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PixelatorWe just couldn’t omit our electronic game of choice at the NY Toy Fair this week. Kid Galaxy of Pro Sudoku fame has created Pixelator, a bizarre game if we ever saw one. Players take multi-colored hexagonal cards and arrange them on a quad-fold game board. An electrobotic module reads them with its electronic eye, then moves around and spins according to color. If it gets to your opponent’s home base before yours, you win. Available soon at Kid Galaxy for $30.00, we’re thinking that this is the game to play at our next beer fest.

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Nerf Sports PackAs if playing Wii Sports wasn’t realistic enough, the folks at Performance Designed Products have taken it to the next level with the Nerf Sports Pack, introduced at the 2007 Toy Fair in New York last week. Included are foam attachments with that familiar Nerf feel that transform your “Wiimote” into a cushy tennis racket, baseball bat or golf club. Look for it this summer, retailing between $15 and $30 USD. Who says playing it safe can’t be fun?

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Hooked on Sudoku? Kid Galaxy, designer and developer of creative toys and games is featuring their handheld Pro at this week’s NY Toy Fair 2007. The gadget features over 1,000,000 puzzles, 4 different skill levels, and an adjustable screen. It also sports check, hint, and mute buttons, a timer, a step counter, and an input for downloading games. Pro Sudoku is available online for $15.00, requires 3 AAA batteries (not included,) and also comes in a $5.00 Sudoku To Go Model.


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Disney Pix Max

Leave it to Disney to make digital photography even more fun and kid-friendly. With the Disney Pix Max, a 3.0 MP camera from Digital Blue, kids can superimpose their favorite Disney character onto the picture they’re about to snap. Just press a button and voila! Mickey Mouse appears in the viewfinder and can be posed anywhere within the frame. The $80 camera contains 32 MB of internal storage, but in case your budding Ansel Adams needs more space, there’s a slot for SD and MMC memory cards. The camera requires 2 AA batteries (none of these are included). An editing package complete with Disney clip art is included.

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PeapodCalgary’s Peapod Toys believes that music should be a part of every infant and toddler’s learning process and has come up with this MP3 player that can store up to 2 hours of music or stories for over 40 hours with a single AA battery. The Peapod also features a built-in speaker, parental volume control, an AC adapter for nursery use, software for downloading and managing content from your PC, and a simple interface that they claim infants can control.

Displayed at the NY Toy Fair 2007 this week, we’re just grateful that its cover is chewable rubber just in case your baby decides to spit up all over “Baby Einstein.” Due out in May, contact Peapod’s website for price.

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Baby's First MythosZ-Man, maker of card, board, and role-playing games, has decided to contribute to the next generation of wizards and warriors with a new line called KidFun. Displayed at the NY Toy Fair 2007, upcoming titles include Dragon Parade, Gumball Rally, Arne Junior, and “Baby’s First Mythos,” a book that somehow combines the mystic with the ABCs. With the new line available next month, you can find current Z-Man games at their online store at prices ranging from $9.99 to $49.99. Lovecraft would undoubtedly be pleased that toddlers will be able to delve into his work before they even reach kindergarten.

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Irwin Action Figure

Crikey! Wild Republic is at the NY Toy Fair 2007 this week featuring none other than action figures of the late Steve Irwin and Croc. Partnered with the Australian Zoo, the line took 18 months to develop and proceeds got to its endangered species program. They feel this will help “educate children about the wonders of the wild through creative play.”
Wild Republic’s booth will display 36 different products including plush toys and playsets, and will feature Zoo members Kate and Briano Coulter, dressed in khaki, no doubt. Steve once said, “I consider myself a wildlife warrior. My mission is to save the world’s endangered species.” All we know is that although the cause is worthy, this warrior looks pretty silly in plastic.

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Ani-MovieAt this week’s NY Toy Fair 2007, JazWares is displaying its Marvel Heroes Ani-Movie movie studio. With it, you and your kids can animate artwork, drawings, pictures, and action figures into short digital films. Load a background of your choice then select comic art or toys. Using stop-motion, you capture each frame utilizing its stage platform controls. Playback and review is possible on a TV screen, and you can save your work with an optional SD card. Make it quick if you want to get one of these before the Fair makes them more expensive. Toys ‘R Us has them available now at a reduced price of only $24.98.

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USB Circus CannonNeed a pleasant diversion in your 9:00 to 5:00 cubicle? Simply plug the Circus Cannon into your USB connection, pack it with one of its “babes,” point it at its net up to 20 feet away, and let ‘er rip. The Cannon can move vertically and horizontally, includes 3 feet of cable, and even comes with downloadable sound effects. Compatible with Windows XP, the USB Cannon is available at USB.brando for $35.00. We figure this is much more amusing than trying to make our In boxes smaller than our Out boxes.

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Lego SnacksWhen you get tired of playing with your Legos, you can now eat them. Kellogg’s has created gummy bear-like Lego Fun Snacks that contain 100% of your daily allowance of Vitamin C, not to mention corn syrup, citric acid, carnauba wax, and sodium citrate. Available in cherry, grape, and “grapeberry,” the snacks come in pouches and were probably designed for the younger crowd.  If you have ever visited Legoland under the disguise of doing it for your kids however, you will probably want some, too.

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