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We have video. LOTS of video. We’re talking over 80 (seriously, 80) segments, waiting in the wings. Jesse and I spent all day touring the show floor, and we have some really great, very fun and sometimes hilarious segments (that aren’t all gadget interviews), so be on the lookout for those—we hope to have them posted later tomorrow. Meanwhile, Sparky and Nate were double-teaming the Microsoft booth and a few others, and will be posting their fantastic content tomorrow as well. Our transcoder hiccuped last night, but we’ve fixed it, re-encoded the problem videos, and so new video should be much quicker forthcoming.

What’s coming soon?

Here’s a quick list:
One-on-one with Microsoft, one-on-one with Intel, iriver, Nokia, Bloghaus, more from the floor of Showstoppers, random bus interviews, stuff from the Blog Business Summit Party, a guy in a giant germ suit, dozens of random people walking the floor, and me—extremely tired, but happy that I’m about to get some good room service.

All by way of saying that the storm is a’coming, and you’re going to like it. We’re looking to deliver more video segments than most anyone else on here. And hopefully more variety than you’re used to us. Go ahead and hold us to it.

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We were able to stop by Shure’s booth at CES Unveiled, where Chris Lyons gave us a look at their newly announced line of in-ear headphones. Focusing on sound isolation, the four new models aim to heighten your listening experience through keeping outside noises away, letting you hear all the details of the music. We have the details of each product after the jump, along with the interview in the video above.

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Gallery: CES 2007 Video: Shure Gives Us A Look At Their New SE210, SE310, SE420, and SE530 Earbuds