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For those of you who may have upgraded the hard drive in your laptop, or maybe just happen to have a spare 2.5” drive laying around, this is a great gadget to make good use of that drive.  Radtech’s Impact HD Enclosure offers maximum protection for your data by incorprating 64bit encryption via the use of a physical layer of security.  The drive enclosure offers a unique 64 bit encrpytion hardware key, which plugs in via a FW400 type of port.  The key works in real-time, so encrytion doesn’t affect performance.  The drive offers USB 2.0 and FireWire 800, although we personally would have like to see the FireWire 400 port which is more popular and found on most devices.  FireWire 800 just doesn’t seem to have caught on as well, which is evidenced by Apple’s recent launch of the MacBook Pro, which dropped the FireWire 800 port.

The Enova X-Wall engine provides real-time, hardware-based encryption and decryption. X-Wall shuttles encrypted data as fast as a standard enclosure.
Unlike easily circumvented and platform dependent software-based encryption, Impact enclosures strong encrypt (DES) every bit and byte on the hard drive. The included Secure Token is a physical key which must be present to read from, or write to the drive. Without the secure key, the drive and its data are rendered useless and unreadable - 2 keys are included with each enclosure.

The enclosure is made from a lightweight heat-dissipating 1mm thick extruded 6075 Aluminum alloy, and offers a decent amount of shock protection making this a pretty rugged drive with some corporate strength security to boot.  James Bond would be proud.  All the details can be found over on Jason O’grady’s PowerPage.

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If you’re a fan of Skype, then you might be interested in the MPLAT Flashphone F2K.  With a size similar to that of a USB memory stick, the F2K includes a built-in soundcard and flash memory in sizes from 128MB up to 512MB.  Operation couldn’t be easier as you simply plug it into an available USB port, plug in the headphones and launch Skype.  All necessary software remains on the Flashphone, and no traces of activity are left behind on the host computer which makes it ideal for the paranoid among us.  Obviously this isn’t the most ideal method for making a call as it requires access to a computer, but if you don’t have the monetary resources for a PDA, or are just a diehard Skype user, the F2K may just do the trick.  Be sure and read the review though as upgrading the software on the F2K may be akin to rubbing your tummy and patting your head at the same time - not impossible, just difficult.

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Plantronics DSP400Holy smokes, Amazon has lost their minds.  Amazon is currently selling the Plantronics DSP-400 headset for $40.94 with free shipping!  I personally own this headset and I can vouch for the fact that it is absolutely kick-ass.  If you use Skype or any VoIP service, or maybe do a little podcasting, this headset is definitely a must-have, and at these prices, it’s insane not to go grab one.  I remember this headset costing upwards $120+ not even a year ago.  Grab ‘em while they’re hot!

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walletex driveAs if most people don’t have enough things crammed into their wallets, Wallatex has developed a flash drive that is the size and thickness (pretty close anyway) of a credit card.  The Wallet Flash as it is so aptly named, can be had in a myriad of capacities from 64MB all the way up to 2GB.  With ample “real estate” for company branding, the Wallet Flash can easily be used for promotional purposes, and the optional magnetic stripe lends the possibility of a multi-purpose card.  Walletex has designed durability into the flash drive as it is waterproof, temperature tolerant, and made of “double laminated unbreakable plastic”.  Unbreakable sounds good on paper, but that little USB connector sticking off of the drive is just begging to be snapped off.

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USB Sticks that are Sticks

These USB sticks takes the “stick” part quite literally.  Available in flavors of 128MB to 1GB, this is one of the most interesting designs in electronics we’ve seen in a while.  You can get a quote on one of these on the OOMS Product Page.  While you’re there, check out their wireframe chairs.

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Nintendo USB Mouse

Calling all retro gaming geeks - now’s your chance to show your roots at the next LAN party while developing a severe case of carpal tunnel syndrome. These computer mice do look cool, we must say. Pretending that your click-fingers are really Mario’s feet stomping the head of the Goomba has gotta be good times. Of course, a Mario version - also lacking anti-aliasing - is available as well. You can grab one for $14.95 USD.

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MyFlix Game Boy Advanced DVD PlayerMyFlix was showcasing their Game Boy Advanced DVD player, a device that allows you to plug in a GBA SP through its cartridge slot and play back full DVDs. The quality of the screen was definitely watchable, and they assure me that they’ll be slimming down the actual unit, which itself was just a tad bulky. It will retail for close to $70 and be available in normal retail markets and online in July. Battery life was the one element that I had a few misgivings about—3-4 hours for four AAs. (They suggested rechargeables, natch.) The unit does have an AC adapter and they’re looking to integrate speakers. It also has a standard minijack headphone jack.

In addition to the MyFlix, they were also demoing the MyFrame, an affordable, USB-based digital picture frame. Essentially a tiny, USB-based display, the unit pulls pictures and power from your nearby computer. Adding pictures is as simple as dragging them to their software, and you can control the slideshow details. The unit will retail for about $70 as well, and the way they can get the cost down is by using a smaller, limited viewing angle LCD. It’s about 3.5”, and the easel it rests on is adjustable so you can set it for your normal sitting position at your desk. It’s actually a pretty neat solution for office pictures, and affordable enough to make sense to buy for mom.

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Antec Fanpal

There are so many unique USB devices out there, that it seems many have lost focus of what the USB slot is meant for. Today, we tried out a device that is marginally unique, but seems old-school due only to the fact that so many other USB devices are just too zany. We just received this interesting USB device from Antec which they are calling the FANPAL. You see, it’s cool because it’s spelled with all CAPS. Nonetheless, we just hooked it up and have a few short impressions of the device, which you can check out after the jump.

Oh, by the way, we are giving one of these away. Go win it.

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