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Focus '07Ford, in cooperation with Microsoft, will be releasing its Sync, an in-car infotainment and navigational system, at next week’s NAIAS in Detroit and the upcoming CES in Las Vegas. The Bluetooth gadget allows you to download and play music, talk by cell phone, read e-mail, and can direct you to the least expensive and nearest gas station in your area with 3D maps. Sync will make its debut in Ford’s Focus and Five Hundred sedans this year, and will become available to all Fords by 2008. Gear Live will endeavor to keep you in touch with its coming out parties.

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Circuit Board Luggage TagsHow do you identify your luggage this holiday season when everyone’s bag looks as nondescript as yours? These tags positively scream geek while you are watching the masses of check-out at the airport and wondering if your suitcases did in fact arrive with you. At sizes of 4 1/2-inches, these Circuit Board Luggage Tags are crafted out of recycled PCBs so your tag design will be unique. They are available at Cyberguys in packages of 3 for $12.97 and include a blank address card.

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Sega Dream Robot PonyAfter catching this bot in action on both Letterman and Leno, we just had to share this answer to your “I want a pony for Christmas” plea. The Sega battery-powered Dream Robot Pony has sensors that allow it interaction with its environment. Pet it and it shakes its head and tail, it whinnies when the room darkens, and eats its plastic carrot in a bot kind of way. Unfortunately, the 1.2 m tall pony will not take you for a ride, but will hold any kid weighing less than 80 lbs. The pony carries a MSRP of 68,000 Yen (~US $575.00). If you missed the show, you can watch it perform with Dave for yourself.

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Spock and KirkYou have booked your space flight for $200,000 with Virgin Galactic, the company that is building privately-owned spaceships to go “where no one has gone before” beginning in the year 2010, and you have nothing to wear. Oribital Outfitters, in a contract with XCore Aeorospace, announced that the two companies will soon be finalizing a spacesuit design and other safety equipment.

Rick Tumlinson, OO’s president says, “Billions of dollars are flowing into all kinds of new commercial spaceships, which will carry all kinds of people into space.” He added that he his company will “help make this happen, make it happen in style, and make it happen at a profit.”

We expect to see these new designs in the next few weeks and are counting on something that will not resemble the pajamas that Kirk and Spock wore.

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Roadmaster speakerphoneWith all the to-do about cell phone usage while driving, Roadmaster has made available its Bluetooth speakerphone unit with a back-lit LCD screen. You can easily attach the unit to a sun visor with an E-Z mount clip. The Roadmaster features DSP echo cancellation and noise suppression, call forwarding and waiting, redial, caller ID, a built-in microphone, and a rechargeable lithium ion battery. The VRBT200V is available online for $69.99. Do without the LCD and you can pick up a $39.99 model.

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CompuStar Pro

CompuStar remotes may be a familiar name to those of you who already own a Hummer fully equipped. The up and coming P2WSS-R Pro Series SS Remote by Firstech features programmable time and temperature start at up to a 2 mile range, multi-color LCD, clock display with alarm, vibration and audible alerts, even a parking meter timer. The remote operates on 900MHz Spread Spectrum 50-Channel frequency changing technology. Already honored at the CES 2007, check with Firstech for availability and price.


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VW Beetle Barbie

Rumor has it that Tom Cruise ran out and bought a VW when the new design was released. If this is the case, then we have found him the perfect present for his child bride. This Volkswagen Barbie Beetle has to be the best Christmas gift for Katie, unless of course he owns a bright yellow one (no clashing colors for the Cruises, thank you very much.) Thirteen Barbie Beetles will be sold through exclusive VW dealers in Mexico for a price of $24,368 each.

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Evader ScooterBecause today is Thanksgiving, we wanted to find you a perfect Thanksgiving gadget to go with the holiday flow. The good folks at Turtle Island Foods would like you to save the life of a turkey and opt for a tofurky this year. Yes, we know that is not a gadget, however if you guess how many of the vegan critters will be sold before January 1, you might win this nifty Evader Electric Motor Scooter. At a value of about $2,500, we think that’s about 2500 reasons to be grateful. Here’s a hint. Turtle Island has already sold over $1 million tofurkys.

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Toshiba ScooterRemember the Segway, that silly looking mobile transporter that you needed lessons just to stay upright on? Toshiba has designed a fuel cell-powered scooter that at least looks a bit more edgy. It features LED lights that will communicate with other transporters for navigation and “anti-collision” information. Although we hear rumors that Japan has outlawed transports on its streets, we still believe the Toshiba mobile unit will make you look far less geeky even off-road.

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  Sanyo EasyStreet

Sanyo has decided to create a GPS navigator for us “little people.” Whereas most of those on the market today go for around $600-$900, The WinCE-powered EasyStreet NVM-4030 has been priced at a mere $399.99. It features a 4-inch TFT Touch Screen with over 1.4 million points of interest, voice guidance, Bluetooth calling with your cellular phone, and turn-by-turn navigation. It also allows for digital audio playback for MP3s, WMA, and WAV files.

The most notable aspect of the EasyStreet is that it utilizes portablility so that you can use it in any car or just carry it along if you are navigationally challenged. Also included are a 1 GB SC Card storing U.S. and Canadian map data, AC and DC power adapters, a car mounting kit, and USB cable. As of now, the EasyStreet can only be found at Online Access Networks Inc., where the claim is “pre-orders accepted shortly.”

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