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YouTube’s user ‘heavyarms 117’ took the Doc Adams’ altered lyrics of The Fray’s “How to Save a Life” and combined them with images and old quotes from Phil Harrison, a Blu-ray nudge, and even a reference to the Kill Zone games to come up with “How to Kill a Brand.” Kudos goes to the Internet genius that went into the making of this video that proves once again that sometimes the real talent in the world can be found when you are just hanging out and creating on the net.


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So, my boy Jake Ludington dropped me an email this morning telling me that if I had been home this weekend and answered my phone, I would have been able to take part in this experiment that he was a part of where a group of people got together down in Mountain View, CA, and got their Xbox Live gaming on in a moving vehicle. Of course, Mountain View is the place where Google has blanketed the city in free WiFi, which is how this was all possible in the first place. In order to get it done, they used a Windows XP computer to connect to WiFi, and had the Xbox 360 pick up the shared Internet connection, thus allowing it to jump online for some Rainbow Six and Uno action. Check the video above for the proof.

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