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J Allard Xbox 360Now that Microsoft has let the official price and packages of the Xbox 360 out into the wild, everyone is talking about which to get or would you really spend $399 on new system. Well, MS Corporate VP J. Allard, held an online chat discussion on Monday to help alleviate concerns and to sell the 2 SKU idea.

Allard, who said that the chat was “super valuable” to the Xbox team, explained that the Xbox 360 launch has been optimized for three “critical audiences.” Xbox 360 has been designed for the game developer “by offering them a no compromises platform with great hardware, tools and the leading online service with live;” for the hardcore gamer “by putting together a configuration with everything you would want at a compelling price;” and for the entry level gamer “that wanted to get into next generation gaming and was excited by the media capabilities and wanted an entry level option.”

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Start filling those piggy banks, because we now know what to expect for the highly anticipated Xbox 360.  Or should we say 360’s?  There will be two bundles for sale at launch:

For $299, you get:

•Xbox 360 console
•Wired controller
•Detachable faceplate
•Xbox Live Silver membership
•Standard AV cables

For $399 you get:

•Xbox 360 console
•20GB detachable hard drive
•Wireless controller
•Wireless Xbox Live headset
•High-definition AV cables
•Ethernet cable
•Xbox 360 Media Remote Control (limited time)
•Detachable faceplate
•Xbox Live Silver membership

So it seems that the more expensive package is geared toward the hardcore gamers with the HD cables and wireless controllers.  Which one do you plan to get?

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Microsoft Licensing 3rd Party 360 Accessories With all the talk of theXbox 360 pricing and how Microsoft could possibly make profit and still sell the 360 at a decent price, some new information has come along to kind of answer that question. Back in May when Microsoft started to reveal information about the 360, they also said there would be some specific requirements for3rd party accessories. Now, they are following up this statement by instituting a new royalty policy. This policy falls into place for quality reasons as well as this will allow them to make money off of the 360. Basically,3rd party manufacturers need to officially license their products by paying a fee to Microsoft along with royalties. Microsoft is so serious about this, they are even implementing security measures into the 360 only allowing licensed products to actually work with the system.

“Microsoft has made it very clear that it’s all about profitability” with this generation of console, said IDC analyst Schelley Olhava. “Maybe this is a way they are looking to make additional revenue off of the Xbox.” But, she said, the move could also be intended as “a way to ensure quality products make it out the door,” reasoning that makers willing to pony up a share of the proceeds would be the kind of companies that make more reliable gear.

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We have some great pictures of the new Xbox Guide, previously named the dashboard on the original Xbox. So, we decided to post a nice little run down for all of you to check out so when you finally get your hands on the new Xbox you’ll already know what to do. Read more for a breakdown of all the screens and pictures of the screens.

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Xbox 360 There are tons of rumors flying around about the Xbox 360 launch right now and one analyst spoke up about what they feel Microsoft will be doing.  Anthony Gikas of Piper Jaffray, believes that Microsoft will roll out two different versions of the Xbox 360 for launch, but doesn’t try to speculate of what the differences might be.  There is the ever so strong rumor of one version will lack a hard drive, or at least come with a smaller hard drive, rather than the larger one Microsoft mentioned previously.

“Microsoft knows $299 is important,” Gikas explained. “They know that historically that’s been the launch sweet spot, but they also don’t want to take such large hardware losses this time. Of the 1 million units Microsoft is expected to have available at launch, I expect 80% of them will probably be the more expensive SKU, because that’s what early adopters are going to want.”

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Xbox 360, PS3, Revolution According to a recent poll of 1500 X-bit readers, the PS3 and Xbox 360 hold nearly equal interest in the minds of potential next-generation console owners, pulling in 23% and 20% of the votes, respectively.  Sadly, Nintendo’s Revolution only received 5% of the vote.  However, far more interesting news is that 46% of those who responded to the poll have no interest in acquiring any of the new systems.  This should come as a huge confirmation for those worried that the upcoming console wars are starting far too early.

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Xbox under 360

We’ve all seen pictures of these two consoles on their own, but better this is a nice way to give those who haven’t seen the Xbox 360 up close an idea of how large it is. TeamXbox has some pictures comparing the two consoles which they were able to obtain thanks to Gamecon. One of the best parts of this gallery is the close ups of the new controller which is said to be much more comfortable then the Controller S.

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Intec Wireless Rechargeable ControllersIntec has finally released something a lot of hardcore gamers have been asking for since the dawn of wireless controllers: rechargeable wireless controllers for Xbox, PS2, and GameCube. The chargers are powered by the game console and you can recharge them while using the controllers as wired controllers - a nice feature for those all night LAN parties. The controllers charge in 4 hours, and get 60 hours of game-play per charge. Halo 2 Deathmatch anyone?

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Xbox 360 PSP Dash

With Microsoft touting the Xbox 360 as a multimedia hub, it’s good to see them following through with their promise to integrate 3rd party video players like the Sony PSP into the Xbox 360 dashboard. Some leaked screenshots show UI for playing content stored on a PSP via the Xbox 360. Although the developer kit used to make these screenshots is presumably using the PSP as a mass storage device, the Xbox 360 would theoretically also be able to transcode media center content into a format supported by the PSP enabling you to take your shows and movies on the road with you.

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Ridge Racer 6 Live

For the first time ever, the Ridge Racer franchise will be playable online when Ridge Racer 6 hits store shelves at the launch of Xbox 360:

“Ridge Racer 6” takes the celebrated racing series online for the first time with Worldwide Online Multiplayer Battles through Xbox Live. Utilizing a Worldwide Player Matching system, players can match up against drivers from around the world in intense head-to-head drift racing match ups. Players can also upload their personal records from the game’s Time Attack mode to see how they stack up against the rest of the world in a persistent Leader Board and download ghost data to virtually race against friends or test their skills against the best in the world. To complement the online “Ridge Racer 6” community, new game content such as new cars will periodically be made available for download from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Nice to see the Xbox Live Marketplace features being talked about in advance. Through micro-transactions, gamers will be able to purchase a new car or track. Call me a pessimist, but I am just a tad leery of how these things will be priced. Any predictions?

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