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Metcafe logoHave you become addicted to YouTube? Do you strive for hits with your own entries into the world of video? Now you can actually earn some cash on Metacafe for your efforts with its Producer Rewards Program. For each rating of 3.0 and a thousand views, you receive $5.00. Get 200,000 of them, make a cool $1,000, and still retain the rights.  Metacafe claims that one of their top producers has earned over $25,000. They are joining the ranks of Revver, who offers a service that pairs your video with a targeted ad, then splits the revenue with you.

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Hey guys - so, in preparation for the holiday rush, with CES following afterwards, we have upgraded our server configuration. We are now hoping to stress-test the hell out of it to make sure all is well. This is where you guys come in.

We recently posted our video featuring the launch day of Nintendo Wii, which you can check out here. The video is linked to on Digg, and we are asking all of you to Digg it if you enjoy the video. If we make it to the front page of Digg, we can monitor what the huge traffic spike does to the servers, and can then adjust accordingly. Are you in?

If so, please head on over to Digg, and Digg this.

So, watch the video, and if you like it, Digg it. It will help us out more than you know, and have us fully prepared for CES 2007.

Thanks again everyone!

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Over at Unboxing, we just did a video showing the unboxing of a Belkin N1 networking set. The set includes the N1 802.11n-draft router along with N1 Wireless Notebook card. We were impressed with the way Belkin packaged the internals, so figured we would put the video up here as well. Enjoy - and head on over to Unboxing for more photos, videos, and the like.

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Verizon logoVerizon has announced that its Vcast service will be offering customers videos from YouTube beginning next month. The company claims that only 10% of the 20 million customers who have phones capable of supporting Vcast do so at this time, so Verizon is banking on the premise that we will pay to see cats falling off roofs and children doing stupid human tricks on our lunch hours.

Under the agreement, customers who pay a $15.00 monthly fee for Vcast can not only download videos, but can post them from their phones to YouTube by using a 5 digit code rather than an e-mail address.  Undoubtedly, Verizon is considering the possibility that this move will translate into more ca-ching in their cash box.

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muveeMix logoMuveeMix is a new site that makes it possible to upload your MP3s and videos, then connect the two without doing any of your own editing. The service automatically cuts picture or video highlights to the beat of the music, and even adds other themed artistic elements. You simply register at the site, upload your info, then combine your tacky home movies from your last vacation with a song such as “Mad World.” Display it in their gallery or export to myspace or other sites of your choosing. They will keep up to 10 muvees active for one year.

Upgrade to a Bumper account for $60.00 a year and get 5 extra styles (for a total of 10.) Just don’t be disappointed if no one shows up for the premiere.

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When Microsoft first let us know what Project Longhorn was all about, it truly did look like it would revolutionize the way we use PCs. Check out the video above which shows the evolution of Windows, and how Vista was supposed to launch in October of 2003 with an amazing new UI. Makes you realize all the things Microsoft truly had to eliminate from the Vista operating system in order to ship it - albeit over three years late.

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