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Nor will it be, unfortunately. We’ve been getting quite a few submissions from readers about this awesome YouTube video that someone came up with as part of his demo reel for ad agencies. We know, the iMac Multitouch featured in this video is pretty bad ass…but think about it for a moment - do you really want to be reaching out to touch your computer screen constantly? That would get fairly tiring…this isn’t Fit after all. If were going to go the multitouch route on their computers, we think it should be on some sort of keyboard touchpad. Hang in there folks, the Apple event gets underway in under an hour now - that’s where we expect the real news to surface.

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Alright guys, it looks like our friend Morgan Webb is up to something. You all know her as the queen of television video game reviews on X-Play…but we know a little more. The rumor is she is up to something new, and that it will be happening very, very soon. In fact, check out the link below for the countdown timer. Any guesses? Leave them in the comments.

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Santa Rosa iMac

It’s been almost three years since the iMac has enjoyed a redesign, when it went from the old-school lamp stand look to the current “monitor with chin” enclosure. Well, the rumor mill is churning again, this time with speculation that will be updating the with another new look by August. The expectation is that the design will feature a 2-inch thick aluminum enclosure, which would make it look similar to the MacBook Pro and Mac Pro. Furthermore, it is believed that the 17-inch iMac will go the way of the dodo, as Apple looks to release the newer model in 20- and 24-inch sizes only. Lastly, it would only make sense that these models get a bit more horsepower under the hood as well - that should come by way of Santa Rosa processors at speeds up to 2.4 GHz, as well as 1.3 megapixel iSight cameras. We know, August can’t come fast enough.

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iPhone T-MobileIf the rumors are correct, Deutsche Telekom’s mobile unit, T-Mobile, has just come to term with Apple to becoming the official carrier of the in Germany, according to the Rheinische. If all does as seemingly planned, Apple’s super-phone should launch on November 1 over in Germany, with the official announcement happening tomorrow. The iPhone would be priced at 450 Euros, which comes out to just about $613 USD.

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iPhone Mockup

So we’re already obsessed with the (which comes out next Friday, June 29 @ 6pm), despite the fact we can’t afford one…yet. Se we love this rumor that Apple is—according to “market sources”—prepping a lower cost, 2nd generation iPhone for future release. No word on what features will or won’t be included (but we really hope the YouTube app remains). It all makes complete sense to us, as the $500-$600 USD price tag for the iPhone is undoubtedly overpriced for many, and we’re sure would like the iPhone to enjoy world domination-status like the iPod. So don’t be surprised if you start seeing 2nd and 3rd gen iPhones (and lower-priced 1st gens) in the years to come. Please note that the photo above is purely a mockup.

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iphoneIf you’re still deciding whether to get ‘s when it debuts on June 29, you should make that decision soon. It seems demand will be incredibly high for the gadget—but supply will be comparatively low. The iPhone will only be sold at approximately 2000 AT&T locations and almost all Apple stores in the U.S., as well as their respective websites (there will be no online pre-orders). Sales reps are speculating the stores will receive a small amount of iPhones, possibly as few as 40, prompting rumors that Apple is deliberately creating a shortage too keep demand high. Stores are expecting huge crowds on the 29th, and word has it people have already started camping out to be amongst the first on line. After
seeing the commercials for the iPhone, we’re frothing at the mouth for one, until we remember the

insanely high

prices: $500 USD (4GB) and $600 USD (8GB).

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Wii with Hard Drive We’re more than a little surprised that the didn’t come with a hard drive or even a DVD player, but since it’s so chock full of fun anyway, we decided to let it go. Now comes the rumor (again) that Nintendo will indeed introduce an external hard drive add-on, to be announced at E3 next month. What prompted this latest rumor is SNK’s announcement that some of it’s Neo-Geo games will become available on the Wii’s Virtual Console, in which “old-school” video games can be downloaded and played. The thing is, Neo-Geo games are megabyte-heavy, and will need serious storage space, more than the 512MB the Wii currently offers. Nintendo, of course debunks the entire theory, but what else are they gonna say? Hopefully, the answer to this and other burning questions about the Wii will be revealed at next month’s E3 conference. 

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Blue Wiimote SKU

So we recently reported a rumor that Nintendo will release cool-colored Wiimotes later this year. We now have an update! The photo you see is—allegedly—a SKU from British retailer Argos for a Blue Wiimote. Rumor also has it that Blue’s wildly popular sibling Pink is the other color to get the Wiimote treatment. We’re still waiting to hear from our fave, Black, who was unavailable for comment as press time. We’re hoping will put this and other rumors to rest at the E3 Conference next month. We will be there in full effect to bring you all the latest.

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PSPThe E3 conference next month is shaping up to be quite a doozy, if only because a number of video game-related rumors will hopefully be confirmed there. This includes the possibility of Sony introducing a slimmer at the conference. Not only will it be thinner, it supposedly will have a sharper LED screen, a battery life that’s four times faster, a quicker UMD drive, 8GB of internal memory, and a re-designed D-Pad. All for a surprisingly low price of $170 USD. The rumor comes from “several sources close to Sony”, but of course, Sony is denying all of this. Frankly, we think it does sound too good to be true, especially the 8GB memory part. But perhaps some of the rumor is true?  We’ll certainly keep you in the loop when E3 hits next month…

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ipod 5th genRumors about the iPod are to us what donuts are to Homer Simpson. So we’re fascinated by the latest one, reported by DigiTimes.com. They report that the next-gen iPod will be released in the third quarter of this year, and will incorporate WiFi capability. The wireless connectivity could be in the form of data transfer, particularly that of DRM-free music, as opposed to music sharing. Perhaps Apple has learned lessons from arch-enemy Microsoft, whose Zune wireless MP3 player had problems sharing music between players due to pesky copyright issues. If the rumor is true, Apple will serious competition in the WiFi MP3 player war: besides the Zune, SanDisk, Samsung and Sony are primed to launch wireless-capable players in the near future, if they haven’t done so already.

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