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plextorPX-B900A Just in time for the holidays, Plextor announced today that their PX-B900A Blu-Ray Disc drive will be released to distributors in North and South America this October. This new multi-function drive promises to support the next generation of optical storage data technology.

The PX-B900A can burn more than 9 hours of HD video (about 23 hours of SD) on a dual-layered 50 GB disc. Compatible with Windows software, it works with write speeds DVD-RAM, Dual Layer DVD, Double Layer DVD, DVD±R/RW, and CD-R/RW. The drive comes bundled with a rewritable 25GB BD-RE media disc and software WinDVD BD, Ulead VideoStudio 10 Plus, DVD Movie factory, BurnNow, Data-Add, and BD-DiscRecorder. Also included in this package is a 1-year full warranty and unlimited toll-free tech support.

As an early fan of Plextor, I am hoping that Santa is passing out lots of these, because at an MSRP of $999.99, it’s more than a tad over my budget.

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We know many people who are wary of discarding their old hard drives, especially after the drives have died without offering the option to reformat. We know people who have opened them up and scratched up the platters manually, and others who just have a drawer full a bunch of drives. At Gear Live’s , Pablos of the Shmoo Group asked everyone to bring their old hard drives so that we could give them a proper burial. The result? An 8,000-degree hard drive meltdown, thanks to a little thermite.

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Gear Live Podcast SurveyIMPORTANT: We are surveying the viewers of our show to see what it is that people like, and more importantly, what they don’t like. It is anonymous, and just takes a couple of minutes. If you have the time, we would appreciate it! As always, feel free to let us know what you think in the comments.

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Sony 50GB Blu-ray DiscsSony said today they’ve begun U.S. shipments of 50GB dual layer Blu-ray Disc recordable (write once) media. It is priced at around $48.

The Sony 50GB Blu-ray Discs offer a special technology on them which reportedly offers features like “scratch guard, archival reliability to prevent data/image corruption and deterioration, stable writing that reduces fluctuation as the disc spins, and temperature durability to prevent warping during severe changes in temperature and humidity.” Sony expects to ship 50GB dual layer rewritable BD media later this year.

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DescriptionSmartDisk, a maker of storage products and technologies, today has a new 2” by 2” external USB hard drive available. The SmartDisk ByteSize is priced at $119.99 for a 6GB model and $149.99 for an 8GB drive.

The ByteSize from SmartDisk is a “mass storage class” computer add-on, meaning it requires no driver installation when used with operating systems like Mac OS X, Mac OS 9, Windows XP and Windows Me. Few other details were made available, but this device looks to be a pretty standard USB hard drive computer peripheral.

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Colorful CD storageThe folks at Creative Motion know how to light up a room. Check out their latest home entertainment offerings, a pair of CD racks that will have your friends and family looking twice (or maybe shielding their eyes) at the brilliance.

The item on the left is the Glitter Rack, and the title is very descriptive: It can certainly hold up to 32 CDs, but its main claim to fame is the sparkling glitter chips floating through the space of the center glass. On the right is the one for all you DNA fans out there. It’s the Kinetic Blacklight CD Rack, and the center of this one is a spinning colorful helix lit up by a blacklight bulb in back.

Pricing varies a bit between the two racks. The Glitter Rack goes for $29.99 USD. The Kinetic Blacklight Rack holds 36 CDs, and you can get your hands on it for $39.99 USD.

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Apricorn Aegis PortableApricorn added a new external hard drive to its product line up today with the unveiling of the Aegis Portable. This 2.5” hard drive is available in 40GB, 80GB, 120GB and 160GB storage capacities.

The Aegis Portable weighs 5.5 ounces and has an integrated USB cable as well as shock mounting. Features on this external hard drive include PC and Mac compatibility, backup software, encryption software and a padded neoprene pouch to carry the drive while traveling.

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Sony DVDirectWhy do you need a PC to burn your photos and videos to DVD? Sony wants to you know that you don’t - not if you buy their new DVD burner. It’s the DVDirect MC1, and it takes the PC out of the burning equation. You can record camcorder, VCR, or even PVR videos right onto DVD+Rs and DVD+RWs. If static images are more your thing, then you can copy those JPEGs or GIFs right to a DVD-R or DVD-RW as a DVD slideshow. Just stick the memory card or stick in the slot and away you burn.

Like most other similar products these days, the MC1 allows you to print those images as well, to a PictBridge-compatible printer. You can look at those images, the videos, and (of course) the finished products on the built-in LCD screen. Lastly, if you must include that PC, just make sure you have a USB cord handy.

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Lexar JumpDrive LightningLexar said today they are bringing the PowerToGo software platform to their JumpDrive Lightning USB flash drives so users can create a virtual desktop environment they can carry from one Windows-based machine to another. These drives are available in 1GB and 2GB capacities and price from $79.99.

The PowerToGo-equipped JumpDrive Lightnings will let users install and run many standard Windows applications directly from the USB drive. Once done working a host computer the drive is removed, leaving no history behind. Also included on JumpDrive Lightnings will be the EverNote software product for capturig, storing and accessing information, such as typed and handwritten notes, web clips, emails, phone messages, addresses, passwords, brainstorms, sketches, photos and documents.

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Digital Foci Picture Porter EliteDigital Foci today said they’d begun shipping their Picture Porter Elite portable digital photo albums. These devices come in 40GB and 80GB storage sizes and will be available in early August for $449 and $549 respectively.

The Picture Porter Elite sports a 3.6” LCD screen and has a built-in memory card reader which can read CF I/ II, MD , MMC , SD Card, Memory Stick, MS PRO, and MS Duo, and MS PRO Duo memory cards. Features of this device include the ability to save photos and video from memory cards directly to the Picture Porter Elite’s hard drive, connectivity to a television for a larger display experience, direct printing to any PictBridge compatible printer without a computer, music file playback, voice recording and video recording.

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Jeep USB Flash Drive Plus Ink PenEdge Tech Corp, a maker of computer memory related products, seems to have struck a deal with DaimlerChrysler to use the Jeep brand as today some new USB flash drives bearing the Jeep label was unveiled. The new Jeep USB Flash Drive comes in 256MB and 512MB of storage is priced at $29.95 and $44.95 respectively after rebate, while the Jeep USB Flash Drive Plus Ink Pen is priced, after rebate, at $29.95 for 128MB and $49.95 for 512MB.

The Jeep USB Flash Drive, which sports a rugged design in keeping with the brand it is named after, is about the size of one’s thumb and pretty typical of USB flash drives. The Jeep USB Flash Drive Plus Ink Pen is more interesting in that it has a dual function design as an executive style ink pen, with the pen’s barrel being unscrewed to reveal the drive. The drive portion of the pen plugs directly into a computer’s USB port and is recognized as an additional storage device on the user’s desktop.

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