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Circuit Board Luggage TagsHow do you identify your luggage this holiday season when everyone’s bag looks as nondescript as yours? These tags positively scream geek while you are watching the masses of check-out at the airport and wondering if your suitcases did in fact arrive with you. At sizes of 4 1/2-inches, these Circuit Board Luggage Tags are crafted out of recycled PCBs so your tag design will be unique. They are available at Cyberguys in packages of 3 for $12.97 and include a blank address card.

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Virtual dining

If you hate eating alone, Accenture has created a system that will alert other family members or friends who are available when you are about to dine. A camera and mic capture you on screen, while your companion does likewise on a similar setup. 

“We are trying to really bring back the kind of family interactions we used to take for granted,” said Dadong Wan, a senior researcher in Accenture Ltd.‘s Chicago labs.

We can imagine sitting down at the virtual table with our Auntie Mame and not having to deal with her literally pinching our cheeks while asking us why we are still unmarried.


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USB ShaverHere’s another reason to never have to leave your computer. The USB Rechargeable Shaver will keep you looking your natty best while you are commuting to your next business meeting. Plug it into your laptop and the blue LED indicates NiMH battery charge status. At dimensions of 10.9 x 5.3 x 1.5 cm with a weight of 74 gm, the shaver features a floating double-head system, an ultra-thin outer foil, a rotating plug, and is available for $22.00 at USB Geek (cleaning brush included.) 

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This is an entry from our 2006 Holiday Gift Guide. Check it out for suggestions on what to buy your loved, liked, and hated ones this holiday season!

Dyson DC17

Dyson promises that it’s DC17 Animal will never tip over, thanks to it’s low center of gravity. Of course, that isn’t all that this powerhouse of a vacuum boasts, as this beast is said to offer the most powerful suction on the vacuum cleaner market. Debris is sifted through it’s three nested chambers, and the air that is expelled contains about 150 times less bacteria and mold spores than our normal, everyday air - not other vacuum expelled air, we mean air in general!

Price: $550 (Compare Prices)

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We have written about Clocky before - over a year and a half ago when he was just a concept. He is now here. While most alarm clocks awaken you with annoying chatter or strains of the latest hit by Beyonce, Nanda’s Clocky runs around your nightstand, jumps off up to 2 feet, and randomly scampers around the room emitting beeps with a flashing screen.
In order to have his freedom to scuffle, he utilizes 4 AAA batteries which should last 6 to 8 months. If you catch him before he jumps, you can set the snooze button and if he becomes a little too frisky, you can disable his wheels. Clocky measures 5 x 3.3 x 3-inches and is available in three colors (and in shag in the future) at Nanda for $49.99, although the aqua and mint models will not be available until after the holidays.

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Dupont Smoke AlarmNo need to worry that your Christmas tree may overheat if you keep it up a little too long this season. DuPont has devised this innovative smoke detector that screws into ceiling-mounted sockets and rids you of that bothersome chore of replacing the battery. Its AngelEye technology contains an internal self-charging power pack, so that all you have to do is turn on the light in its own socket on the bottom. It also sounds an alarm if the charge is low.

When fully charged, it will operate for 30 days and can even be used in unheated garages or workshops. The smoke detector measures 3 x 5 x 3-inches, is available at firstStreet and various retailers at a MSRP of $34.95, and comes with a 10 year warranty.

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USB Missile LauncherThis kewl gadget will cover all those in your office that you have neglected in your gift-buying spree this holiday season. The USB Missile Launcher moves 180º horizontally and 45º vertically, is moveable with your mouse, and even makes sound effects when you launch your missiles. Windows 2000 and XP software is included as are 3 foam missiles, and it requires 3 AA batteries (not included.)

The launchers are available at one of our favorite online shopping sites, Latest Buy, and although they are not the cheapest toy you can find at AU $54.95 (US $44.51,) grab a twinpack for $80.96, give one to your boss, and maybe he/she won’t care about the extra long lunch you took last week.

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Togo ReaderThe Chinese company Togo has unveiled a new gadget that will allow the blind to slide, scan, and translate text into Braille. The portable reader also has the capability of saving text to a built-in hard drive for later perusal and folds out for oversized tomes. It works by translating the images into analog electrical signals with an optical-to-electrical transducer, then changes the analog into digital. Although still in the planning stages, we applaud Togo for creating this amazing reader.

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Smokeless Fireplace

This winter promises to be a wicked one. Even if your tiny apartment doesn’t get quite warm enough, we have the solution in this sculptured Frontgate GlassFire fireplace. Composed of Italian glass and aluminum, the tabletop gadget can be used indoors or out, and features sand, faux logs, a lighter, and a snuffer. It utilizes Fenola Gel fuel which makes it smokeless and presumably 40% more energy efficient than wood. The mini-fireplace is available at shop.com for $549.00, which unfortunately won’t leave much to purchase a few chestnuts to roast.


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Darth Vader NutcrackerWith only a couple of weeks left before Christmas, it’s difficult not to notice the extremely weird that you would never even consider buying the rest of the year. This Limited Edition Darth Vader Nutcracker, designed by Germany’s Steinbach is a case in point. The Lord of the Sith is 18 1/2-inches tall and weighs 4 lbs. He features his signature helmet, and vinyl cape and boots. He even sports a chest control unit, breathing apparatus, and light saber.

Darth is to be part of a Star Wars Collection (a Yoda nutcracker is also available) from our friends at Hammacher Schlemmer for a whopping $349.95. He comes with a lifetime guarantee, but for that price, he should at least have a working voicebox so that he can sound like James Earl Jones.

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