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Chromehounds BoxOn Friday, the latest downloadable content for From Software’s Chromehounds hit the Xbox Live Marketplace. For 100 points each, twelve new items were made available, including weapons. All of the new content is usable in online play and highlights some of the issues with downloadable content. The content has pretty much been criticized from all sides, and Luke Smith from 1up sums up the issues in a recent blog post. Other paid content releases have received scrutiny in the past, mainly because of the value proposition that they hold. The original offender, of course, was the almost useless horse armor for Oblivion. Some of the downloadable Ghost Recon content has also been criticized. The new content for Chromehounds will run US gamers about $12.50, which runs about 21% of the cost of the original game.

If things were just a matter of cost, however, there wouldn’t be as much of an issue. The big issue is that potentially game balance altering content is being made available for online play. So far, indications from the online forums indicate that statistically the new content isn’t more effective than existing weaponry. However, this merely highlights the bind that content providers can get into by making these kinds of add-ons available. Either the new accessories are weak and a poor value for the money, or they are stronger and will change the game balance to favor those that can afford the content.

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From Russia With Love Movie PosterWith months to go until the rest of the next-gen consoles are released, and a relatively slow summer release schedule, I’ve found myself spending more time searching around on forums like Cheap Ass Gamer and going back to look at old reviews for game-buying ideas. Especially given the fact that most of this generation’s PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube games will still be playable on the PS3, 360, and Wii, respectively, there’s no reason to not go sorting through your local game store’s bargain bins for some of the great titles you may have missed. With that in mind, we’ll be hosting a new feature here on Playfeed, currently dubbed “Bargain Bin Gaming”, where we’ll look at whether any of those $19.99 and below titles are worth your hard-earned pocket change.

Here are the two main ground-rules I’m setting for the first issue, and we’ll see how this goes:

1) I will not pay more than $19.99 for any game I review. However, this does not have to be the “standard” MSRP for the game. Well-publicized sales, like Circuit City’s past 4th of July weekend inventory blowout, are perfectly acceptable ways to get gaming deals. If I find a mint copy of Final Fantasy X-2 for $1.00 at a yard sale though, that doesn’t count - I want you, our readers, to be able to pick up a game for the same price I do!
2) For the most part, I’ll try to pick more “questionable” titles that you might not notice otherwise. Chances are if you’re reading this site, you already know by now that RE4 for $19.99 on the Gamecube is a steal. But not everyone knows that Tak 3 might actually be a really good deal for $9.00. A lot of folks know about the “diamonds in the rough”. I want to help you pick out the rubies and sapphires as well.

So with those notes in mind, click below for our first review, which I hope you’ll enjoy - James Bond in From Russia With Love by EA for PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube.

Click to continue reading Bargain Bin Gaming #1: From Russia With Love for PS2, Xbox & Gamecube

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While making violent video game about “saving souls” sort of seems like self-satire already, The Daily Show decided the upcoming Left Behind: Eternal Forces was still ripe for some ridicule. Watch the above clip, where the host makes some apt comparisons between Left Behind and Grand Theft Auto: “Damn! That guy just got saved between the eyes! You just blessed his head off!”

From the looks of it Left Behind may actually be a somewhat decent videogame, and with the gratuitous violence and action it’s sure to at least be more exciting than The Bible Game. Still, it’s going to be kind of ironic to see an M-rated video game supposedly based on religious principles sitting on store shelves. And please, for the love of God, let’s hope that no kid gets the wrong idea and thinks that he can “save” his friend by shooting them in the face.

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German FLagThe German version of the ESRB has banned Dead Rising from being released in Germany.  The game was deemed too gory based on the multitude of methods for killing and dismembering zombies.  It is hard to believe that anyone who really wants to play Dead Rising won’t find a way to get the game into their 360.  Any readers in Germany already looking at importing this title?  It drops in September.

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One of the developers working with Saints Row is answering questions about the game over in the Neoseeker forums.  He is giving out a lot of information about the in-game characters, the vehicles, game play, and the in-game environment.

Can we go Swimming?

Yes, you’ll be able to swim. Also, in case you fall in the drink and the nearest exit point to land is far away all you have to do is press a button and you’ll instantly warp to the nearest exit point.

