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Xbox EliteAlthough it is already available here, Microsoft has announced that it will launch its Xbox 360 Elite this October in Japan. Featuring a 120GB hard drive which is six times bigger than the regular 360 and twice Sony’s Playstation 3 drive, the announcement is no doubt due to the competition, since The Xbox ranks third in sales of the Big Three in Japan. According to one report, Nintendo has sold about 1.78 million Wiis, Sony over 500,000 Playstation 3s, while Microsoft has only managed to sell about 123,000 of their Xboxes in Japan. The Elite will sell for 47,000 yen (~$380.00.)

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We recently posted a video of us opening up a TunePower for over on Unboxing that we figured you guys might be interested in. The TunePower for Zune extends the battery life of the device by 6-12 hours, depending on what sort of activity you are doing, and also has a kickstand for your video viewing pleasure. Check out the video for the full scoop.

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Parallels 3.0 ContestLast chance guys - our 3.0 giveaway ends tonight. You have until midnight to enter to win a free copy of the hottest virtualization software package for Mac OS X. The details on how to win are here, so if you own a Mac and want to run Windows programs in the slickest fashion possible, jump on it.

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Steve Jobs Keynote Speech

The fascinating relationship/rivalry between Microsoft and Apple was ratcheted up a notch this week. At Apple’s annual World Wide Developers Conference, CEO Steve Jobs announced their Apple-exclusive web browser, Safari, will be released for Windows XP and Vista—and will be up to twice as fast as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, and 1.6 times faster than Firefox 2. The move is seen as part of Jobs’ business strategy to broaden Apple’s presence in the browser market, of which they only have 5 percent, compared to Microsoft’s whopping 80 percent. Curious? A test version of the browser is available at Apple’s web site. This writer will give Safari a test run with Windows Vista and report back soon…

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Games for WindowsOkay peeps - listen up if you want to walk away with a copy of some of the newest games on the Games for Windows platform. We’re talking about titles like Halo 2 for Windows Vista, Shadowrun for Vista, and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. How do you win? It’s fairly simple. GamerAndy Live! is talking about Corporate Sponsored Fanboyism and frankly, they want to know what you’re thinking about it too. Listen to GamerAndy Live! Episode 82: Sex, Lies, and GamerTags then email your thoughts to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) by tomorrow (Saturday) evening - that’s June 9th - to be entered in a random drawing. You gotta listen if you wanna win. While you’re at it, head on over to the GamerAndy board on our forums and let us know what your submission was there in the public area, so we can keep this discussion going.

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Pac-Man Championship EditionX-box 360 Live Pac-Man addicts finally have something to get excited about. Microsoft and Namco Bandai have announced that they have developed a new version of the 26 year-old classic arcade game. The Pac-Man Championship Edition features new mazes for the characters and is available as of today via the XBox Live Marketplace for 800 MS points.
The announcement of the new game came during the Pac-Man World Championship held in New York’s Times Square, where Mexico’s Carlos Daniel Borrego won with a score of 22,160. We wonder if Carlos began monopolizing his parents’ TV to play the original when he was a toddler to practice for the big event.

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Some of us do daily crossword puzzles to ward off what may someday be Alzheimer’s (at least that’s what they tell us.) One day it is down, so we search to find it in another location. Instead we come up with the MS Live Search Club. Play 44.5 pseudo-crossword games (Flexicon) for 25 points (tickets) apiece and you can win a t-shirt. They also feature two other word games, Clink and Dingbat, which only yield 10 and 3 points respectively. The site was created to draw attention to Microsoft’s new Live Search, which is incredibly simple to use and should give Google and Yahoo a run for their money.

Director of Game Development/Creator Dan Ferguson told Gear Live that the site was only launched last week, but there are already dozens of games to play. I am already on my way to winning a free Zune with only about 700 games to go. If you can’t wait that long, you can receive a ring tone for only 105 tickets/points or a free music download after only 125.

(Thanks Dan)


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Gears of War logoWhat’s worse than paying the annual $50.00 fee for playing Xbox online? The answer would be paying an inflated price for extras. Microsoft will now charge for extras such as maps and additional game levels. About 3 million players use the online service without the subscription fee but they cannot play against the other 3 million gamers who do.

The first map pack of “Gears of War” was offered as a freebie. From now on, add-ons will cost $10.00 a download. This can add up if you are a die-hard Xbox fan, but Microsoft is hoping that its revenue will help to correct its 3Q operating loss of $330 million. This just goes to prove that those that giveth will eventually taketh away.

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