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FlexiSnakeTake that, Drano. Research tells us that the average human loses up to 100 hairs per day. Much of that literally goes down the drain. With the newly devised patent pending FlexiSnake, you can retrieve it and some of the other mucky stuff down there that you previously had to use a drain cleaner, conventional snake, or plumber to accomplish. What the company claims “snags drain hair like magic,” is in fact a 26-inch tube with a piece of velcro attached. With apologies to Andru, the FlexiSnake is a bargain online for the rest of us, with its price of only $2.95.

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Fish 'n Flush

If you want to make your bathroom more than just efficient, what better way than by incorporating the Fish n’ Flush into your schematics. Designed by AquaOne Technologies, the 2.2 gallon two-piece aquarium tank comes with a dual filter with pump, artificial plants, a workable flushing system, flush valve, and fill valve. All you need to add is water, fish, and food.

The company claims that the tanks are fully functional, impact-resistant, and designed to fit directly against a companion tank reservoir. It’s available online for $299.99 and for another $25.00 you can add LED lights. We’re thinking that if you are contemplating world peace in your tub, the Fish ‘n Flush’s inhabitants would make great companions.


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Carpenter BotMove over, Bob The Builder. Dr. Behrokh Khoshneivis is leading a team at USC to create a “home-bot” that can build your next house with no help from humans. The bots only utilize gypsum and concrete to spray layers which form floors, walls, and roofs. The first prototype is slated to erect a 2-story home in only 24 hours this April. At a cost of $1.5 million, Khoshneivis claims it will increase production and drop prices to a fifth of what they are now. Imagine the ramifications of putting this puppy to work in New Orleans.

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In-Wall Power CenterThis Monster In-Wall PowerCenter, featured at the CES, definitely comes under the category of, “Why didn’t someone think of that before?” Use it for your flatscreen, projector, or home screen entertainment system. At dimensions of 7.5 x 6.75 x 11.5-inches, this handy gadget features three custom faceplates, one for feeding coax (three 2.0 GHz jacks with Monster SurgeGuard protection,) and one for coax (three 2.0 GHz jacks with SurgeGuard,) plus any other cable types,  2 AC outlets (also surge-protected), and can handle 15 amp circuits. The PowerCenter includes a wall box, a PL200 IEC power cord, a 24k grounding plate, and an oversized face plate.

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LeafThis strangely compelling lamp has won the CES 2007 Best Eco-Design award. With a lifespan of over 60,000 hours at full-power, the Leaf cuts energy by 40% and consumes less than 9W of power when compared to a 13W fluorescent bulb. Its lower blade rotates and pivots forward and back while its upper blade pivots and folds. Control both intensity and color with two LED driver circuits which remember your last settings.

Designed by Yves Behar and Herman Miller but not making a personal appearance at the CES, the Leaf is available in red, white, nickel, or black for $525.00 and polished aluminum for $545.00.

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SmartshopperDebuting and being honored at the CES 2007 is the Smartshopper, a gadget that replaces all those Post-it notes in your kitchen. Record, delete, or add extra items as you need them, and they are kept in alphabetical order and categorized. When you are ready to go shopping, you simply press the print button and out comes a grocery list. 

Utilizing 4 AA batteries, the Smartshopper comes with 2 thermal paper rolls and contains 2000 items. You can also record errands which will be displayed at the top of your listing. It features voice recognition technology, an easy-to-read LCD screen, can be wall-mounted or attached to your refrigerator with its magnet, or simply rest it on its rubber heels. You can pre-order one now at Smartshopper’s website. This is all very well and good, but we want one that will do the grocery shopping for us and deliver it.

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Ten robots have become honorees of prizes given by the Japanese government to encourage robotics research and development. Among the prize winners are a factory worker hand robot, an automatic vacuum-cleaner-on-wheels, “My Spoon,” a bot designed to aid the elderly to eat, and Paro, a furry seal which responds to human interaction. Japan sees robots as a method of dealing with its increasing labor shortage and rapidly aging population. Released forecasts indicate that the country’s 127 million population will decline by 30% by 2055 with those 65 or older comprising 40% of it.


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