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LG Chocolate CableBoxWave has released the Cellphone Data Cable for the LG VX8500 Chocolate. BoxWave’s Cellphone Data Cable is 4 feet in length and combines data transfer and charge capabilities into a single durable, low-cost cable for your LG VX8500 Chocolate. The cable also enables you to transfer, edit, and backup your phone numbers, ring tones, schedules, images, and other data to and from your computer,  and includes software utilities that provide you with a wide range of management tools. You can pick one up for $19.95 USD.

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Pexagon Store-It Pen DrivePexagon Technology’s 2.0 USB Store-It Pen Drive can make any pocket protector proud with its ergonomic design and rubberized grip. Available in black or silver, the thumb drive is available in 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB.  The pen features an integrated flash drive and LED indicator light and actually writes. Pre-wrapped in a gift box, it’s priced from $19.99 to $89.99 and is available online. We’re just wondering what happens when we have an inevitable pen leakage.

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SpaceMouse PlusFor all you 3D designers out there, if you want to get your game face on, check out the SpaceMouse Plus. This mouse features a total of 11 programmable buttons that allow you to map specific functions to each, saving you that precious design time. Oh, and it also looks pretty space age. Always a plus with these things. The SpaceMouse Plus is available from 3D Connexion for a cool $500 USD. They say that it works with over 100 programs, and support Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Linux operating systems. Yes - that’s right. A product focused on design that shows no OS X love. Oh well.

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Darth mimobotIf you just can’t get past Star Wars, here is one more gadget to go along with your laser sword collection. Compatible with Windows or Mac, the mimoco mimobot works as a regular USB 2.0 flash drive and contains removable pre-programmed content such as Star Wars trailers, soundbytes, avatars, and wallpaper. Darth Vader is one of a collection of four, although he and Chewy are the only ones who have been revealed thus far. Preorder before the invasion in January at a price of $79.95 for 1 GB, $119.95 for 2 GB, or $169.95 for 4 GB, and may the force continue to be with you.

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The Terratec PhonePreAmp iVinyl is a remarkable gadget that allows you to save all your ancient LPs, 45s, or cassette recordings to PC or Mac with only a USB interface. The iVinyl comes with an input for your MM (moving magnet) cartridge turntable and a port for tape decks or other audio sources to create CD quality audio. You just click your mouse and your music is saved without the use of a sound card. The iVinyl features adjustable sound levels, a 24-bit/96-kHz sample rate, shielded housing to screen out interference, and a signal-to-noise ratio of 86 dB. Priced at £99.99 (~$186), you can pre-order at Terratec. We’re still gonna save our Abbey Road LP, scratches and all.


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energitogoOur favorite bunny’s parents, Energizer, has just introduced Energi To Go, a battery pack that can plug into most cell phones. With this new product you can recharge your phone’s battery almost instantaneously (except for some PDA and smart-phones,) even if your phone is completely powerless. The ETG comes with an adapter and a pair of Energizer e2 Lithium batteries. At an MSRP of $19.99, it’s available at your favorite department, grocery, or drug store.

Energizer claims that it is compatible with 80% of cell phones now on the market, including Nokia, Samsung, Sprint, and Motorola, as well as mini USB devices developed after 2003 such as BlackBerry, SLVR, and RAZR. Now, if that bunny could just learn to catch a cell phone before it hits the ground.

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kenwood car radio

Kenwood has released 6 new car radios that allow connections to your USB hard drive or MP3 player. The radio then detects and replays digital audio files that are stored in WMA, ACC, or MP3 formats. Four of these 1-Din models, KDC-W534UA, KDC-W5534U, KDC-W6534U, and KDC-W7534U, connect through the rear while the other two, DPX501U and DPX701U, have their connections in front. There is even a supplied USB cord and an optional iPod adapter. So far there is no word on product availability or price. In the meantime, we’re going to work on getting our PC’s into the passenger seat.

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DangerMouse BLK

MacMice has announced their newest Danger Mouse BLK for preorder and will begin shipping the stylish unit on September 14th, but only in the United States. The USB mouse features a black matte finish to match with Apple’s black MacBook model. Compatible with both Mac OS X and Windows XP equipped systems, the mouse has two buttons and a nondescript scroll wheel. The mouse also uses a 1600dpi resolution laser mechanism for precision and features “MicroScroll™”, the company’s response to Apple’s MightyMouse scroll ball. The company claims that their “scrollwheel delivers the precision of an ultra-small scrolling device, but without the frustrations of a tiny trackball.” It retails for $29.99.

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Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel

Microsoft has announced pricing details for some snazzy new peripherals coming available later this year.

Enjoy your Xbox Live experience even more with the new, more convenient Wireless Headset and Xbox Live Vision Camera. The headset comes in at $59.99 while the camera comes in two package choices priced at $39.99 and $79.99.  Both packages come with the camera, full versions of UNO and TotemBall as well as a free Xbox Live Gold membership, but the 80 dollar “Video Chat Gold Kit” version comes with a full year Xbox Live Gold membership, versus just one month in the basic package. Additionally the more expensive version comes with 200 Microsoft Points, a standard headset and a full version of Robotron.

Also coming at $19.99 is the Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows which allows you to use your wireless Xbox 360 peripherals with your PC.  All you need is a free USB port.

And finally, just in time for Forza Motorsport 2 releasing this holiday season, comes the Wireless Racing Wheel with force feedback.  The wheel will retail at $149.99 and come with a special edition of Project Gotham Racing 3.

Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows
Wireless Headset
Vision Camera

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Kingston DataTraveler MiniFunHow tiny can a USB drive get? Kingston Technology seems to be heading in a much smaller direction with their latest DataTraveler USB flash drive called the Mini Fun.

The DataTraveler MiniFun, according to its maker, is approximately the width and length of two U.S. first class postage stamps laid end to end. The Mini Fun is available in a variety of colors and in capacities up to 1 GB and prices upwards of $33. The USB 2.0 compliant drives come preloaded with Big Fish Games’ Atlantis and Magic Vines gaming software.

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