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Metal Slug 3D Screenshot
When SNK / Neo-Geo fans heard that their darling franchise Metal Slug was going 3D, the general consensus was “Nothing good can come of this”. With a game that focused on Contra-esque shoot-anything-that-moves game-play and meticulously drawn, gorgeously animated 2D sprites, a lot of fans thought the announcement of a 3rd-person Metal Slug shooter was the death knell for the series.

Well, there aren’t a ton of reviews in yet, but there’s a hint of good news for fans. Famitsu, the Japanese gaming magazine recently gave the 3D translation straight 7’s (i.e., a total score of 28 out of 40) which is quite respectable for that particular publication. So far, this is the only review of the game posted (and it’s of the Japanese version), but it’s still a glimmer of hope for everyone who couldn’t imagine Metal Slug taking on an extra dimension.

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Gears of War Screen

This coming holiday Microsoft has one big trick up their sleeve for Sony.  That trick is Gears of War, the new FPS using the Unreal 3 engine.  So far Epic has not released a large amount of info about this upcoming shooter but Planet Xbox 360 has been able to unearth more info about the game, some old, some new.  The weapons in Gears of War sound innovative and impressive.  Check out a glimpse of your in game armory,

Speaking of weapons, Epic has cooked up quite an exotic list for your destructing pleasure. During a few missions you’ll be able to use the Hammer of Dawn. This is a remote laser strike that is as easy as point and click. The next item on the list is the Torque Bow. This is a crossbow styled weapon that when shot will detonate in anything the arrow has plunged into. Are you tired of the rudimentary grenade throwing found in most games? The Bolo Grenades should answer that. These are sticky grenades on a sling that you twirl above your head until you have your perfect arc. Last but not least, the weapon that Epic says defines the Gears of War brand is the Lancer Rifle. This visceral beast is an assault rifle with a chainsaw as its bayonet. This allows you to shred through your opponents when they get too close.

The rest of the rest of the article contains information on the control scheme and more!


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