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MooniniteWe know that Boston is made up of many of the intellectual set, so we really wonder how a few little Mooninites managed to scare them enough to trigger a bomb scare that had authorities closing down two bridges and part of the Charles River yesterday. Top officials, including Mayor Thomas Menini, Govenor Deval Patrick, and Police Commisioner Ed Davis were concerned enough to offer statements to the press.

The electronic light boards were part of a promotional scheme for one of our fave shows, “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” on Adult Swim, and had also been set up in LA, NYC, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Austin, San Francisco, and Philly. Peter Berdovski, who placed the signs, actually turned himself in when The Cartoon Network realized what was going on. Our query is why they didn’t worry when the signs were going up. If a Mooninite like Ignignokt could frighten them that much, just image what damage Meatwad could have done.

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centralparkIf the up and coming HP TouchSmart isn’t shiny enough for you, we suggest Whirlpool’s centralpark Connection. The refrigerator/freezer’s interchangeable interface allows you to charge and/or play a DVD/CD player, an MP3 player, or a digital photo album. There are also options of an interactive message board, Web Tablet, or family calendar.

Expected to be released this fall, you can contact Whirlpool for price and availability. In the meantime, think about its entertainment value for the rest of your family as you are still stuck with the drudgery of preparing dinner.

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HP TouchSmartHP has found a way to connect families who have run out of refrigerator space. The TouchSmart IQ770 allows you to keep track of other family members, TV, movies, photos, and music on your PC. Working with Windows Vista Home Premium, it features a 320 GB hard drive, a slot-loaded SuperMulti DVD burner2 with LightScribe technology, a 19-inch Touchscreen, a SmartCenter button for launching, and a 1.3mp WebCam with mic. Designed to fit under cabinets or other small areas where families congregate, check with HP for price and availability.

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DescriptionEx KnifeJust in time for Valentine’s Day, here’s the perfect gift for your recently divorced/separated friends (or yourself, if you are now in the same situation.) The Ex Knife is made of heavy ABS plastic with magnetized slots for its five included precision-edged stainless steel knives. At dimensions of 14.6 x 8 x 12-inches, the gadget comes with a 25-year warranty so it may outlast your next relationship. The Ex Knife is available in red or black at Think Geek for $69.99.

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NASCAR Trac VacYour ordinary Roomba can now be replaced by Vesture’s officially licensed NASCAR Trac Vac Robotic Vacuum. It uses 5 preset patterns for automatic use and an interactive auto start-up and power-down. The gadget features a large capacity dustbin, air filters, and RF remote. When the race of the dust bunnies is complete, it even has a “Pit Stop” charging station. Available at the NASCAR Superstore for $279.99, you can also compete in a race against the Dirt Dog next door just for the fun of it, with included safety barriers and tire stacks.

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FlexiSnakeTake that, Drano. Research tells us that the average human loses up to 100 hairs per day. Much of that literally goes down the drain. With the newly devised patent pending FlexiSnake, you can retrieve it and some of the other mucky stuff down there that you previously had to use a drain cleaner, conventional snake, or plumber to accomplish. What the company claims “snags drain hair like magic,” is in fact a 26-inch tube with a piece of velcro attached. With apologies to Andru, the FlexiSnake is a bargain online for the rest of us, with its price of only $2.95.

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Fish 'n Flush

If you want to make your bathroom more than just efficient, what better way than by incorporating the Fish n’ Flush into your schematics. Designed by AquaOne Technologies, the 2.2 gallon two-piece aquarium tank comes with a dual filter with pump, artificial plants, a workable flushing system, flush valve, and fill valve. All you need to add is water, fish, and food.

The company claims that the tanks are fully functional, impact-resistant, and designed to fit directly against a companion tank reservoir. It’s available online for $299.99 and for another $25.00 you can add LED lights. We’re thinking that if you are contemplating world peace in your tub, the Fish ‘n Flush’s inhabitants would make great companions.


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Carpenter BotMove over, Bob The Builder. Dr. Behrokh Khoshneivis is leading a team at USC to create a “home-bot” that can build your next house with no help from humans. The bots only utilize gypsum and concrete to spray layers which form floors, walls, and roofs. The first prototype is slated to erect a 2-story home in only 24 hours this April. At a cost of $1.5 million, Khoshneivis claims it will increase production and drop prices to a fifth of what they are now. Imagine the ramifications of putting this puppy to work in New Orleans.

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