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SeidioRemember last winter, when you dropped your Treo 650 on the ground and the SD card popped out and got lost in the snow?  Oh, wait ... that wasn’t you, that was me. Sorry.  Well, neither of us have to worry about that any more.  Seidio was kind enough to develop a Treo 650/700 holster called the Shield 2, which allows easy insertion and removal of the Treo while protecting the inward-facing screen with foam.  Most importantly, the clip slips right over the top of the memory card to keep that little bugger in there when you—er, I—drop it while getting out of the car.

At $29.95, the Seidio Shield 2 holster is a little more expensive than its predecessor, but the revised design features make it worth the few extra dollars.  Aside from the SD slot, all other buttons and connectors are available while the device is in the holster.  One minor complaint is that the spring clip covers the top-mounted ringer switch and IR port.  The IR port is not a concern; the device would be out of the holster when using that anyway.  But some people might find the inaccessible switch to be a problem.  Or, like me, they might be willing to overlook that in favor of extra security for the SD card.

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What happens when you create a giant slingshot, and use it to propel a piece of old-school technology into a solid cement wall at over 100 MPH? Find out in this episode of Breakin’ Stuff.

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Sony Vaio UX50We recently told you about Sony’s VAIO UX50 handheld computer, and reviews are finally starting to trickle in on the device. According to Digital Trends, the VAIO UX50 is a near perfect handheld PC, and is apparently everything that we hoped the UMPC would be:

The UX50 may not be for everyone, but if you’re looking for a highly portable device that can handle tasks usually requiring a full featured PC, take a serious look at the UX50. Sony has outdone themselves with the combination of software, hardware and aesthetics, resulting in a device unmatched by any ultraportable PC on the market. Forget the UMPC hype. This is what the UMPC was meant to be.

So if you need something even smaller than a laptop to keep tabs on everything, this one might be for you. Beware of the pricetag though - the VAIO UX50 retails fo $1799.99 USD. You can pre-order one at Dynamism.

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Treo 700pSo, they didn’t get the jump on Verizon, but Sprint has just announced that they will be carrying the Treo 700p. With a 2-year commitment, you can get the handheld device for $499 USD. Sprint is touting this one as being compatible with the Power Vision network, which means it can do games, music, television, etc. Oh, and Sprint makes it very clear that you are free to use the Treo 700p with their Phone as Modem service - so tether away.

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Sidekick 3

This is a hot one right here. The more legitimate leaks we see of this thing, the more hopeful we get that it isn’t plagued with the horrible build quality of the current Sidekick II. We mean, seriously, we know people that have gone through multiple units of the current version just using it for everyday communications. It won’t be long now (or will it?)

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Treo 700p Verizon

For those haters that wanted a new Treo, but weren’t feeling Windows Mobile, you can finally snap up the Treo 700p from Verizon starting on June 1. The 700p runs the Palm OS and runs for $499 USD with a $100 rebate, winding up at $399. Of course, if you want to actually use the phone, you are gonna have to keep paying, as $80 per month is the cheapest plan offered for the smartphone, which hooks you up with unlimited EVDO usage (good!) but just 450 minutes of talk time per month (bad!). Still, this is a phone that we expect the business types to migrate towards, so the lure of unlimited data is where it’s at.

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Black DS LiteSo, Nintendo has announced that the DS Lite will be available in Europe beginning June 23, 2006. All well and good, except for the fact that Europe gets to enjoy two colors at their DS Lite launch. They get hooked up with the Polar White version that we in the States have to settle for, as well as a jet black version. Heck, even Japan is still waiting for the black DS Lite to drop in their region. Either way, Europeans can pick up the DS Lite for €149.99 (or £99 for some countries) in June.

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Sony VAIO UX Micro Closed

Although I still believe that UMPC devices will remain a niche market, similar to that of the Tablet PC, they do have potential.  One of the biggest drawbacks to them is the lack of a physical keyboard and that’s where Sony’s newest variation of their U Series VAIO, the UX Micro PC, has a leg up on the competition.  Naturally, Sony is eschewing the whole UMPC moniker and continuing to do their own thing, but the UX Micro doesn’t lack for features because of that.  Crammed into its tiny enclosure (150.2 x 95 x 38.2mm closed) is a 4.5” XBrite touchscreen LCD with a 1024x600 resolution, an Intel Core Solo ULV processor running at 1.06GHz, an itty-bitty keyboard, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, EDGE, USB 2.0, a MemoryStick Duo slot, a CompactFlash slot, a folding antenna,


cameras and a biometric fingerprint sensor.  If that’s not enough, a docking station is included that tacks on three more USB ports, FireWire, Ethernet, VGA output, and an A/V port.  There’s got to be a kitchen sink in there somewhere.

It all comes at a price though, and a painful one at that - $1,800 USD when it becomes available in July.

Sony VAIO UX Micro Open

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Samsung Q1 Review

So, we are finally starting to get some feedback on the much-hyped Origami platform. As it turns out, Samsung Q1 UMPC reviews are starting to trickle in, and what we knew would be the case seems to be true. According to the Washington Post,  The Q1 is simply lacking in a few key areas, namely screen size and hard drive space. Even so, it wouldn’t be so bad if the Q1 weren’t set to retail for way more than Microsoft led us to believe that the UMPC platform would sell for. So, it appears that the verdict on this one is to wait a while. We either want to see a feature set increase, or a price decrease before we put down the dough for one of these.

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Anycom Bluetooth nanoWhen you’ve got a sleek, lightweight audio player like the iPod nano, you don’t want to clutter it up with all kinds of bulky or cumbersome attachments.  That’s why the ANYCOM Bluetooth adapter, dubbed the BluNa, is so nice.  Weighing only 10 grams, the BluNa slips onto the bottom of the nano, adding a negligible amount of length, and provides Bluetooth audio support in the form of A2DP and AVRCP profiles.  The BluNa gets its power from the nano, which is good for weight savings, but will diminish your battery life to some degree.

Available in June 2006 for approximately $100 USD.

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