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Mr. T DuckieWhat in the? Okay, for those longing to be referred to as a “fool” during their bathtime experience, try this Mr. T with rubber ducky body - or is it, rubber ducky with Mr. T’s head and arms? Whatever you refer to this abomination of humanity as, do know that you can get one for a paltry $9 USD at a place called Captain Quack. I think I have seen it all.

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Sonic Grenade

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Sonic GrenadeIf you’ve ever wanted to give the local police department a somewhat legitimate excuse to shoot you in excess of 40 times and don’t have any pears handy, then the $16.00 Sonic Grenade is right up your alley. Offering three levels of volume, you simply pull the pin and toss it under the bed of your least favorite flatmate, seconds before he comes to bludgeon you to death with whatever’s handy. He’ll hate you even more once it’s realized you have to restore the pin to make it stop. In all seriousness, folks, the act of taking a pin out of a grenade-shaped-device and making a “he’s-going-to-toss-it” motion is usually considered something of a go-ahead by our nation’s fine police forces, so don’t taunt fate for a very loud, likely very bloody laugh.

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Kidz Gear HeadphonesDesigned to withstand a child’s tantrums, Kidz Gear promises not to withhold sound quality with these headphones. The headphones are also sized appropriately for little ones, and at only 19.99, I don’t see how any parent could resist getting these for their car riding, video gaming, DVD watching toddler.  Unless, of course, you like getting your $200 Sennheiser ‘phones covered in applesauce.

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Mattel VidsterVidster is a digital video camera marketed toward kids who have bigger dreams than to end up making the next Blair Witch sequel.  Incredibly easy to use, it’s ready to go right out of the box. Upon inspection, it looks cheapish and plastic, however keep in mind that it retails for $79.99 and it is intended to withstand the punishment of kids.  It comes with 32MB of onboard memory but it is expandable up to 512MB using an SD slot.  At only 15 fps, the video quality seemed disappointing and sometimes sluggish.  Forgetting that it’s intended for kids, I tried to play around with it but found it difficult to manipulate the buttons with my huge sausage fingers. The camera takes 1.3 megapixel still shots and has a 1.1-inch color LCD with 2x digital zoom. The product seems to thrive once it’s connected to a PC over its USB connection.  The editing software used is a version of autoProducer 3.5 designed specifically by muvee Technologies for Vidster.  The software is simple enough for kids to use by integrating music into their scenes, emailing their creations, or even burning them to DVD.