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Ford Focus

The Ford Focus will be one of the cars being issued this fall that will feature Sync, and they are keeping it on the downlow. We couldn’t get a price, (“It will blow away the competition,”) any pictures of it in a vehicle, or even mention the name of the dude who was telling us what we weren’t supposed to know. Maybe Microsoft is saving the info for the CES. All we were told/shown was that Ford has the exclusive rights until 2008, that it will play and/or recharge your iPod via USB, interrupt your tunes if you have an incoming call, and has text message/voice recognition capability.


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Sirius key chainAndru, Sparky, Nate, Jesse, and Chris get to hang at the CES this week, and since some of us had to keep the domestic front safe, Photographer/Artist Mike Wrathell and I decided to get on the action at this year’s NAIAS (North American International Auto Show), even if North American International is a contradiction in terms. Entering the Cobo Center we found Sirius and XMR on each side of the main doorway, and all we got was this lousy key chain. That product placement was rather clever of them, considering most of the cars we saw either already have or will soon be offering optional satellite capability.

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XM mini-tunerAudiovox is another honoree at this year’s CES with its XM Mini-Tuner CNP2000. Claiming to be the only portable cartridge tuner in the satellite radio world, it can be moved back and forth from your home theatre system, office, DVD player, car, or even clock radio. Insert the tuner into a dock station or directly into a portable “mini-tuner” product. Contact Audiovox for price and availability if you want to Howard ex-Sternalize your life.

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PCGamerBike mini

Looking for a way to lose a few of those holiday pounds? We tried one of these bikes years ago when they were still new and gawky. The 3D Innovations PCGamerBike Mini looks barely large enough to hold an adult, but there must have been much improvement since it has won a CES 2007 Innovations D & E Award.

Plug it into a USB port on your game system or PC and utilize the pedals to move forward or backwards while you become a car, bike, boat, or anything else that moves. The bike can be configured to any button on its optional keyboard or 3 primary mouse buttons on its controller, and can be customized to your atheletic ability. It comes with $94 worth of free Island Worlds software to play with and you can download more subscription games, such as World of Warcraft. You can even create your own program.

Once you tire of the fun and games, you can also make use of the bike as an exercycle. It keeps track of calories burned, distance, speed, and will keep a daily graph. The mini-bike is available now at 3d Innovations for $179.99.


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Visteon RechargerPrimarily known for providing various products to car manufacturers, Visteon has now ventured into the realm of car accessories. The in-vehicle wireless gadget sits in your cupholder, plugs into your car lighter socket, and can charge MP3 players, PDAs, cell phones, and digital cameras. It also contains an AI that can determine if the object to be charged is in close proximity and if it can be charged.

The device will be officially featured at next week’s CES 2007 where it has already received Design and Engineering honors. With the recent glut of cupholder products, we may get a bigger car just for all the new accessories.


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GPS Shoes

GPS takes a new turn with these shoes invented by Sayo Isaac Daniel. Referred to as Quantum Satellite Technology, Daniel explains that you can forget your watch or cell phone, but not your shoes. He first got involved with the idea when his own 8 year-old son was missing from school. Fortunately, his son was found and so was a new idea from an entrepreneurial father who was already involved in footwear.

The technology consists of a 2 x 3-inch computer inserted in the shoe which is weather-proof, shock-proof, and can survive up to 300 lbs. of human. It even has a panic button in case of an emergency. The shoes will be available next month in a limited quantity online for $325-$350 and accessible to the general public by March.


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Focus '07Ford, in cooperation with Microsoft, will be releasing its Sync, an in-car infotainment and navigational system, at next week’s NAIAS in Detroit and the upcoming CES in Las Vegas. The Bluetooth gadget allows you to download and play music, talk by cell phone, read e-mail, and can direct you to the least expensive and nearest gas station in your area with 3D maps. Sync will make its debut in Ford’s Focus and Five Hundred sedans this year, and will become available to all Fords by 2008. Gear Live will endeavor to keep you in touch with its coming out parties.

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Circuit Board Luggage TagsHow do you identify your luggage this holiday season when everyone’s bag looks as nondescript as yours? These tags positively scream geek while you are watching the masses of check-out at the airport and wondering if your suitcases did in fact arrive with you. At sizes of 4 1/2-inches, these Circuit Board Luggage Tags are crafted out of recycled PCBs so your tag design will be unique. They are available at Cyberguys in packages of 3 for $12.97 and include a blank address card.

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Sega Dream Robot PonyAfter catching this bot in action on both Letterman and Leno, we just had to share this answer to your “I want a pony for Christmas” plea. The Sega battery-powered Dream Robot Pony has sensors that allow it interaction with its environment. Pet it and it shakes its head and tail, it whinnies when the room darkens, and eats its plastic carrot in a bot kind of way. Unfortunately, the 1.2 m tall pony will not take you for a ride, but will hold any kid weighing less than 80 lbs. The pony carries a MSRP of 68,000 Yen (~US $575.00). If you missed the show, you can watch it perform with Dave for yourself.

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Spock and KirkYou have booked your space flight for $200,000 with Virgin Galactic, the company that is building privately-owned spaceships to go “where no one has gone before” beginning in the year 2010, and you have nothing to wear. Oribital Outfitters, in a contract with XCore Aeorospace, announced that the two companies will soon be finalizing a spacesuit design and other safety equipment.

Rick Tumlinson, OO’s president says, “Billions of dollars are flowing into all kinds of new commercial spaceships, which will carry all kinds of people into space.” He added that he his company will “help make this happen, make it happen in style, and make it happen at a profit.”

We expect to see these new designs in the next few weeks and are counting on something that will not resemble the pajamas that Kirk and Spock wore.

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