throttle cable and a MSRP of $499.00 (although the site lists a price of $599.99.)


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SteamerThere can never be enough cleaning bots. So, in addition to iRobot’s roomba and scooba on the market, there is now one gadget that Hanulkid claims can do both. The bot can sweep door sills up to 1.5 cm high, and features IR, PSD, 3-way gyroscope, geomagnetic, and humidity sensors. When the Steamer has finished sucking up all that dirt, push a button and it will deep clean your carpets. The vacuum/steam cleaner needs 2AA batteries and comes with remote. Four hours of recharge time will give you 2 continuous hrs. of operation. Check with Hanulkid for price and availability.

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RoboquadWowwee wasn’t content to simply release a male and fem bot at the CES, they also showed off what they call the first robotic arthropod. The Roboquad has 72 pre-programmed functions (with dance and movement demos,) as well as being capable of 40 more. With three different modes of walking, the bot has multi-colored flashing lights and techno sound effects. He comes with an illuminated remote, goes into sleep mode after 5 minutes, and powers down after 24 hrs. of inactivity. If that alone is not enough to sell you, can change his aggression level and challenge your Pleo to a duel. Running on 4 C and 3 AAA batteries, the bot can be yours for about $150.00.

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Zero-Gravity ChairHow nice that massages are now readily available for those of us that don’t want to pay someone else to do it. Human Touch says their HT-7450 Zero-Gravity Chair has all the latest tech for backs and feet. Sit down and it will recline in the proper position so that your body will feel less strain from gravity. The chair’s Acupoint Detection System scans you for key pressure points and performs the service with an emphasis on those areas that are particularly stressed out. We like the concept, we are just thinking maybe this is one product you should try before you buy. Some of us get nauseous just thinking about reclining more that we would like. Then there is that $3,999.99 price tag.

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PortaPower Rechargeable BatteriesYou are going to need some batteries once you finish buying all those new video toys. How intelligent of PortaPower to display their wares at the CES. They feature 8 different models of high-power rechargable Li-ion battery packs. The company also promises that they have done sufficient research so they will not explode at high discharge rates. Check with PortaPower either there or online to find out more as they have several price ranges and are product specific.

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Kiss GuitaraokePeavey Electronics arrived at the CES wih their AG RiffMaster Pro “Guitaraoke” System for Playstation 2. Its name pretty much tells it all. With a speaker system included, it was designed to “improve the experience of guitar-based music videogame tournaments in bars and nightclubs.” Honest. We wouldn’t just make that stuff up. The device comes with a fully functional PA System and a gaming console sits on top. Also included are mic and two controllers. If you don’t want to be too ostentatious and stay home, a smaller system is available. Seventeen different designs are there for you to choose from with a Limited Edition price of $399.99.

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