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Kowakien Yunessun hot spring

You know not to drink the water in a pool because of the chlorine or other “additives,” but in Japan last weekend it was actually encouraged. At the Hakone Kowakien Yunessun hot spring resort southwest of Tokyo, the owners added 12 bottles of Beaujolais Nouveau wine daily to their pool to celebrate this year’s bottle release from France. The wine has become a seasonal fad in Japan and last year 11 million bottles were sold.

“We installed the wine spa last year, and conducted the Beaujolais Nouveau celebration. It was a great success,” said Seiji Sanada, an official at Yunessun. He added, ”Wine smooths [sic] the skin and its aroma relaxes the mind.”

We’re thinking that it might be a good idea for the winery to donate 12 bottles to those of us lucky enough to acquire portable saunas this year.


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This is an entry from our Holiday Gift Guide. We will be updating it daily through the holidays, so be sure to check it often for some great gadget gift tips!

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Gallery: From Our 2006 Holiday Gift Guide: Remington Titanium 5500

This is an entry from our 2006 Holiday Gift Guide. Check it out for suggestions on what to buy your loved, liked, and hated ones this holiday season!

Remington Titanium 5500

Most foil shavers that we have tried aren’t that successful at shaving off longer facial hair. Not so with the Remington Titanium 5500. This shaver have a slide-out beard trimmer that cuts overgrown hair, which is followed by three foil blades. The third minifoil slides up, allowing it to be used as a mustache or jawline trimmer. This one is certainly recommended, as it is the best we have seen for cutting hair - and that’s what these things are all about, right?

Price: $100

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Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe

Oregon Scientific’s Special Edition Interactive SmartGlobe takes you all over the planet without leaving home. Its 9.6-inch diameter and 15.35-inch height comes with a wireless pen and 3D barcode technology. It keeps up with the latest geological information, current events, and even election results through audio file downloads. Updatable for free until 2008, the SmartGlobe is available online at WorldGlobes for $119.99 in 9 languages and 3 versions of English. Do you suppose that one of those versions is politically correct?


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WidgetStationImagine waking up to your favorite midi or MP3 instead of a screaming shock jock. The WidgetStation has two screens and an amazing amount of capabilities such as playing music, receiving stock market and weather reports, RSS feeds, Internet radio, podcasts, PhotoShow, and message notification. Made by Emtrace, it has alarm clock synchronization within 1 ms, a stopwatch, countdown timer, and even world time by country.

It’s easy to see why WidgetStation has already received 2007 CES Design & Engineering Showcase Honors. Available early next year, contact Emtrace for specs, price, and availability.

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SALIX doesn’t exactly qualify for our bot category, but it comes fairly close. Displayed at the recent ArtBots 2006 Regional Show in NYC, these willow trees interact by means of motor prosthetics embedded in the root system. It sends numerical data messages via small GPS accelerometers implanted in the ends of the branches. Next thing you know, it is speaking to humans with a computerized voice. Creator John Lathram claims that his inspiration “came out of an attempt to record the movement of the wind as it moves through willow branches.” Check out his demo to see SALIX in action.

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Ceelite panel

The latest issue of Time Magazine features their “Best Inventions of 2006.” Included in this list is the CeeLite LEC (light emitting capacitors) light bulb panel. These 1mm sheets of plastic contain a layer of phosphor that shines white when hit with AC. You can fade, dim, or flash them almost anywhere, including floors, walls, ceilings, and even people. Contact CeeLite to for price and availability. We’re thinking of installing one in our basement in hopes of luring out the troll that lurks there.


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Talk about one device doing all. The Limited Edition high gloss black digital NevoSL remote can control your TV, stereo, lights, computer, and video game system, even when they are hiding behind a cabinet. Nevo’s built-in IR database features infrared and WiFi multi-room control, has drag-and-drop functionality, and is customizable. It also boasts auto-discovery of digital media content without the use of a PC. If the Nevo could just tell you what that unknown object is on the lower shelf in the fridge, it would be worth its $1,009 price tag. Contact Nevo for availability in your area.

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Slot Machine Liquor DispenserHere’s a great way to celebrate the New Year and make some money off your buds at the same time. The Godinger Slot Machine Liquor Dispenser is made of a tarnish-resistant silver plated exterior, fits drinking glasses up to 5-inches, and has a see-through, easy-clean plastic reservoir allowing you to monitor the beverage level. Simply drop a coin in this one-armed bandit, which measures 14 x 7.5 x 4.5-inches, pull the lever, and you win your drink of choice. Ca-ching! You can pre-order now at Latest Buy for AU $79.95 (~$62.)

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