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While we are not sure if the Cheddar Pegasus can change the world, we admire the ingenuity on behalf of its creator, I-Wei Huang, aka Crabfu. The animator/character designer for steam-powered video game characters decided it was time to bring his ideas to fruition. His latest creation, the Steam Beetle, is run by wireless remote as it puffs around your yard, and whistles while it


plays. I-Wei’s creations, which include the Steam Crab, the LocoCentipede, and the Trilobite Tank, are not for sale, but he freely shares his concepts so that you can build your own.

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Tubey trophyYouTube just cannot stay out of our headlines today. We just discovered that it will be presenting awards for the top user-generated videos of 2006. Users of the service can vote for their favorite clips under the categories of “most creative, most inspirational, best series, best comedy, musician of the year, best commentary and ‘most adorable video ever.’”

“We wanted to call out some of the most popular videos and let the users choose which ones deserve some additional recognition,” said Jamie Byrne, head of product marketing.
Get your videography skills and your cat that flushes the toilet together, and you just might be a winner of the first annual Tubey award. The winners will be announced March 25th and will receive a trophy and a “prominent spot” on their site.

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InterRobot has developed a bot that dispenses tissues. Really. Designed for hospitals or elite social gatherings, Mospeng-kun detects a human, greets it cheerily, and offers her/him a pack of Kleenex. If the gift is taken, the bot merrily thanks the recipient, reaches into a cartridge, and pulls out another pack for the next human, all the while keeping track of whomever he meets. Mospeng-kun is available for rent for your next shindig for 100,000 yen ($835.00) for 5 days. The tissue idea may be clever, but we would prefer our robot handing out weenie wraps and tequila shooters.


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It seems that YouTube is breaking into politics. Someone has creatively combined the “1984” Mac launch commercial with images of Hillary in this slickly produced video. Although the camp of Obama is not taking credit for it, it may nonetheless start a political war that will be decided on the Internet. Just as Nixon’s looking dreadful on television in the debate against Kennedy may have cost him the election in 1960, it may turn out that the one with the cleverest YouTube campaign may be our next President.


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A friend of ours sent us this video, taking a look at the history of storing media, starting from the old-school film strip. You know…those huge reels you used to watch Martin Luther King, Jr. videos on in elementary school back in the day? While the video is simple, we figure it’s an intresting look at the evolution of storing media. Check it out for a look how to create your 21st Century Shoebox.

[Thanks, Doug!]

Here's how to get the show:
|Download| - iPod-formatted H.264
|Download| - Apple TV High Resolution
|Download| - MPEG-4

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Listen up, all you Gear Livers. Last week we told you about the robber with his own MySpace entry, in an effort to apprehend him somewhere between Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. Sgt. Jarrad Copeland has told Gear Live that he has also posted on YouTube. Take a good look and if you think you have seen the alleged perpetrator, become a superhero and turn in the guy. We’d rather not meet him at our local convenience store and assume you probably would feel the same way.


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YouTube logo In the continuing struggle with YouTube, Viacom, which is owned by Google, has taken YouTube to court for the astounding sum of $1 billion. Viacom claims that the site has shown 160,000 of its videos without express permission.

“Their business model, which is based on building traffic and selling advertising off of unlicensed content, is clearly illegal and is in obvious conflict with copyright laws,” Viacom said.
We’re thinking that this may be the first in a long series of lawsuits to get YouTube to respect the legal rights of copywritten material. The list will probably include such companies as GE and NBC. News Corp and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban have already begun legal proceedings against the media giant.

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Prom QueenMichael Eisner, former CEO of Disney, has announced the formation of Vuguru, a studio that will develop what they claim will be a “slickly written, produced, and acted Web video about love, gossip and betrayal.” In other words, his investment company, The Tornate, will be producing a professionally made YouTube soap opera.

Eisner feels that although YouTube has won the first battle in Internet TV, real media moguls will ultimately win the broadband war. His first show will be “Prom Queen,” a who-done-it with daily 90-second installments beginning April 2. You will find all 80 episodes on Vuguru.com, Ellegirl.com (a “Prom Queen” sponsor,) Veoh, and of course, YouTube.

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