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Ceelite panel

The latest issue of Time Magazine features their “Best Inventions of 2006.” Included in this list is the CeeLite LEC (light emitting capacitors) light bulb panel. These 1mm sheets of plastic contain a layer of phosphor that shines white when hit with AC. You can fade, dim, or flash them almost anywhere, including floors, walls, ceilings, and even people. Contact CeeLite to for price and availability. We’re thinking of installing one in our basement in hopes of luring out the troll that lurks there.


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Talk about one device doing all. The Limited Edition high gloss black digital NevoSL remote can control your TV, stereo, lights, computer, and video game system, even when they are hiding behind a cabinet. Nevo’s built-in IR database features infrared and WiFi multi-room control, has drag-and-drop functionality, and is customizable. It also boasts auto-discovery of digital media content without the use of a PC. If the Nevo could just tell you what that unknown object is on the lower shelf in the fridge, it would be worth its $1,009 price tag. Contact Nevo for availability in your area.

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Slot Machine Liquor DispenserHere’s a great way to celebrate the New Year and make some money off your buds at the same time. The Godinger Slot Machine Liquor Dispenser is made of a tarnish-resistant silver plated exterior, fits drinking glasses up to 5-inches, and has a see-through, easy-clean plastic reservoir allowing you to monitor the beverage level. Simply drop a coin in this one-armed bandit, which measures 14 x 7.5 x 4.5-inches, pull the lever, and you win your drink of choice. Ca-ching! You can pre-order now at Latest Buy for AU $79.95 (~$62.)

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iRobot Dirt DogLast year, you gave your partner a Roomba for Christmas. This year, ask him/her for the iRobot Dirt Dog, the masculine version that is designed for basements, garages, and shop floors. It can pick up nuts, bolts, wood chips, and probably any other crud that you have lying around your workshop that the Roomba vacuum can’t get. The Dirt Dog features an over-sized dust bin and counter-rotating brushes that work at high speed. There is a 1-year limited warranty and 30 day risk-free trial. If that isn’t macho enough, you also get a 6 month subscription to This Old House Magazine (5 issues, a $10 value) when you order at iRobot for $129.99.

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PowerSquid CalamariThink outside the box. The PowerSquid frees outlets with MOVs (Metal Oxide Varistors) with the benefit of a greater flexibility. We first discovered the PowerSquid at this year’s CES 2006, and now we can all have one. Flexity claims that their technology provides “enhanced heat dissipation and 27% greater capacity.” Purestream power-filtering protects your equipment and its Tripwire circuit severs electrical current in the event of a catastrophe such as lightening. You get connectivity protection for dial-up, DSL, or coax/cable.

The PowerSquid comes in three models:

  • Surge 3000 Calamari Edition PCSQ3K_CAL for PCs, home theatres, and personal electronics - $79.95.
  • Surge 3000 PCSQ3K for musicians, professional or wannabe - $69.95
  • PSOM_BLACK Outlet multiplier - $12.95.

Both surge protectors offer a $500,000 limited equipment warranty and the outlet multiplier offers a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Add to that 2 neon glowing female outlets on the Calamari and you have some serious and sinister-looking protection.

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Butterfly HeaterOkay, so in a few weeks we are expecting to hear from a bunch of readers who decided to brave the cold in order to be one of the lucky few to nab a PS3 at launch. However, why suffer frostbitten fingers if you don’t have to? This is where the Butterfly Heater comes in. You fill this bad boy with a little lighter fluid, and it goes to work pumping out warm air through it’s butterfly pattern stitched front. Yeah, it’s a little more girly than we would have hoped for, but for an $18 device that will stay warm for a solid 25 hours, we think we can handle that. You can grab two for $30, and then you’ll be the envy of the line at your local Best Buy.

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power-aware cordStatic! has unveiled a Power-Aware Cord that visualizes the energy that is flowing through it. The more energy you use with this re-designed electrical power strip, the more it glows. Inventors Anton Gutafsson and Magnus Gyllensward are hoping that their invention will make you cut back on unnecessary appliances, stereo equipment, etc. Although still in production, if it is released before Christmas, you can cut out some of those outside strings of light, replace them with these, and no one will know the difference.

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Contraforma ChairSince the term is all the rage, maybe we can christen this as Rocking Chair 2.0? I mean, this is certainly not something we would expect grandma to be sitting in while she’s getting her knit on. This unique piece is designed by Contraforma in such a way that you should be able to rock comfortable in it, despite the lack of what we like to call a “rocking crest.” Definitely a conversation piece, and we all need one of those in our homes, don’t we not? How else do we curb that whole “awkward silence” thing?

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Rain or ShineFrom the clever folk who brought us the Hear Now, the pet collar with GPS tracking, comes another product for our furrier friends. The Rain or Shine is a comfortably warm bed that utilizes magnets to relieve arthritic dogs and cats. It features an adjustable umbrella, and food and water trays so that Fido can hang outside and still be covered. It comes in three color combinations and four sizes, and can be ordered online with prices ranging from $89.99 to $159.99. We are thinking of ordering a Rain or Shine just to go with our new G’zOne.

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Over on Unboxing, we just did a video showcasing an Unboxing Ceremony for a few SumoLounge products - namely their gigantic Omni, and miniature Otto beanbags. Don’t let that fool you though - these things are off the hook, and nearly indestructible. If you are looking for a couple of pieces of “furniture” to add to your den, you may want to check these babies out. Let us know what you think of the video.

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