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DescriptionHas after-market GPS device glare got you down? I’ve definitely found it to be annoying in the past myself. This may solve the glare problem for some: GlareStomper Visors.

Originally designed for Tomtom Go GPS units, the Corona, California based company which makes the GlareStompers announced they’ve expanded the product line up to encompass GPS devices from Garmin, Magellan, Navman and Sony. This is in addition to now covering every Tomtom device on the market.

The GlareStomper Visors, which are flexible, reportedly block out ambient light which can wash out GPS displays. Sunlight is prevented from striking both the tops and sides of the unit. They are made of black Cordura nylon and priced at under $20 each.

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When you drive, regardless of how patient and understanding you are, there are times when other drivers annoy the heck out of you.  Stopping short of suggestive hand motions and screaming out an open window, there’s not a lot you can do to express your displeasure with their driving habits . . . until now.  The Driv-emocion is a remote-controlled display that attaches to an available window via suction cups.  Battery powered, the Driv-emocion can display your choice of four different messages - a smiley, a frown, “back off”, and “thanks”.

My driving habits make the Driv-emocion rather useless for my own use as it’s a bit too limited in its, ummm, “vocabulary”.  For the rest of you, the Driv-emocion can be had for approximately $16 USD.

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Gear TickSo you’ve come to the point where you recognize you have a dillema.  You went with a smaller car for the fuel savings benefit, but have come to realize that it really doesn’t hold very much in the way of cargo.  In fact, by the time your and your golfing buddy cram into it, your clubs are more of an afterthought.  About your only option, short of getting a bigger vehicle, is some kind of external storage container.  Sadly, most cargo carriers look like throwbacks to the Styrofoam hamburger boxes from fast food joints of yesteryear, but not the Gear Tick. 

The Gear Tick is brought to you by the crew over at Coil, Inc. on a mission to save you from aesthetic suicide, while simultaneously providing room for all sorts of gear.  Unlike a standard cargo carrier, the Gear Tick doesn’t require a master’s degree in engineering to attach it to your vehicle, nor does it take forever for said process.  Rather, it makes use of the roof rack you may already have, and requires less than ten seconds to attach or detach.  Yeah, you read that correctly - ten seconds.

At 51” long x 15.5” wide x 15.5” tall it’s quite roomy, but is nicely streamlined so that its additional bulk doesn’t clobber your fuel mileage.  Did we mention sturdy?  The Gear Tick is born from the same material kayaks are made of and it should withstand the rigors of daily travel with ease.

The Gear Tick can be yours for $299 from the manufacturer’s website.

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Belkin TuneDeckBelkin has just announced the TuneDeck for iPod nano. This is a solution for mounting, powering, and playing your iPod nano through your car stereo. The audio goes through a cassette adapter, and the optional mount rotates so that both driver and passenger can get in on the fun. This one launches in July 2006 in North America and will retail at $49.99 USD. Asia, Europe, and Australia need to wait just a little longer to get their hands on it, but it shouldn’t be too long.

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With summer upon us, many turn their thoughts to outdoor activities and fun in the sun.  As such, Jetskis and ATVs are quite popular, but it’s difficult to justify having one of each, not to mention the room they take up in your garage.  Well, with the advent of the Quadski you no longer have to toss and turn at night with indecision as to which recreational vehicle you should buy. 

The Quadski, from Gibbs Technologies, is an ATV and Jetski rolled into one, giving you the best of both worlds.  Don’t worry that its dual roles will hinder performance as its 140hp engine can propel it to 50mph on both land and water.  Just as speedy is the mere 5 seconds required to switch between land vehicle and watercraft modes.

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Microsoft GPS-500 Back

Microsoft released their business mapping/navigation software, MapPoint 2006, just a short time ago.  The GPS units Microsoft bundles with their products are simply rebadged Pharos devices, and previously have been iGPS-360 models.  The iGPS-360 while decent, contains the older SiRFstar IIe/LP chipset and is slower in signal acquisition and can track less satellites than the new iGPS-500’s which are SiRFstar III equipped. 

Prior to its release there had been speculation that the new iGPS-500, included in the MapPoint 2006 with GPS Locator edition, would be much smaller than the iGPS-360 units.  This would have made accessories, like the iGPS-BT Bluetooth cradle, absolutely useless with the new devices.  We’re happy to report that the new model GPS units are indeed the same size, and although they have slightly different pinouts (as shown below), all existing accessories function just fine.

iGPS Interface Differences

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Boeing 787

Since the Gear Live and Bleeding Edge crew has spent the past week in our travels to and from E3, this one seems more than appropriate. Boeing has released some shots of the interior of their new luxury aircraft, the Boeing 787. Looking at the images, this thing is a beauty - and would have been much more enjoyable than flying on our smaller jet via Alaska Airlines. The new place features nice, wide aisles, dynamic lighting, and larger overhead bins available throughout the aircraft. Even better, there will be area that are designed to make the air traveler feel more at home with their flight experience.

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German company Loremo AG has introduced a new vehicle which they claim gets 157 miles per gallon.  The new car uses state-of-the-art aerodynamics combined with a lightweight body to combat gas guzzling.  While some of the fuel efficient cars use smaller engines that deliver less power, this car doesn’t play around in the power department.  The base model uses a 2 cylinder 20 hp turbo diesel engine that reaches a top speed of 100 MPH with a 0 to 60 time of 9 seconds, and the GT model boasts a top speed of 135 MPH.  Loremo has a new technology that they call “linear cell structure” that makes the car light without sacrificing strength.  Both models meet static/dynamic requirements for crash safety.  Standard features on both models include airbags, particle filter, dashboard computer, and air conditioning.  Loremo AG plans to sell the Loremo LS for less than 11,000 euros and the GT for 15,000 euros.  With the rising costs of gas in the US we would like to see a vehicle like this available.  Unfortunately this car is still dependant on gas, and we doubt its strength in a crash, as tiny car + low weight = death.

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Visteon Dockable Entertainment

What better way to keep the kids quiet on long trips than a built-in or portable DVD player and game system?  Yes, copious amounts of duct tape works just as well (if not better), but the electronics entertainment method is less likely to get you into trouble.  Visteon introduced their Dockable Entertainment system back in January, but it’s only now becoming available.  The system consists of a DVD player with a 10.2” LCD and a slot in the lid where you can dock a Game Boy Advance for gaming on the “big” screen.  Other amenities include connections for up to three more GB Advance systems for multiplayer action, a wireless game controller, wireless headphones, remote control, and an overhead docking station.

Available next month, May 2006, for a rumored $1200.  More pictures after the jump.

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SpokePOVPOV uses LED lights on a spinning device to create an image.  There have been several devices recently that demonstrate this technology, but none as awesome as the do it yourself SpokePOV kit.  Basically, SpokePOV turns the wheels of your bike into fancy LED displays.  The kit comes with all of the parts needed including a circuit board, electronics, 60 bright LEDs (30 for each side of the wheel), and 1K of memory (enough for one static image).  The memory can be upgraded to 4K for use in an animated display.  The documentation appears to be quite good and even a beginner should be able to complete this project.  The kit retails for $37.50 here.

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