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USB Missile LauncherThis kewl gadget will cover all those in your office that you have neglected in your gift-buying spree this holiday season. The USB Missile Launcher moves 180º horizontally and 45º vertically, is moveable with your mouse, and even makes sound effects when you launch your missiles. Windows 2000 and XP software is included as are 3 foam missiles, and it requires 3 AA batteries (not included.)

The launchers are available at one of our favorite online shopping sites, Latest Buy, and although they are not the cheapest toy you can find at AU $54.95 (US $44.51,) grab a twinpack for $80.96, give one to your boss, and maybe he/she won’t care about the extra long lunch you took last week.

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Sega Dream Robot PonyAfter catching this bot in action on both Letterman and Leno, we just had to share this answer to your “I want a pony for Christmas” plea. The Sega battery-powered Dream Robot Pony has sensors that allow it interaction with its environment. Pet it and it shakes its head and tail, it whinnies when the room darkens, and eats its plastic carrot in a bot kind of way. Unfortunately, the 1.2 m tall pony will not take you for a ride, but will hold any kid weighing less than 80 lbs. The pony carries a MSRP of 68,000 Yen (~US $575.00). If you missed the show, you can watch it perform with Dave for yourself.

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TMX Elmo

Toys ‘R Us has announced that it will be receiving 13,000+ PS3s, 6,000+ Wiis and accessories, and 65,000+ TMX Elmos for these last days of holiday shopping. They also promise more items in demand such as GameBoy Advance and Fisher Price digital cameras. Not to be found online, you will have to hotfoot it to your nearest location to see if they are keeping to their word. Rather than participate in the possibly physical conflict over trying to grab the last Elmo from another customer, we think we will just watch the demo of the hysterical red creature again and wonder what the fuss is all about.

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Virtual boyfriend/girlfriend gameIf you are unattached for the holidays this year, Aria’s Virtual Boyfriend/Girlfriend games provide you with a choice of up to 8 different dates with distinct personalities. Keep them happy by buying them gifts, complimenting them, taking them out, and even engaging in, what Aria refers to as “a night of hot passion.” The more points you amass, the better the relationship becomes. Available for £13.49 (~$27.00,) they measure 7 x 5 cm, fit on a keyring, and come with batteries. Practice enough, and perhaps next year you will be ready for a real relationship with another human.

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DragonbotWowWee, creators of the Robosapien series of toys, has released their first winged bot, the Fly Tech Dragonbot. This robot actually flaps it wings, flies around in the air in a 150 foot range, and manages to stay airborne for about 15 minutes. It recharges by settling itself on its remote control. Due to be released in the UK in early 2007, it may be too late to add the winged creature to holiday lists this year, but after viewing the demo, we plan to add it to the top of ours next year.

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Jack necklaceToyMe is a new line of jewelry that consists of classic toys turned into fashion. Creatively conceived by Italian Gabriel Urist, a 26 year-old bored bank employee, the collection features such items as Monopoly pieces redesigned, Lego bracelets (to which you can add your own Legos,) spray cap necklaces, and Space Invader rings. The jewelry is available at Triads and prices start at £61.99 (~$121.00,) but you had better hurry before all the hip DJs and rock stars beat you to the guitar jack necklaces.

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Plush TV

For those of us who just can’t afford the latest in coolness with an HDTV or Plasma for the Holidays this year, we will just have to settle for cuteness. Taiwan’s HannSpree even outdoes Hello Kitty with their uniquely designed TVs which go beyond the merely functional. Available in 8 different plush designs, each has a 10-inch LCD display, a viewing angle of up to 130º, and a SVGA resolution of 800 x 600. The TV comes with its own remote and its cover is removable for cleaning. The critters are available online for $299.99, and HannSpree is offering free shipping and a 30-day return policy should your plush TV decide to misbehave.

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  R2-D2 droid

If a nut-cracking Darth Vader is too bizarre, why not settle for R2-D2? The droid has a mood status indicator, infrared location sensors, sonar navigational technology, sound processing mics, and motorized treads. He will respond to over 40 voice commands, plays music and dances, and can even play tag. He stands 15-inches high, weighs 6 pounds, and requires 4 AA and 4 D batteries (not included) and some minor assembly.

We first found the bot at Toys ‘R Us for $99.00, but he has apparently gone back to his galaxy far, far away temporarily. Maybe The Dark Force just convinced him to make an appearance on Amazon, where you can still get one for an inflated $379.95.

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CUBOAdvanced bots aren’t just for adults these days. Unveiled at Korea’s Next Generation Computing Show 2006, IZI Robotic’s CUBO is a homebot designed for educational and entertainment purposes. When your kidlet clicks an icon in a book, the robot automatically recognizes it through its OID (Optimal Identification Device) and reads it to them. He can also monitor your home, give news and weather updates, and handles scheduling, e-mail, and wake-up calls. At dimensions of 225 x 150 x 150 mm and a weight of 1.5 kg, we just wish CUBO would get rid of that monster hiding in the closet.

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Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe

Oregon Scientific’s Special Edition Interactive SmartGlobe takes you all over the planet without leaving home. Its 9.6-inch diameter and 15.35-inch height comes with a wireless pen and 3D barcode technology. It keeps up with the latest geological information, current events, and even election results through audio file downloads. Updatable for free until 2008, the SmartGlobe is available online at WorldGlobes for $119.99 in 9 languages and 3 versions of English. Do you suppose that one of those versions is politically correct?


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