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MADtv has done it again. If you were busy watching the last rerun of SNL with Drew Barrymore, then you missed Michael MacDonald’s clever impersonation of Steve Jobs and his latest creation, the iRack. More amusing (if that is possible) than their last outing, this skit takes a clever stab at American politics. Even funnier than this clip was the outtake shown over the closing credits that cracked up both the audience and the cast. We don’t want to spoil the great iEnding, so iEnjoy the performance now and try to catch that bit when the iEpisode repeats.


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Robotic Beer Launching Refrigerator

With a spark of creativity, or maybe just out of plain laziness, couch potato John Cornwell has managed to invent a gadget that can aim and toss him a beer from his automated, remote controlled, mini-fridge. Directed by keyless entry, and with a capacity to hold 10 brews and 14 more in reserve, he can keep a case of the brew and not have to get up between football quarters. We’re hoping that John can also create a device that can toss us another can of Pringles.

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