Are police complete morons like GTA where they are happy to run down 500 peds to stop you after bumping their car?

I wouldn’t say police are morons in our game but in the interest of design and how our notoriety works when the cops come after you they can be relentless.

Will our allies have decent AI? Like not get killed a few minutes into the battle?

Allies are very useful and as long as you are fighting with them they won’t die very easily. But I also must mention that you can revive allies infinitely! Even important, mission critical ones. So no more failing a mission due to bad AI (I hate it when other games do that!)

Head over to the forums to check out even more info on Saints Row.


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Saints Row Demo Disc

Are you itching to play a Saints Row Demo?  According to a Toys R Us employee, Toys R Us and Gamestop are offering a demo disc with any Saints Row preorder.  The disc contains a demo, making of, trailer, music tracks, as well as gamer pics and themes.  The demo is set for release in the August issue of the Official Xbox Magazine and scheduled to be released on Xbox Live on August 1st.

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Tiger Woods 07 Xbox 360 ScreenshotNintendo may still be the console underdog in the next-gen race, but Electronic Arts has dropped some more good news for those folks rooting for the Wii. In a recent statement, EA announced that they will be developing 4 newly-announced titles, bringing their commitment up to 6 titles once you include the already-announced Madden and Need for Speed: Carbon. The new games are from the Harry Potter, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, SSX, and Godfather franchises. Straight from the release:

“Once we started to experiment with Madden on Wii, there was an explosion of innovation. Everyone in the studio is energized by the creative opportunity afforded by both the hardware and controller. By reaching into our catalogue, we are able to bring a fresh and distinctive experience to some of EA’s most popular franchises. Creatively, the game play possibilities are staggering and endless,” said John Schappert, Senior Vice President and General Manager, EA.

So for those worried about graphically toned-down ports of PS3 titles that use the “classic” controller, it sounds like your fears have been allayed. EA most likely will find innovative ways to use the Wiimote and nunchuk attachment to bring these games to life.

Though I’m usually none too excited about sports titles, the addition of Tiger Woods is huge - ever since the Wiimote was announced folks have been talking about how it could be used creatively for sports games like golf and tennis, and it’s great to see the first real golf game (read: not Wii Sports: Golf) that will take advantage of the control system.

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A new 5 minute game play video for Bullet Witch has surfaced on YouTube.  Bullet Witch is a forthcoming third person shooter set for a July 27 release in Japan.  It is uncertain whether or not it will see a European or American release at this time.  Bullet Witch looks very impressive and includes stunning acrobatics and highly interactive environments. 

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Mercenaries 2Mercenaries 2 developer, Pandemic, has announced that they may release an Xbox 360 version of the game.  Pandemic is currently looking for a publisher for Mercenaries 2, and Lucas Arts, publisher of the first Mercenaries game is nowhere to be found.  PR for Pandemic confirms that they are considering the Xbox 360, and should make an announcement in the next couple of months.  With all of the games possibly coming to the Xbox 360 such as Assassin’s Creed, GTA IV, and Mercenaries 2; will Sony have any worthwhile exclusives come launch day?

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Reservoir DogsWith roughly a month before its release, Eidos Interactive’s upcoming adaption of the 1992 film Reservoir Dogs has been effectively banned from The Land Down Under.

The Office of Film and Literature Classification has refused to give the game a rating, claiming the graphic violence in the game places it outside the realm of “MA15+,” the government’s most mature classification.
Since Oz stores aren’t permitted to sell unrated games, and Atari has announced it has no intention to release an edited version, it looks like Reservoir Dogs will be sitting with the likes of Manhunt, Grand Theft Auto III, and Leisure Suit Larry at the “banned Down Under” party.

In a release from the Ratings Board, the game’s depictions of gangland interrogation are cited as a principal reason for the ban, namely the “‘series of so-called signature torture moves…such as repeated pistol whipping the side of the head with blood spray evident, burning the eyes of a hostage with a cigar until they scream and die,’ and ‘cutting the fingers off a hostage with blood bursts as the victim screams in pain.’”

Curiously, the board voiced no objections to the humiliating dye-job slapped onto the Harvey Keitel model.

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