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USB AshtrayIf you smoke and want to be politically correct, GreenHouse’s USB car Ashtray will take care of irritating second-hand smoke. Simply lift its top, and as its headlights come on, the fan will literally suck up the smoke. You can also utilize 3 AAA batteries to keep you smoke-free wherever you travel. At a size of 135 x 97 x 82 mm, the ashtray’s interior is removable for cleaning and will be available in Japan near the end of December for ¥500 (~ $4.00.)

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Turkey DinnerWorried about pigging out during the holidays? Ukrainian Dr. Hryhory Chausovsky of the Zaporizhia University Life Activities Laboratory has created the Talking Plate, which lets you know if it is overfilled. The plate measures 15 cm in diameter and is connected to a palm-size computer. Its integrated weigh sensors judge how much food is on the plate, and then issues nagging phrases such as, “Where’s your willpower?”

Although the plate is not yet available to the general public, Dr. Chausovsky has also invented other dining aids, such as a belt that issues a tone when you eat too much and a plate that plays music each time your fork hits the plate. “If the utensil strikes are too rapid, the plate will play fast and aggressive music while if the person eats more slowly, the music will be calmer and less stressful,” Chausovsky said.

We think we will stick to our usual over-feasting and just not look at the scales until 2007.

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Russia meets America as industrial designer Mike Mayberry of KLOK Modern has created a K7 KLOK Kit which is sure to attract gadget freaks of all ages. Made from half century-old Nixie Tubes that he found stashed in Russian warehouses, the 136 mm x 63 mm x 65 mm clock features 10 layers of glowing orange electrodes embedded on an aluminum housing made in the U.S. Offered as a limited edition for $105.00, check out the demo then preorder your KLOK for its January re-release.

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Lego Mindstorm NXT

Lego has joined the bot revolution. The MindStorms NXT has 3x servo motors, touch, light, and sound sensors, and Bluetooth capability. It features a 100 x 64 pixel LCD, a USB full speed port, a 32-bit microprocessor, and an 8 kHz sound channel with with 8-bit resolution and 2-16 KHz sample rate. Imagine the glee from your kids when they get their own bot to feed their pet, guard their room, or pick up their dirty clothes. Imagine your own glee dishing out $249.00 to Lego and getting to put the MindStorms together.


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This is an entry from our Holiday Gift Guide. We will be updating it daily through the holidays, so be sure to check it often for some great gadget gift tips!

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Ebates logoIf you want to save some money shopping online this year, we suggest that you try Ebates. There is no trick involved. You simply sign up for free, shop through them, and save. Where most shopping sites keep sales commissions that they earn, Ebates offers it as a cash back rebate sent to you every three months. Products available range from computer products, to music, to toys, and you can shop by type, category, or store. They also feature sites that offer free shipping, coupons, exclusive offers, or free gifts. Ebates is offering a $5.00 bonus if you sign up now. We think this is certainly a viable alternative to getting up at 5:00 a.m. to hit the big savings at retail stores.

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Lightkeeper ProLet’s file this one under: “It’s about time.” No more endless twisting and turning of those Christmas tree lights after they are on the tree and decide to fizzle out. The Lightkeeper Pro detects and repairs uncooperative light bulbs by sending an electrical pulse through the string. It has an LED in the tip for darkened corners, a voltage detector with sound, a bulb/fuse tester, 7 bulbs, a space for electrical accessories, and a bulb remover. The Lightkeeper Pro is available at Solutions for $24.95 and uses three button cell batteries which are included.

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This is an entry from our 2006 Holiday Gift Guide. Check it out for suggestions on what to buy your loved, liked, and hated ones this holiday season!


After being featured on 30 Rock, many were wondering if this thing was the real deal. Turns out, it is. The Black & Decker Infrawave Speed Oven is smaller than your average microwave, but also packs a lot more power. The Infrawave Oven uses infrared light to cook food, using two heating elements that cycle on and off. The cycling uses various wavelengths, allowing it to roast, broil, or bake in just about half the time it would take to do it in your traditional gas or electric oven. Sure, it can toast your bread and heat your frozen pizza - but the Infrawave Oven can even cook bone-in meats. Oh, and unlike your microwave, it heats everything in your food, not just the water. That spells out juicy, evenly-heated grub.

Price: $129

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IntellicotWe dig telling you about the latest gadgets for adults, and even occasionally dabble in those for kids, but this one takes babysitting to a whole ‘nother level. It was bad enough when diaper companies discovered the means that would allow you not to have to change your baby for hours at a time.  The Cencio Intellicot makes it possible for you not to have to attend the little nippers for even longer. The gadget rocks your baby, has a video camera for surveillance, a built-in lift system, and circulates air. It even has a convenient window for your tot to watch you watching her/him. Called a “labour of love” by Britain’s Coventry University, we call it a glorified ant farm and a terrible replacement for a couple of hugs and a good old-fashioned rocking chair.

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Digestive tableArtist Amy Youngs has created a digestive table that recycles your uneaten food with an ecosystem that consists of worms, sowbugs, and bacteria. Simply toss your scraps into the top portal and the critters below start breaking it down into compost. You then feed it to your plants to complete the cycle. You can even watch them working on an infrared security camera (because worms are sensitive to white light) connected to an LCD screen built into the table. While we applaud Ms. Youngs’ idea, she may have to deal with our dog Spot, who believes that he gets first crack at the leftovers.

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