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X-RobotAs we have said often enough, we dig Wowwee’s roboline of creatures. China’s JaiQi has created a knockoff line of bots for those of you who perhaps cannot afford the genuine article. The Robone has 54 pre-programmed functions such as dance, pick-up, throw, perform a bit of Kung Fu, and of course burp and whistle. Running Robo, Robosaur, and Robodog are also available. The robots feature 2 program modes, an infra-red remote, and are powered by 4 D and 3 AA batteries (not included.) Contact JaiQi if you have a yen to try out their new line.

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Road Rage RacerWith so much road rage going on these days, we have found the perfect Valentine gift to remind your partner or spouse that they don’t have to utter obscenities or physically assault the driver in the car next to them. The Road Rage Racer shifts into four gears and becomes increasing hysterical in each one. Simply put him on your dashboard and let him be a comfort when you commute. The 19 x 13 x 9-inch Road Rage Racer requires 3 AA batteries (included) and is available online from our pals at Latest Buy for AU 34.95 (~US $27.61.)

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DackyYesterday we showed you Chaos, a bot that can be used in military applications, so we decided to counterbalance that with Dacky, a robotic puppy that doesn’t have to be housebroken. Tomy Takara, creators of the pooch, says it has 6 sensors and can learn up to 650 Japanese words. It also can wish you a happy birthday and sing karaoke. We don’t yet know if Dacky will be coming to the States, but if he does, we think we have finally found a singing partner that won’t care if we are off-key.

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Hello Kitty Wireless MouseNo sooner did we tell you about the Hello Kitty USB and hub, up pops Spectra’s plug-and-play HK mouse. Featuring a resolution of 800 cpi, 3 buttons, and a rubber scroll wheel, it even goes to a power saving standby when you want others to admire that you are are in touch with your feminine side. Utilizing 2 AA batteries, you can find this 27MHz wireless pinkish peripheral eventually at Best Buy for $24.99. Since the item is on back order, maybe they are waiting for final negotiations with Google, who will surely try to buy up all the kitties from Sanrio.

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We originally became smitten with Pleo back in November. We have just learned from inventor/owner/CEO Caleb Chung that because of customer feedback, they are further enhancing their charming creature. They are upgrading his speaker quality to boost audio levels and increase his sound library, putting another sensor under his chin (because everyone likes to chuckle him there,) modernizing his eyes, and adding more soft tissue so that he feels more realistic.

In honor of the occasion, which we refer to as Pleo’s rebirth, Ugobe is giving away 10 of them to fans who enter their essay contest going on now through March 3rd, “How Do You Envision Robotic Life Forms Influencing or Touching Your Life in the Next 5 Years?” Pleo and Caleb, we feel the love.


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We adore . Their innovative Robosapiens and Dragonbot keep us constantly amused and entertained. So it is no wonder that we fell in love with their London Toy Fair entrants, Spideysapien and the rather buff-looking Homersapien. Both were undoubtedly designed to come out with this summer’s release of the new “Spiderman” and “Simpsons” movies. We expect Homey to utter the inevitable “Do-oh,” but we will be curious to see if he can hand us a Duff Beer.


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