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Gears of War

Epic Games have launched their community site for their upcoming Xbox 360 game, Gears of War. Scheduled to ship in November, 2006, the game was one of the most anticipated releases for the Xbox 360 when it was shown off last year. The site contains sections for community and news, as well as screenshots and trailers. Currently the only trailer is the same movie that was shown at X05 2005 in October, but the trailer has some good shots in it. Gamers will get to see how far the game has progressed at E3 next week, but in the mean time, there is some good stuff to peruse on the site.

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Mario DSNintendo updated the official Mario Bros. DS game site with a fairly long video highlighting some of the new power-ups in the game, including the new Mega Mushroom. Mario Bros. DS will be the first new version of the 2D Mario platformer series since the Super Nintendo, and should hopefully capture the feel of the original games and gameplay while updating the visuals to modern times. Looking at the video and the various elements, it is hard not to feel nostalgic for the original games in the series. Nintendo will be updating the site with more videos leading to the eventual release of the game on May 15. Maybe gamers will see the new DS Lite as well…

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YouTube is rapidly becoming the most popular place on the Internet to get your viral video fix, but recently somebody leaked a video shot at the recent GDC of some behind closed door footage of the PS3 in action. Video cameras were explicitly prohibited in this preview session, but thanks to someone who broke the rules, and the power of YouTube, there is now a grainy video of secret PS3 footage for everyone to see. The graininess and relatively poor angle make the video only a little less interesting. Shots of some interactive demos titled “Getaway,” “Heavenly Sword” and “Lair” feature insanely realistically rendered backgrounds, tons of objects on screen, and hyper-realistic damage on an innocent automobile. The last section features on apparently on rails tour through a futuristic city. While game play demos and rail-based touring are interesting, this is still quite a ways away from a production video game, so the anticipation for E3 is mounting…

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Battlefield MCTeamXbox.com has a video interview with Ed Thomas, lead technical artist on Battlefield 2: Modern Combat detailing the various upgrades that have been made to the Xbox 360 release. The visual comparisons in the video are very striking in the amount of changes that have been made. Some of the highlighted Xbox 360 changes listed in the video are:

  • 10x the polygon count from the Xbox version
  • 1.5 million polygons per scene
  • 15-20x the texture memory used
  • A more advanced lighting and shadow model
  • More dynamic lighting used, impacting gameplay (muzzle flashes will more accurately give away positions)
  • Overhaul of damage and effects engines
  • More AI units in game

Overall, do these changes make the Xbox 360 version worth $20 more than the Xbox version? Of course, it is hard to tell until the game is released, but the video changes and Ed Thomas’ comments certainly make it seem likely. The demo is also currently available via Xbox Live.

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DailyGame has screenshots from Crytek’s upcoming PC Shooter, Crysis, and a link to the GDC Trailer. DailyGame gives the visuals high praise, and from the screenshots, it is easy to see why. The trailer was apparently promoting ATI technology, and its probably best to not think about what kind of monster CPU/GPU combination was running this demo. Screenshots and trailers never really tell the whole story, but it is easy to get caught up in the level of detail in the environments in the game, matched with Far Cry style gameplay.

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Sometimes, people like their gaming experiences to go a bit deeper than the simple run-and-gun while shooting hookers mentality. This is why we have come to love the stuff that Will Wright puts out there. Case in point: Spore. This is one of the titles we look forward to getting our hands on most at E3. Be sure to watch the video above to see Will play through a few scenarios in a game that see you starting out as an amoeba, and traveling through an evolutionary adventure.

(Thanks Chris!)

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Rumble RosesBeing that the Xbox 360s only current wrestling game is exclusively available in Japan, we have to settle for Rumble Roses XX here in the States until THQ and Midway release their grapplers to get in on the action. Of course, Konami is alaos working on a follow-up to Rumble Roses, dubbed Rumble Roses XX. They have just released a trailer of the game, which shows off a lot of T and A, along with a bit of the games mechanics. Of course, Rumble Roses XX is a bit over-the-top as it pertains to a wrestling title.

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Gear of War

Miss Zero Hour last month? If you did, you didn’t catch the amazing Gears of War video shown at the event. Lucky for you though, the video is currently being hosted by FileFront. Get clicking if you haven’t already seen it. Also, be aware that the footage contains violence and explicit language - so don’t show the kiddies and don’t open it at work.

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Mission Impossible 3Just recently, Paramount Pictures unleashed the brand new Mission Impossible III trailer onto the Xbox Live Marketplace. The trailer is naturally available in 720p as well as 480p, just as the recently released X-Men 3 teaser trailer was. Both sequels hit theaters next May. It’s funny, the first next-gen gaming console has been released, and we’re using it substantially to download movie trailers, videogame demos, and cheap arcade games. We’re all for complete online integration though, so we’re loving it!

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Channel 9 Xbox 360 Media Center Video

One of the most overlooked features of the Xbox 360 is it’s ability to connect to your Window Media Center PC (if you own one) to access all your media library. There is no one better to show off this great feature than the people who know it best: Jeff Henshaw of the Xbox team and David Alles of the Media Center team. Check out the video over at Channel 9.

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