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Not merely content to sit by while the highly awaited “Spiderman 3” movie is released May 4, Activision is also planning to release its video game at the same time. The plot is basically the same, as our web-fingered hero has to deal with the Sandman as well as his own dark side. Sales of the first two Spidey games pulled in about $300 million for the company, according to game research company NCD. This one is available for almost every game system out there, so contact Activision if you want to stay in the loop.


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Dave Spencer is such a good dad that he decided to create a super volcano cake for his son’s fifth birtday. Spencer said that he wanted the cake to produce smoke, erupt with “lava,” vibrate, and make volcanic noises. Four months later, having combined items such as a chocolate fountain, an iPod nano, and some speakers, with about $200 worth of supplies that included 7 cake mixes, 11 cans of frosting, cocoa powder, and frozen strawberries, this is the finished product. We’re sure that Dave would be glad to share his design with you and might even be convinced to rent you his contraption, as long as you don’t offer him dessert with the deal.


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We know how you feel, Peter. There are few of us that cannot sympathize with the CEO of the company VocaLabs when it comes to getting rotten customer service over the phone. He became so frustrated during one recent attempt that he recorded it and decided to create a video out of the experience. We are talking about over 4 actual minutes of angst.

Interestingly enough, VocaLabs is in the business of creating better customer service. Let’s hope that HP, and other large corporations like it, hangs around YouTube long enough to learn their lesson and make our futile attempts in the future a bit more positive.


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Hiroshi Ishiguro has a twin, in an odd kind of way. Meet Geminoid, the scientist’s own Frankenstein’s monster created in his own image. In his research at the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory at Osaka University, Hiroshi replicated his own posture and lip movements in the clever bot, then covered him with silicone skin. He even has the capability to add little twitches to make him seem a little more lifelike. We are trying to consider the possibilities of what this application could mean if used in public office to protect some of our higher ups, but then we think that probably just one of those is sufficient.


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In order to promote the launch of their new video game “Burnout Dominator,” Electronic Arts has teamed up with AOL to offer an online poll asking what music gives people road rage. At present, over 1,700 voters have responded with tracks such as Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run,” Meatloaf’s “Bat out of Hell,” and Feeder’s “Buck Rogers.” The game is available for PS2 and PSP for $39.99. We don’t know why the Hoff’s “Jump In My Car” didn’t make the top ten because, quite frankly, that pushes us over the edge.


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It seems that televised “Meet the Candidates” programs are getting a jump start on YouTube, which will be airing videos posted by the candidates on their News and Politics site. Others can watch the vlogs and add their own video opinions and comments.

“Interactivity is what really fuels the engine on YouTube and candidates and users were striving for ways to communicate with each other,” said Steve Grove, head of news and politics.

The idea comes from the site’s “You Choose ‘08” initiative that began in Febuary to allow the candidates to strut their stuff. First up is Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who yesterday responded to the issue “What do you believe is America’s single greatest challenge and what would you do to address it?” It seems to us that the candidate, in a typically political move, managed to turn the tables by responding to the question with another question.


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