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Jaht TechnologyI’d never heard of Jaht until recently.  But I found myself in need of a BlueTooth dongle and a better wireless antenna for my PC (my PowerBook has both built in) so I did some bargain shopping.  I found both on NewEgg for a grand total of $20 including shipping while they were running a damn good sale, and despite my misgivings about ordering things made by a company I’d never heard of, I decided to gamble that $20 was too good a deal to pass up.  I ended up being absolutely right.

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Treo 700w ReviewsSo, many of the results are in. If you are still on the fence about whether you should pick up the Treo 700w, look no further than a few of these trusted reviews.

It seems the overall consensus is that the 700w isn’t a far enough evolutionary step above the Treo 650. Still, if you aren’t an owner of a previous generation Treo, and are looking for a Windows Mobile 5.0 device, it may be for you. personally, we like the PPC-6700/XV6700 UTStarcom phone ourselves.

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We recently got our hands on the Oregon Scientific iBall Speaker System for the iPod.  The iBall is a wireless speaker that is about the size of a bowling ball which features an LCD screen and iPod controls. Read our impressions and check out more images, after the jump.

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iPod Radio Screen

So, last week at MacWorld, in addition to the new Intel computers, Apple announced the FM-tuning iPod Radio Remote. This is the $49 USD add-on that gives your iPod the ability to play FM radio, ready to work with the iPod nano and fifth-generation iPod with video support. iLounge recently took the device for a spin:

For the $49 price, what Apple’s Radio Remote delivers is a superior package to its $39 predecessor: you get added functionality, a superior control design, and remote-ready earbuds. You also get an FM radio experience that’s superior to Griffin’s similarly-priced iFM on interface, presets, and physical accessory size, too.

Not too bad if you are looking to get away from strictly playing the songs you have


downloaded from iTunes.

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RAZR V3c ReviewWe just recently got our grubby little hands on a V3c for Verizon Wireless. This is the phone many a cell phone user has been waiting for - a Verizon RAZR that offers EV-DO support that also sports uncrippled Bluetooth with OBEX. What more might you ask for in this day and age? Check out our review after the jump for our impressions of the RAZR V3c.

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DescriptionI recently purchased the $34.99 Neverlate 7-day Alarm Clock by American Innovative. After a good month or so spent with the alarm clock, I thought I’d detail my experiences and let you know my results. My review, after the jump.

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We have complained about the

Xbox 360’s loose fiber optic connection in the past, noting that it is such a poor oversight on Microsoft’s part. Since we didn’t want to use crazy glue or a twisty tie, we went for the next best thing - replacing the Microsoft cable all together in the hopes of finding something better. We got the Monster GameLink 360 Component Video & Fiber Optic Audio A/V Kit. Putting aside it’s insanely long product name, we unpackage the new wires and set everything up - check out the images after the jump.

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The SCOTTeVEST 237D is the updated version of the Three.0 Spring jacket that we reviewed about a year-and-a-half ago. We have been testing out the 237D in Seattle weather for much of December, and are finding that the 237D moniker - which stands for “237 days,” meaning you can wear it for 3-out-of-4 seasons per year - lives up to its name for the most part. The 237D features 33 pockets, and adds the Detachable Cargo Cache, built-in battery holders, addition magnetic enclosures, and two more pockets than the Three.0 Spring. Check out the full review after the jump.


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Swann Cameras

We took Swann super-nice security cameras for a spin, and tried to do things with them that they weren’t necessarily meant for in order to show how else they might be used. Here are the items we tested:

The Swann kit comes in two boxes with everything you need to create a fully functioning, impressive, security camera net, screws and all. You can use up to four cameras using one DVR. It records for up to a year with the lowest resolution, a 250GB hard drive (included if you option it, or you can supply your own), and 1 frame per second. You may record in a variety of ways which include, full screen standard definition, low definition with four simultaneous motion-activated shots (including motion-activated in particular areas of the image,) among others.

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DescriptionOur boys over at MobileWhack have put up an absolutely exhaustive review of the new Nokia N90 cell phone, and if there is anything you wanted to know about the phone that isn’t covered in their review, we seriously need to know what it is. Of course, as we suspected after playing around with the phone a bit ourselves, this one is a mixed bag:

On the plus side, it has excellent features in digital photography, video capture/playback, and audio playback. Having a 2 mega pixel image sensor certainly helps folks who want to be able to capture life’s everyday moments…The main display is bright, the feature set is long, and the phone is outright flexible…on the negative side, the form factor is a bit large and heavy. The dual hinge system takes a bit getting used to since it’s not a normal folding clamshell. It’s easy to twist the camera module which means you’re constantly turning the Camera mode on by accident.

If you are interested in the Nokia N90, be sure to check out the full review.

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